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Recognition Awards

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Recognition awards are tokens of appreciation marking some of our most significant professional achievements. They help shape the culture of the company and when implemented properly, recognition awards promote motivation and inspire future achievements. Implementing a meaningful, well balanced employee recognition program is an opportunity for any organization to commemorate their values by recognizing staff members with symbolic awards.

Recognize Employee Achievement With Meaningful Awards

Showing appreciation with meaningful Recognition Awards can be an effective way to go about rewarding loyal employees for milestones they reach. EDCO offers award designs specifically tailored for the corporate recognition environment. Explore some of our best ideas for recognition awards in the workplace.


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Galileo Globe

Galileo Globe
As low as $159.88

Quantum Clock

Quantum Clock
As low as $148.92

Renaissance Globe...

Renaissance Globe
As low as $132.78

Art Glass Harmoni...

Art Glass Harmonia
As low as $106.39

Ascent Globe

Ascent Globe
As low as $68.56

Atlantis Ellipse ...

Atlantis Crystal
As low as $72.05

Avant Blue Crysta...

Avant Blue
As low as $64.63

Avant Clear Cryst...

Avant Clear
As low as $52.12

Avant Red Crystal...

Avant Red
As low as $64.63

Barona Award

Barona Award
As low as $211.74

Blocks of Success...

Blocks of Success
As low as $50.00

Crystal Edge Awar...

Crystal Edge
As low as $41.36

Encore Black & Cl...

Encore Crystal Award
As low as $49.89

Pacifica Summit A...

Pacifica Summit
As low as $48.98

Piano Finish Waln...

Piano Finish Walnut
As low as $38.58

President's Tower...

President's Tower
As low as $52.70

Royal Diamond Cry...

Royal Diamond
As low as $119.49

Sky Diamond Clear...

Sky Diamond
As low as $198.62

Sky Diamond Cobal...

Sky Diamond
As low as $198.62

Sky Diamond Ruby

Sky Diamond
As low as $198.62

Stellar Breeze

Stellar Breeze
As low as $93.42

Sterling Diamond ...

Sterling Diamond Award
As low as $75.78

Vantage Globe Awa...

Vantage Globe
As low as $75.42

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $28.29

Aberdeen Rosewood...

Aberdeen Rosewood
As low as $28.29

Acceptance Glass ...

Glass Plaque
As low as $23.84

Acclaim Scroll Pl...

Scroll Plaque
As low as $62.58

Acclaim Star Crys...

Acclaim Star
As low as $163.76

Accolade Flame Cr...

Accolade Flame
As low as $97.12

Accomplished Perf...

Prosperity Award
As low as $179.69

Achievement Penda...

Pendant Crystal
As low as $44.24

Achievement Tride...

Trident Award
As low as $155.45

Acknowledgement P...

Acknowledgement Plaque
As low as $41.88

Acrylic Arch Awar...

Acrylic Arch
As low as $17.97

Aeroscape Glass A...

Aerospace Award
As low as $85.58

Alliance World Gl...

Alliance Globe
As low as $74.98

Amber Fontana Vas...

Amber Vase
As low as $80.27

Amber Peak

Amber Peak
As low as $154.04

Ambient Blue Crys...

Ambient Blue
As low as $203.64

Americana Rosewoo...

Americana Plaque
As low as $107.15

Americana Ruby Cr...

Americana Ruby
As low as $117.94

Anabella Flame Ar...

Anabella Flame
As low as $169.76

Anabella World Gl...

Anabella World Globe
As low as $94.78

Apogee Triangle

Apogee Triangle
As low as $116.34

Appreciation Glas...

Appreciation Award
As low as $28.49

Armor Award

Armor Award
As low as $60.13

Art Glass Award P...

Award Plate
As low as $46.98

Art Glass Bull Aw...

Crystal Bull
As low as $174.92

Art Glass Seaside...

Seaside Swirl
As low as $104.32

Art Glass Spiral

Art Glass Spiral
As low as $87.58

Art Glass Torchie...

As low as $122.34

Artful Connection...

Artful Connection
As low as $104.84

Artful Determinat...

Artful Determination
As low as $82.32

Artful Heart of L...

Artful Heart Crystal
As low as $85.66

Artful Inspiratio...

Artful Inspiration
As low as $75.62

Ascent Crystal Aw...

Ascent Crystal
As low as $76.60

Aspire Award

Aspire Glass Award
As low as $39.98

Astral Cosmos

Astral Cosmos
As low as $49.82

Azure Crystal Sta...

Azure Star
As low as $39.98

Azure Crystal Tow...

Azure Towers
As low as $54.95

Azure Diamond

Azure Diamond
As low as $156.51

Azure Emittance A...

Azure Emittance
As low as $31.46

Azure Moon

Azure Moon
As low as $39.97

Best in Class Cry...

Danbury Rectangle
As low as $126.58

Beveled Heart Cry...

Beveled Heart Crystal
As low as $29.98

Beveled Octagon A...

Beveled Octagon
As low as $36.78

Beveled Prism

Beveled Prism
As low as $25.54

Beveled Rectangle...

Beveled Rectangle
As low as $16.98