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Edco Loves QR Codes!

No doubt you have seen the black and white patterns that are popping up all over.  These little patterns are called Quick Response "QR" codes.  The barcode has been around since 1994, but is only now gaining popularity in the US.  These codes can contain a phone number, a link to a web page or a plain text message.
They have become a great addition to your advertising specialty logo/image because one click with a cell phone that has a QR Code app (free) and the person is looking at your web page or their phone is calling you!
Edco can put a QR code on most any ad specialty item.  We like them so much that we have several QR code stickers on our delivery van and even have free tote bags with a QR code on them (while the supply lasts) for you when you stop in our Ft. Lauderdale store.
Wikipedia QR Code entry - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code
Site to generate your own QR Code - http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

Let us help you market your business, club, church, school.  Exposure and PR is everything!
See the QR just in front of the drivers door down the blog on the date March 2, 2011?


Mugs with QR Code on them