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Circle Shaped Awards

Crystal Circle Awards, Glass Circles & Round Acrylic Trophies

Shop for Circle Shaped Awards constructed from crystal, glass and acrylic. Our unique designs utilize colorful round crystals and vibrant acrylic materials to offer reimagined circular award designs. Your inscription and company logo will be engraved or printed in full color on the awards to deliver the awards exactly the way you want them! We offer speedy 1-day service and guaranteed shipping to the entire USA!

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Luminous Blue Cry...

As low as $68.24

Metaphor Crystal ...

As low as $123.55

Crystal Sunflower...

As low as $42.81

Crystal Halo Awar...

As low as $163.91

Blue Eclipse Crys...

As low as $58.87

Crystal Green Lea...

As low as $68.55

Encore Black Crys...

Encore Crystal Award
As low as $50.16

Atlantis Ellipse ...

Atlantis Crystal
As low as $72.99

Blue Crystal Glob...

As low as $110.24

Diamond Edge Roun...

As low as $61.57

Crystal Round

Crystal Round
As low as $21.27

Faceted Gem Cryst...

As low as $29.98

Clear Crystal Dia...

As low as $75.72

Blue Crystal Diam...

As low as $75.72

Leadership Crysta...

As low as $58.87

Accomplishment Ci...

As low as $51.23

Green Crystal Che...

As low as $51.23

Jade Glass Circle...

As low as $27.95

Camber Glass Awar...

Camber Glass Award
As low as $45.95

Indigo Crystal Ci...

As low as $49.55

Red Arc Glass Cir...

As low as $39.55

Appreciate Crysta...

Appreciate Crystal
As low as $60.82

Balanced Star Awa...

As low as $47.02

Silver Gear World...

As low as $108.57

Types of Circle Awards

  • Crystal Circle Awards are the most premium option. They are constructed from optical crystal and frequently accented with colorful blue, red, or black trim pieces. Crystal circles are engraved using a sandblasting technique which involves deep abrasive etching using a photo mask and produces the highest quality results. These stunning awards are optically flawless, vibrant and beautiful when reflecting light. Simply put, they just look and feel premium.


  • Glass Circle Awards can be produced from clear or jade glass or hand blown from multi-color art glass into individually unique works of art. Glass is a great option due to the lower cost when compared to crystal and makes an ideal choice for larger quantity orders when working with budget constraints. Awards are beautiful, hefty and feel solid. Our glass circles offer unique decorative options such as pearl-edge as well as art glass disks with suspended molten colors. Occasional air bubbles will show up especially in the hand-blown art glass designs.


  • Acrylic Circle Awards are light weight, inexpensive and come in several thickness options. We offer free-standing acrylic rounds, thin pop-in circles that are elevated by wooden bases as well as the traditional clear acrylic circle trophy on a base. Acrylics are either laser engraved or decorated in full color on our state of the art printing equipment. Your artwork can be printed or etched in high resolution to create completely customized, vibrant and colorful awards. 



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