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Our 5 Most Popular Employee Recognition Awards

As any good boss should know, having a good employee recognition program that includes employee recognition awards can make all the difference when it comes to workplace culture, employee morale, productivity, and more. Employee appreciation awards will not only help pave the way for a more supportive workplace culture, but they’ll make everyone much more driven to go the extra mile and be more productive while at work. The importance of a good employee recognition program is made clear by the fact that organizations with more sophisticated employee recognition programs are 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes. So, you know why employee recognition awards are important, but what kinds of awards should you get? We get this question often from business owners just starting out creating their own employee recognition program, typically alongside others like “what are your 5 most popular employee recognition awards?” Well – here’s our answer!

1. Employee of the Month

Unsurprisingly, one of our most popular awards is an employee of the month award. Many companies already have one of these in place, and for good reason – it recognizes those who went above and beyond, outperforming their peers during a given month and that’s always something a company will want to celebrate. The employee of the month award offers every employee a chance to shine for their hard work and it being up for grabs on a consistent basis makes each month a friendly competition. We offer a wide variety of employee of the month awards from perpetual glass and plagues to trophies and more so businesses can find one that’s perfect for them.

2. Best Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is huge for every company, and bestowing an award for great customer service will give every employee incentive to give customers the best experience possible. Those who can handle any customer no matter how demanding, abrasive, or unruly they are, are invaluable to a business, so bestowing an award like this for those who can stay clam under pressure, diffusing complicated situations and smoothing tensions just makes sense. It’s a win-win: employees get the recognition they deserve and companies know their representatives will want to provide excellent customer service.

3. Best Team Player

This award is for the employee who displays extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their team members. Maybe they’re the gel that holds a team together, maybe they’re taking on a big workload, maybe while one of their peers is on vacation, maybe they always make themselves available to cover shifts when need be. Regardless, the company appreciates their efforts. Teamwork is crucial for a business’s success – no one can do it all alone! – and this award shows employees that effective collaboration and helping others is not just highly valued but appreciated as well. Additionally, it can encourage others in the company to follow suit, strengthening teamwork within the organization. 

4. Dedication Award

Those who are dedicated to the success of the company deserve to be recognized for their commitment.  It’s rare to find someone who is both loyal and hardworking, hence why it’s so important to let them know their dedication is both recognized and appreciated. A dedication award can celebrate those who’ve been with the company for a long time and show other employees how much the company values loyalty, thus potentially reducing turnover.

5. Top Performer

Every company has certain metrics they’d like to see their employees hit, and while sales certainly comes to mind an award for top performer can be given out to any department. An award like this will really help increase productivity, as employee will compete against one another to see who can make the most sales, turn in the most quality repots, write the most quality content, et cetera.

For these awards, and all the others a company will be handing out as a part of their employee recognition program, EDCO is the place to shop. We carry thousands of unique trophies, plagues, and awards in a variety of materials and have all of our best sellers here in one place for convenience.  Shop our selection today!

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