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Be the Talk of the Town: Greatest Municipal and Chamber of Commerce Awards to Give Out

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There is a wealth of accomplishments to celebrate when it comes to municipal and chamber of commerce figures. Without the hardworking people who join forces with local businesses, towns and cities couldn’t thrive. It’s time to consider giving out awards to reward members for their hard work and dedication.

Are you unsure where to start with municipal and chamber of commerce awards? If so, we have you covered. Use this guide for help when ordering your personalized inscriptions on high-quality awards for city figureheads.

Top 5 Chamber of Commerce Award Ideas

These awards are for the best of the best. When giving out Chamber of Commerce awards, it’s important to look at the big picture. Who has contributed the most to the advancement of businesses in the city? What have they done that deserves recognition?

With each chamber of commerce award idea, we’ve included suggestions for inscriptions. These are the engravings that go along with the award title. We highly recommend personalizing each inscription to make the award meaningful and customized. The recipients are sure to love those personalized touches.

1. Spirit of the Chamber Award

The Spirit of the Chamber Award goes to the member who best carries out the chamber’s values and mission. Identify each member who seems to take the chamber’s objectives seriously. If they take a personal interest in exceeding expectations and promoting the chamber’s success, they deserve the Spirit of the Chamber Award.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “For preserving the values and mission of (chamber name) at all times. Thank you!”
  • “Accept this as congratulations for exemplifying everything we stand for.”
  • “You have amazing team spirit. Accept this award as thanks for carrying out our mission every day.”
  • “You are the gold standard for what our chamber strives for. Thank you for all that you do!”

Make sure you emphasize the significance of receiving this award. Similar to an Employee of the Month Award, the Spirit of the Chamber Award is for the member who can do it all. They have the morale, character, and work ethic that you want every member to strive for.

2. Ambassador of the Year

Chamber ambassadors are responsible for keeping members feeling satisfied and welcome. These important chamber figures also coordinate events, member communication, and community outreach. Without your ambassadors, the chamber couldn’t run smoothly.

Receiving an Ambassador of the Year Award is a high honor. Among the members of your chamber of commerce, there may be one who exemplifies what it means to be a chamber ambassador. They have a combination of great communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to handle logistical tasks with ease.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Congratulations on being our Ambassador of the Year. We couldn’t do this without you!”
  • “Your incredible communication and organizational skills are our best asset. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “Accept this award as recognition for your excellence in your role as an ambassador.”
  • “The chamber congratulates you on being an exceptional ambassador and asset.”

Feel free to change the wording to better align it with your chamber’s tone and values. Make sure to include the year and recipient’s name in the personalized engravings.

3. Community Pride Award

Do you know a member of your chamber who consistently contributes to your community? The Community Pride Award is for them. This award demonstrates the recipient’s unwavering dedication to improving the community, no matter what it takes.

Perhaps a member goes above and beyond during community outreach events. They might have personal investments and organizations operating on behalf of community improvement. No matter what their positive contributions are, make sure you call them out for their excellence.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You always have the community’s best interests at heart. Way to go!”
  • “Thank you for making our community a wonderful place to be. We appreciate your community pride!”
  • “Your dedication to community outreach is exceptional. Accept this award as a token of our gratitude.”
  • “Thanks for everything you do to serve our community and make generous improvements!”

By recognizing this member’s community spirit, you encourage other members to foster this same sense of pride. When chamber members really care and do the work to prove it, the entire community benefits.

4. Excellence in Leadership and Service Award

Leadership is one of the most valuable traits a member can display. If you know a chamber member who shows excellence in their leadership and service projects, this is the award for them. The Excellence in Leadership and Service Award prides the recipient on taking charge and servicing the greater community.

You can give this award out in multiple departments if your chamber allows for this. Leadership can take many forms, so make sure to recognize all the important members who fit this description.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Leadership takes a lot of moral character and strong values. Congratulations on your excellence!”
  • “Accept this award as a token of our appreciation for your excellent leadership and service.”
  • “Thank you for your excellence in being a great leader and serviceman/servicewoman. We appreciate you!”

With leadership-based awards, you can get even more personal. Consider adding some of the recipient’s specific accomplishments to make this award that much more meaningful.

5. Business of the Year Award

The Business of the Year Award is a more generalized honor, but it has a place in almost every chamber of commerce. This award is dedicated to businesses that have displayed excellence in their operations and community impacts.

Your chamber can decide on more specific criteria that qualify businesses for this honor. If your community values local small businesses over large chains, for example, you probably want to give this award to a mom-and-pop shop or similar entity.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Congratulations on exceeding expectations this year. Keep up the great work in your business!”
  • “Accept this distinguished honor of being our chamber’s Business of the Year. We appreciate you!”,
  • “We see your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on winning Business of the Year!”
  • “The chamber recognizes the effort you’ve put into your business and community. Accept this award as a token of our appreciation.”

Make sure you put the company’s name on the award and include any custom compliments. Depending on your chamber’s definition of business of the year, you can also add more adjectives to emphasize the award’s importance.

Recognizing Businesses and Their Wonderful Traits: Awards for Local Businesses

Local businesses keep your community thriving and full of culture. Without small- and medium-sized businesses, the local economy couldn’t survive. This is especially true in smaller towns or up-and-coming chambers of commerce.

This list of awards will help you recognize and appreciate the impact that different businesses have had on both your chamber and the local area. Use these awards to incentivize businesses, which helps put the chamber’s values at the forefront of their endeavors.

Best Local Business Award

Similar to the Business of the Year Award, the Best Local Business Award is designed for outstanding companies. The best local businesses are those that gracefully balance revenue, profit, and positive social values that align with local ideals.

It may be a good idea to hold a chamber meeting to discuss which business should receive this honor. Since it’s a more general award, the chamber’s ideas of what makes the “best” business will be subjective. Remain open to several ideas and take votes to make the selection process easier.

Fill this award with positive adjectives that call out the company’s best traits. For example, if you’ve nominated a minority-run local business, include words like “inclusive” and “resilient.” These will mean a lot to the recipient and highlight the unique challenges their business has faced.

Small Business of the Year Award

Do you know of a local small business that has demonstrated perseverance and excellent marketing tactics? Consider them for the Small Business of the Year Award.

Small businesses face many challenges that larger entities and corporations do not. In a world where online shopping and fast, cheap goods dominate, small businesses have to fight for their place in the community. Recognize these remarkable efforts by awarding the Small Business of the Year title to a local small business.

Generally, small businesses bring in less revenue and overall profit than larger companies. However, they are still essential for maintaining the local economy. Small businesses keep money circulating among townspeople and families, especially if they’re family-owned and operated.

Medium Business of the Year Award

Medium-sized businesses can look different in every community. However, they blend in well in almost any economic environment. They may not struggle as much as small businesses, but they definitely don’t have the same privileges that larger ones do.

Much like the Small Business of the Year Award, this honor is designed to call out excellence. Promote a better business environment within the community by appreciating thriving medium-sized businesses.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is a tribute to the visionary leader who has achieved unprecedented success over the past year. This award is bestowed upon an entrepreneur who stands out for their remarkable business innovations and exceptional leadership qualities. The recipient is a symbol of excellence and a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

Inscription Suggestions:

  • "Your visionary leadership has driven innovation and success. Thank you for inspiring us all. Way to go!"
  • "Your tenacity, vision, and achievements inspire us. You embody entrepreneurial excellence."
  • "Your dedication to excellence is unmatched. Thank you for your exceptional contributions!"

In this fast-paced business world, the Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes a leader who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to achieving success and driving innovation. Their name becomes synonymous with business excellence, motivating others to follow in their footsteps and create a brighter future.

New Business of the Year Award

The New Business of the Year Award recognizes entrepreneurial startups that have achieved significant growth and innovation within their first year of operation. This award celebrates the pioneering spirit of new businesses that have dared to take the first steps toward their dreams. The recipients have created a unique mark in the business world, offering promising glimpses of a bright future.

Inscription Suggestions:

  • "Congratulations on your remarkable achievements in the world of entrepreneurship!"
  • "Accept this award as recognition for your impressive debut in the business world."
  • "Thanks for all that you do to bring fresh perspectives and success to the business landscape."

This award symbolizes the commitment to hard work, risk-taking, and innovation that are the hallmarks of entrepreneurial success. New businesses inspire others to chase their entrepreneurial dreams, reminding us that even the most modest startups can achieve remarkable feats when driven by passion, perseverance, and a pioneering spirit.

Culinary Business of the Year Award

Who doesn’t love delicious cuisine? Culinary skills help feed the community, contribute to the local economy, and enrich the local culture. Without culinary businesses, you’d be missing out on a key aspect of any thriving town or city.

Celebrate a successful local culinary business by awarding them the title of Culinary Business of the Year. They whip up delectable treats for the entire community while running their business, which is no easy feat.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Congratulations on your culinary and business achievements this year!”
  • “Accept this award as recognition for both your kitchen and business endeavors.”
  • “Thanks for all that you do. Feeding the community and operating a business are both notable feats.”

It wouldn’t hurt to throw a few food puns in there, too, depending on the general tone of the award. Your chamber can work together to come up with the best inscriptions for the best local culinary business.

Health and Wellness Business of the Year Award

It’s important to take care of your health and general well-being. The local health and wellness businesses are there to help the community with that endeavor. You can draw attention to the best health and wellness business by awarding them the Health and Wellness Business of the Year Award.

“Health and wellness” is a broad term. From supplement shops to acupuncture businesses, a wide variety of businesses can fall under this umbrella. Review the local health-based businesses with your chamber to figure out who is most deserving of this particular honor.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “Thank you for protecting the community’s health and contributing to our well-being. Way to go!”
  • “We graciously offer you this award as recognition for your excellent health and wellness business practices.”
  • “There’s nothing more important than health and wellness. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “Congratulations on exceeding the community’s expectations this year!”

Make sure you highlight why health and wellness are so important. This broad business category can get confusing, so it’s best to include personalized inscriptions. Your chamber of commerce knows the local scene best.

Essential Service Business of the Year Award

Essential services are just that — they’re necessary for a community to survive and thrive. Without essential workers and businesses, it’s safe to say humans couldn’t get along or move forward together. Some essential services include healthcare, manufacturing, and mail services.

If you know a business that provides essential services and has blown expectations out of the water this year, this award is for them. Hand the Essential Service Business of the Year Award to an entity that takes its responsibilities seriously. The community couldn’t get along without them.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “The work you do is necessary and much appreciated. Congratulations!”
  • “Thank you for providing (specific services) for our community. We appreciate you!”
  • “Your dedication to providing (specific services) is notable. Way to go!”
  • “We recognize your outstanding work in the field of (specific services). Thanks for all that you do for our community!”

It’s important to include specific services and industry names on this award. By nature, essential services are necessities, so you should highlight exactly what this business has done correctly. Doing so will motivate other essential service businesses to give back to the local scene and thrive.

Start-Up Business of the Year Award

Do you know of a business that’s just getting started but is already killing it? The Start-Up Business of the Year Award goes to them. It’s not easy to get a company running from scratch, but this one has achieved that and so much more.

Operating a start-up business is hard work. By definition, start-ups are breaking new ground in brand-new markets and taking advantage of new business models. They take more risks and have to scale their operations differently.

You can recognize and appreciate this tiring work by awarding the Start-Up Business of the Year Award. The recipients are sure to be grateful and remain motivated to keep up the great work.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You’ve already hit the ground running. Keep up the excellent work!”
  • “Breaking into a new market is tough, but you’ve done it flawlessly. Great job!”
  • “Congratulations on your hard work and dedication as a brand-new start-up in our community. We commend you!”

Include the business name and its specific traits that you’ve noticed throughout the year. It’s best to keep individuals’ names off of the award so you can recognize the entire start-up and not single anyone out.

Professional Service Business of the Year Award

Professional service businesses operate from a unique angle. Instead of offering goods, these businesses provide services that require expertise and specialized knowledge.

It’s no easy task to successfully own and operate a professional service business. There’s often tough competition and niche market challenges that other companies don’t necessarily deal with. Reward the best local professional service business by giving out this award.

Inscription suggestions:

  • “You’ve cornered the market in this neck of the woods. Way to go!”
  • “Your (specific services) are out of this world. Congratulations!”
  • “Congratulations on improving (specific industry or niche) in our community. We congratulate you!”

Since this category is so broad, we encourage you to include more specifics in the engravings. Professional services can be tricky to narrow down, and you know your local community best.

Recognizing Positive Impact: Awards for Socially Responsible Businesses and Figures

Social advocacy is so important, especially in areas where progress tends to stagnate. The field of business as a whole has traditionally excluded marginalized groups. As time passes, many entities have been working to change that. Now is the time to recognize these public figures and businesses by giving out awards for advocacy and social responsibility.

Minority Business Advocate Award

Minority-run businesses must overcome many obstacles to survive and thrive. No matter where you’re located, there’s likely to be at least one business that is owned and operated by a traditionally marginalized group. Women and Black-owned businesses are two examples of this.

The Minority Business Advocate Award is for businesses or individual figures who have fought for minorities’ rights in the local community. Whether that’s donating a percentage of revenue to social causes or participating in grassroots activism, it merits an award.

Litter-Free Leader Award

Environmental cleanliness is increasingly important, especially in local communities. The Litter-Free Leader Award is for litter-conscious businesses that are mindful of their impact on the environment. Litter can significantly degrade the health and value of a community, so avoiding it is key.

You can decide which efforts qualify a business for this award, and feel free to change the name to better match your local scene. For example, if your community struggles with pollution more than littering, you can recognize that achievement instead.

Impact Award

Businesses that have had an overall positive impact on the social, financial, and material aspects of your community deserve the Impact Award. This broad but important award category allows you to call out the most impactful, well-recognized efforts of local businesses.

We recommend adding a descriptor in the title. You can give out Social Impact Awards, Economic Impact Awards, and more. Be specific and clear in your inscriptions to ensure the recipients understand what they’re being praised for.

Non-profit Excellence Award

The Non-profit Excellence Award is a tribute to those who champion a cause and work relentlessly to make the world a better place. This award is given to non-profit organizations that have shown unwavering dedication, effectiveness, and compassion in their mission to address vital social issues. The recipients of this award serve as beacons of hope, inspiring others to take action and join the noble pursuit of creating a brighter future for those in need.

This award acknowledges the remarkable contributions of non-profit organizations that have harnessed their creativity and dedication to achieve transformative results. Through their work, they motivate us all to stand up for the most vulnerable among us, demonstrating the power of compassion and collective effort.

Municipal Awards: For Those Who Benefit and Serve the City

Municipalities are self-governing and complex entities. Chambers of commerce fall under municipal entities, but other municipal figures deserve recognition as well. City governments require a lot of moving parts to work together smoothly. Call out the excellence that you see with these municipal awards.

Key to City Award: Public Service and the Common Good

The Key to City Award is for figures who have dedicated their careers and personal time to servicing the community. They serve the common good of the city and don’t take shortcuts to do so. The Key to City Award is one of the highest municipal honors you can bestow.

In past times, getting the keys to a city was both a metaphorical and literal demonstration of the recipient’s freedom and trust within the community. This occurred in time periods when cities were guarded by locked gates. Now, the award is much more symbolic than literal.

We recommend purchasing a custom shape for this honor. It’s a good idea to present a key-shaped award with personalized inscriptions to match the theme of the nomination.

This award is fairly common among municipalities. That said, you can still customize the inscription to make it more meaningful and well-received. After all, the recipient has given up a lot to serve your community. Make sure they feel your gratitude and warmth.

Key Speaker Award: For Effective Public Communicators

Municipalities need speakers to give out information to the public. The way speakers present themselves significantly impacts the speech’s reception. An excellent (key) speaker communicates effectively, warmly, and without isolating any groups of people.

Reward the best public speaker in your municipality with the Key Speaker Award. No matter what their subject matter typically is, they have been crucial for the growth and maintenance of your municipality.

This speaker has probably put countless hours into writing, rehearsing, and delivering great speeches. This behavior deserves recognition and honor. You have many customized award options for this piece. We recommend getting a plaque-style or microphone-shaped award, as these are most common and relevant in the public speaking sphere.

Municipal Employee of the Month Award

There are many different candidates for this award. Each municipality may operate a bit differently, but there are excellent employees everywhere. You can show your sincere appreciation for their achievements and morale by awarding them the Municipal Employee of the Month Award.

Much like other Employee of the Month Awards, this can be tailored to your municipality’s needs. When choosing your employee of the month, the objectives and focuses of your entity matter.

Since this award is given out monthly, it will continue to motivate employees to exceed expectations. It’s always nice to receive some recognition, especially in taxing jobs that handle public matters.

State Municipal Awards: Recognizing Outstanding Contributions at the State Level

In addition to city-based recognition, we also acknowledge the exceptional efforts of individuals and organizations that make a significant impact at the state level. Statewide Municipal Awards celebrate those who go above and beyond to serve and uplift our entire state.

State Star Award: Recognizing Remarkable Impact

The State Star Award is a prestigious honor that celebrates individuals who have made an extraordinary difference on a state level. These remarkable figures have tirelessly dedicated themselves to the betterment of the entire state, leading the way with their impactful contributions and unwavering commitment to the common good.

Inscription suggestions:

  • "Your tireless commitment to our state is nothing short of remarkable. Congratulations on being a true State Star!"
  • "In recognition of your exceptional dedication to the well-being of our entire state. You're a shining star in our community."
  • "We're proud to present this award in appreciation of your outstanding contributions to the state. Thank you for your unwavering service."
  • "Your exceptional impact at the state level is an inspiration to us all. You truly are a State Star in every sense."

The State Star Award is a testament to the positive changes these exceptional individuals have instigated at the state level. It exemplifies their unwavering dedication to the common good and the profound impact they've made on our communities. With our selection of EDCO awards, including Award Plaques, Paperweight Awards, and Custom Awards, we ensure that this recognition is not only well-deserved but also unforgettable. As we celebrate these remarkable figures, we aim to inspire others to follow in their footsteps, fostering a legacy of outstanding service that will continue to shape our state for years to come. The State Star Award is more than an honor; it's a symbol of excellence and an enduring reminder of the remarkable impact achieved by these dedicated individuals.

Groundbreaking State Pioneer Award: Forging a Path to a Brighter Future

The Groundbreaking State Pioneer Award is an extraordinary honor crafted to celebrate those who have fearlessly ventured into uncharted territories, igniting innovation and progress at the core of our state. These exceptional pioneers are the trailblazers of our time, daring to break boundaries and carve a path toward a brighter future through visionary leadership and unwavering dedication. As a symbol of our admiration for their relentless pursuit of groundbreaking innovation, we proudly introduce the Groundbreaking State Pioneer Award, recognizing their remarkable contributions that redefine what's possible in our state.

Inscription suggestions:

  • "In celebration of your groundbreaking achievements and your unwavering dedication to advancing our state. You are a true pioneer."
  • "Your vision and courage have ignited a new era of possibilities in our state. We honor your groundbreaking spirit."
  • "For your boundless courage and determination in forging a path to progress in our great state!"
  • "Your pioneering work sets the stage for a brighter future in our state. Your impact is nothing short of extraordinary."

The Groundbreaking State Pioneer Award stands as a testament to those who dream boldly, pioneer fearlessly, and transform the landscape of our state, inspiring us all to embrace innovation and take audacious steps that will shape the destiny of our state. It is an accolade that recognizes and honors those who dare to imagine a future beyond the horizon, forging a path toward groundbreaking change.

Choosing and Customizing Award Types With EDCO

At EDCO, we offer a wide variety of award materials, shapes, and engravings. From award colors and symbols to heavy-duty materials, we have you covered. Use this guide to help you decide which award types and customizations are best for your needs.

The Prestigious and High-Honor Aesthetic: Crystal and Glass Awards

Crystal awards indicate an extremely high level of honor and prestige. Our crystal awards capture light and reflect it to create a sparkly, elegant appearance. Crystal is a timeless and beautiful material that can be kept on display for many years to come.

Glass awards have a similar beauty but with less sparkle and light-capturing abilities. We recommend glass awards if they will be stored in a location with dim lighting. That way, you won’t miss out on the light reflection that the crystal material provides while still having a clear and gorgeous award to display.

Durable Awards: Acrylic With Custom Colors

Acrylic awards are very popular — and for a good reason. They’re extremely durable and shatterproof, making them a no-brainer if you want an unbreakable award. Vivid colors also look best on acrylic, so we can customize your colored award to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Our acrylic awards don’t feel cheap or flimsy. We use heavy-duty materials to ensure each one is durable and looks great in any type of display.

Acrylic awards also give you versatility with custom shapes and symbols. If you’re looking for an object-shaped award and want something less breakable than crystal or glass, acrylic is the way to go. Make sure you include any specific colors, symbols, and shapes in your order information so we can curate the perfect acrylic award for your needs.

EDCO Quality Awards: Place Your Order for Municipal and Chamber of Commerce Awards

At EDCO, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards for custom awards and trophies, offering options for every industry and customization preference. Our easy ordering process and responsive in-house team set us apart from the crowd.

EDCO has been in business for over 50 years, producing the highest-quality awards for multiple industries. If you’re looking for timeless, elegant, long-lasting awards for municipal and chamber of commerce recognition, look no further.

We can fulfill award and trophy orders of any size and specification. Start your custom award order with us today.