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Leadership Trophies

Leadership Trophies by EDCO features a collection of premium awards commonly used by institutions worldwide to honor and recognize outstanding performance. Merging materials such as optical crystal, stainless steel, brushed aluminum and colored glass, we design sophisticated awards that aim to encapsulate the spirit of excellence. Recognition works, let's prove it together! Shop now and receive free rush service and free shipping to the entire USA! 

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Majestic Eagle Cr...

Majestic Eagle
As low as $474.66

Team Perspective ...

Team Perspective
As low as $153.26

Crystal Monument ...

Monument Star
As low as $135.62

Ascent Leadership...

Ascent Globe
As low as $66.95


As low as $705.74

Concept Crystal A...

Concept Crystal
As low as $286.34

Indigo Peak

Indigo Peak
As low as $365.90

Omni Globe Award

Globe Award
As low as $314.54

Amber Flame Award...

Amber Flame Award
As low as $118.46

Crystal World Glo...

Crystal World Globe
As low as $34.99

Sapphire Ridge Cr...

Sapphire Ridge
As low as $96.32

Spotlight Award

Spotlight Crystal
As low as $112.32

Spotlight Crystal...

Spotlight Crystal
As low as $118.79

Spotlight Tower C...

Spotlight Crystal
As low as $145.43

Coalition Award

Coalition Award
As low as $292.72

Diamond Edge Flam...

Diamond Edge Flame
As low as $80.64

Goal Achievement ...

Goal Recognition
As low as $156.88

Goal-Setter Trian...

As low as $239.15

Ruby Goal-Setter ...

Ruby Goal-Setter
As low as $243.31

Alliance World Gl...

Alliance Globe
As low as $78.39

Ascendancy Eagle

Ascendancy Eagle
As low as $334.39

Artful Connection...

Artful Connection
As low as $113.45

Clear Crystal Bul...

Clear Crystal Bull
As low as $175.98

Majestic Pyramid

As low as $101.20

Encore Black Crys...

Encore Crystal Award
As low as $52.16

Avant Clear Cryst...

Avant Clear
As low as $54.49

Avant Blue Crysta...

Avant Blue
As low as $67.57