Edco Success Story #3
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Edco Success Story #3

One of Edco's longtime customers, Seth Levit at the Jason Taylor Foundation emailed Edco on Thursday morning at 7:12 AM.  It seemed that one of his associates needed 135 awards by 11:00 AM that same day and he knew Edco could do it!  Apparently a basketball and cheerleading camp was coming to a close and there were no awards for the children.  Edco quickly produced all the custom awards, delivered them, and was even offered the opportunity to help the famous Dwyane Wade present the awards.


Below you see Edco's own Sammi Somers and Melissa Combs helping Dwyane Wade hand out the awards.  Other famous people at the event included Katina and Jason Taylor.


Edco has many, many success stories like this.  The #3 is in honor of the great  Dwyane Wade!


Dwayne Wade basketball camp


Katina Taylor Cheerleading awards

Jason Taylor and Dwayne Wade

Basketball and cheerleading awards