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Edco Awards & Specialties Busy Season Lunch

Every year, around the end of the school year, for a period of about 4-5 weeks, Edco does 3-4 times normal sales volume.  Much of the work is centered around school awards.  Awards for teachers, awards for students, awards for athletics and awards for academic achievement.  Each year it gets tougher.  School budgets go down, yet they all need just as many trophies and plaques.  To save money many organizations have turned to medal with neck ribbons.

These few weeks put a huge burden on our production and usually very cheerful sales staff with some of them working up to 80 hours per week.  We have to bring in temporaries to augment our production abilities.  Working all day Saturday and Sunday isn't uncommon for some of our regulars.

To keep worker morale up, at least a couple of times per busy season, Edco buys lunch for all the workers and sales / customer service staff at our Fort lauderdale award manufacturing plant.  Today we served delicious Cuban/Latin food made by Sunshine Bakery right here on Davie Boulevard and two weeks ago we served fantastic Italian food including pizza and sausage and peppers from Pete's-A-Place also on Davie Boulevard.

 Busy season lunch