Edco Announces Arrival of New Laser Cutter
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Edco Announces Arrival of New Laser Cutter

Edco has completed installation of our newest laser, a Trotec SP 1500.  This laser is 400 watts and has a bed size of 59" x 49".  Previously the biggest laser cutter / engraver Edco had was 100 watts with a table size of 32" x 18".  The new laser enables us to cut through up to 1" acrylic leaving a polished looking edge.  Previously to obtain this edge on a piece of acrylic would require sanding and buffing.  This process CNC Cut/sand/buff) does not allow polishing on tight inside radiuses or corners.


Examine the photos below.  The thumb image was laser cut.  In the second image you will see what a traditional CNC router edge looks like and the third image will show how beautiful a laser cut and UV printed piece of clear acrylic can be.  The laser easily cuts many other materials including foam, paper, leather, wood and much, much more.  An interesting Youtube video of the SP 1500 cutting MDF board is shown here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wq3dKDf5pN0


Let us quote on your next requirement for custom cut material.


Trotec SP1500 laser engraver


This machine is 10 feet wide, 7 feet deep and 5 feet high!


Laser cut acrylic


This is 1" thick laser cut acrylic.  Notice the clear edges.


CNC router cut acrylic


Notice the rough edge on this CNC router cut edge.  This will require sanding and buffing to be acceptable.


Laser cut, UV printed award

Notice how good this finished laser cut, UV printed award looks!