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Recognition Awards

Recognition awards are tokens of appreciation marking some of our most significant professional achievements. They help shape the culture of the company and when implemented properly, recognition awards promote motivation and inspire future achievements. Implementing a meaningful, well balanced employee recognition program is an opportunity for any organization to commemorate their values by recognizing staff members with symbolic awards.

Popular Award Categories

Recognition of Employee Achievement With Meaningful Awards

Showing appreciation with meaningful Recognition Awards can be an effective way to go about rewarding loyal employees for milestones they reach. EDCO offers award designs specifically tailored for the corporate recognition environment. Explore some of our best ideas for recognition awards in the workplace.

Employee of the Month Recognition Awards

  • This recognition program is a prepaid employee of the month awards plan for one year. It includes the large main office plaque, produced from our hand rubbed piano-finish rosewood and features a bronze eagle casting with 12 individual name plates. This program also includes 12 individual award plaques measuring 7”x9” produced from the same high quality piano-finish rosewood. The engraved perpetual plate and employee award plaque will be produced each month, or as needed for your winning recipient. For added convenience, we can have the employee of the month awards set shipped directly to your office each month for a small shipping surcharge.
    Implementing a perpetual recognition program such as this can help foster teamwork, build morale and commemorate employee appreciation. Hence, it can greatly improve the operations of your business. Encourage goal setting and inspire greater work relationships between both coworkers and management.

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  • Creating a recognition experience for your employees doesn’t have to break the bank! Our stately Employee of the Month Award Plaque is a handsome choice for any decor. Constructed from piano-finished rosewood, brushed gold metal and black brass, this elegant recognition plaque will help turn nostalgic memories into tangible recognition experiences every month!

    Use this recognition plaque as a tool to remind your employees of their positive efforts. Each award recognizes accomplishments and rewards specific behaviors that ultimately reinforce the corporate gals and the vision of your organization. The award plaque should be displayed prominently for all to see. Past recipients will glance at their name permanently engraved on the plaque and be reminded of their achievements and contributions into perpetuity!

    Buy Now: $93.55

About EDCO's Recognition Awards

There are many reasons for adopting an employee recognition awards program. Most importantly recognizing outstanding achievement adds to employee satisfaction, builds stronger relationships and generally speaking fosters a more enjoyable, more balanced work environment. Having said that, recognition awards can also drastically increase productivity and improve a company's bottom line! To put it simply, it is fulfilling to be recognized for your efforts, whether you're a receptionist, a sales person or a manager. Recognition inspires motivation and fuels future success.

EDCO Awards & Specialties can help! Our full collection of corporate recognition awards and employee recognition plaques is designed to help you create the best awards program to fit your specific needs. We offer many different recognition awards such as crystal awards, engraved plaques and acrylic awards just to name a few. All our awards are designed from the best quality materials to show your appreciation with excellence, style and grace. Our experienced team can also help with the selection process, because sometimes presenting the right award is just as important as the act of giving it. We want to make sure your award is the perfect symbol of excellence, communicating your congratulatory message to its fullest potential while honoring your special recipient in a personal way. All awards by EDCO are manufactured right here, in our 40,000 square foot Fort Lauderdale, Florida factory where we utilize the finest materials and state of the engraving, printing and fabricating equipment! We value our customers and the work they entrust in us. We will work tirelessly to have 100% satisfied customers with every order.

Implement an employee recognition awards program today and watch as all the positive changes start to blossom almost immediately. Include your staff members in this process and let EDCO help with any questions. Call us at 800-377-8646 or e-mail sales@edco.com We respond immediately!.