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Crystal Paperweights

Crystal Paperweights made of optic crystal and deep etched with your custom message are the perfect way to deliver a new slogan or present your logo at award banquets, company retreats and much more.  Our paperweights boast the clearest optical crystal, sparkling arrays of facets and intricate bevels to present your congratulatory message with style and elegance.

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Optic Crystal Star Award

Crystal Star
As low as $23.84

Blue Globe Paperweight

Blue Globe Paperweight
As low as $26.37

Faceted Gem Crystal

As low as $29.11

Crystal Pyramid Paperweight

Crystal Pyramid
As low as $27.18

Crystal Harmony

Crystal Harmony
As low as $22.65

Jade Crystal Desk Clock

Jade Crystal Clock
As low as $46.30

Blue-Clear Crystal Paperweight

Crystal Paperweight
As low as $24.25

Crystal Cube Paperweight

Crystal Cube
As low as $19.74

Magnifier Paperweight

As low as $34.50

Bud Vase

Bud Vase
As low as $39.51

Crystal Apple

Crystal Apple
As low as $49.25

Crystal Diamond Paperweight

Diamond Paperweight
As low as $28.41

Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart
As low as $36.83

Crystal House Paperweight

Crystal House
As low as $35.63

Crystal Mouse Award

Crystal Mouse
As low as $28.74

Crystal Star Memento

Crystal Star
As low as $28.59

Crystal Star Paperweight

Crystal Star
As low as $37.12

Illuminate Crystal Slant

Crystal Slant
As low as $20.99

Number 1

Number 1
As low as $44.30

Premium Crystal Diamond

Crystal Diamond
As low as $47.73

Red Crystal Apple Paperweight

Red Crystal Apple
As low as $36.01