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Employee Recognition Awards

Give your best employees the recognition they deserve – and a beautiful keepsake that will last a lifetime. Our Employee Recognition Awards are designed to honor the most significant professional milestones. Employee awards inspire loyalty, encourage hard work and create a positive company culture, all while making your top performers feel appreciated. EDCO awards are used by some of the largest organizations in the world to celebrate accolades such as employee of the month, sales achievements, retirement, years of service and much more.

Recognize Your Employees With Meaningful Awards

Success doesn't come easy. It's not about a single day or a single action. Those committed to greatness achieve great things through hard work. We are here to help encapsulate those achievements with the most beautiful and unique employee recognition awards in the world! Our awards are designed to actually speak to the accomplishment being recognized. All awards in this collection can be personalized with custom engraving and your company logo. Shop now and experience the difference of premium employee awards by EDCO!

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Mosaic Art Glass ...

As low as $40.69

Nocturne Gold Acr...

As low as $74.48

Nocturne Silver A...

As low as $74.48

Ocean Globe Cryst...

As low as $101.44

Renaissance Globe...

Renaissance Globe
As low as $145.13

Rising Diamonds C...

Rising Diamonds
As low as $137.53

Ruby Goal-Setter ...

Ruby Goal-Setter
As low as $254.37

Sapphire Sweep Aw...

As low as $44.79

Team Player Award...

Team Player Award
As low as $54.63

Tree of Life Acry...

Tree of Life
As low as $33.28

Warrior Award

As low as $51.98

Achievement Art G...

Achievement Art Glass
As low as $114.42

Achievement Circl...

As low as $49.64

Acrylic Heart

As low as $13.58

Amethyst Art Crys...

As low as $187.47

Appreciation Glas...

Appreciation Award
As low as $32.24

Appreciation Plaq...

Appreciation Plaque
As low as $87.25

Art Crystal Flami...

As low as $203.93

Azure Emittance A...

Azure Emittance
As low as $37.13

Breakthrough Art ...

As low as $107.15

Cardinal Reflecti...

Cardinal Reflections
As low as $33.42

Chameleon Art Gla...

As low as $211.47

Classic Professio...

Classic Professional
As low as $21.65

Clear Acrylic Dia...

Beveled Acrylic
As low as $25.60

Clear Acrylic Oct...

Acrylic Octagon
As low as $29.13

Clear Acrylic Tom...

As low as $24.55

Concept Crystal A...

Concept Crystal
As low as $299.35

Conquest Award Pl...

Conquest Award
As low as $40.17

Corona Recognitio...

As low as $78.39

Cross Groove Plaq...

Cross Groove Plaque
As low as $31.87

Crystal Pyramid P...

Crystal Pyramid
As low as $28.00

Crystal Round

Crystal Round
As low as $21.27

Crystal Summit Aw...

As low as $60.90

Crystal Summit Aw...

As low as $46.80

Crystal World Glo...

Crystal World Globe
As low as $36.58

Designer Blue Mar...

As low as $25.95

EDCO Awards has manufactured employee awards for over 50 years. We’ve perfected a quick and easy manufacturing process and it’s all done in the USA.  We offer free rush service and free shipping across America for orders over $100, with guaranteed on-time delivery. Plus, your custom engraving is always included in the price – no hidden fees or surprises. We’re dedicated to excellence in our products and to your 100% satisfaction.

Custom Employee Awards

Our team can help you select beautiful recognition awards that your employees will love. Choose from hundreds of designs that can be customized with your logo and inscription. Our collections include exquisite Art Glass Awards featuring vibrant colors and unique shapes, or more traditional Crystal Awards and Recognition Plaques, which are stunning and will add visual excitement to your presentation. All our awards come with a lifetime guarantee! Some of our most popular employee recognition award categories are:

  • Sales and Customer Service: One of the most common employee recognition awards, outstanding sales and superior customer service always deserve appreciation.

  • Retirement: Recognize one of life’s biggest moments with a memorable and beautiful keepsake. These employee awards are a sincere gesture in appreciation of a career – and life – well-lived.

  • Years of Service: Employee appreciation awards that reward dedication inspire other employees to be loyal. Your employees will proudly display this trophy or plaque in their office.

  • Promotions: Careers on the rise deserve recognition awards. Don’t let promotions to management or large client accounts go unnoticed.

  •  Just for Fun: Laughter is good for the soul – and for your company culture. Let your team laugh a little with humorous employee awards. We have shark-shaped awards for your “sales shark,” a red pepper award for a “red hot” performance or a rocket ship for someone whose career is really “taking off.” Recognition awards can be fun, too!

Get the Best Employee Recognition Awards

Our recognition awards are constructed using premium quality crystal, glass and acrylic. Our plaques are available in attractive hardwoods like rosewood, cherry and walnut, as well as glass and acrylic. We can even create an entirely new design based on your idea. Your award is customized using the latest techniques in full-color UV printing or laser engraving, and we use only state-of-the-art equipment and the latest processes to ensure our employee awards last for years to come. When you present employee appreciation awards, you want to present the best, so that they know you care. EDCO adds that special something you’re looking for.




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