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Buy Awards at unbeatable prices directly from the EDCO Awards factory. We offer free engraving, free artwork services and free shipping nationwide. Our trophy awards are designed and created using premium materials such as optical crystal, glass, acrylic, marble, wood and mixed media. Recognize your team with beautiful awards that will relay your message with excellence while delivering the WOW factor.

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Nocturne Silver Acrylic Plaque

As low as $74.48

Omni Globe Award

Globe Award
As low as $328.83

Pink Ribbon Award

As low as $20.90

Potomac Mantle Clock

Potomac Clock
As low as $74.97

Premiere Acrylic Flame

Acrylic Flame Award
As low as $36.05

Premium Acrylic Diamond

Beveled Diamond
As low as $30.23

Premium Cut-to-Shape Award

Cut-to-Shape Award
As low as $45.89

Premium Gavel Plaque

Gavel Plaque
As low as $105.39

President's Clock

As low as $149.85

Quantum Clock Trophy

Quantum Clock
As low as $162.77

Radiant Vase

Radiant Vase
As low as $114.59

Red Crystal Apple on Base

Crystal Apple
As low as $65.56

Red Crystal Apple Paperweight

Red Crystal Apple
As low as $38.23

Red Gem Diamond

As low as $69.77

Red Marquis Diamond

Red Marquis
As low as $54.64

Red Teardrop

Red Teardrop
As low as $228.81

Regal Diamond Crystal Award

Regal Diamond
As low as $125.54

Regal Diamond Jade Crystal Award

Regal Diamond
As low as $105.28

Rosewood Book Clock

Book Clock
As low as $41.28

Rosewood Bracket Clock Award

Bracket Clock Award
As low as $62.19

Rosewood Mantle Clock

Rosewood Mantle Clock
As low as $124.86

Royal Crown Acrylic Award

Royal Crown
As low as $54.31

Royal Diamond Acrylic

Royal Diamond
As low as $22.87

Ruby Fire Acrylic Award

Ruby Fire
As low as $44.32