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Award Plaques

Custom-Made Award Plaques

Award plaques are the perfect way to say thank you or to recognize outstanding achievements. They are easy to display and can be artfully arranged to show off multiple accomplishments or to create a wall of high achievers that will inspire and motivate others. Your team will be excited to receive a high-quality custom plaque made by EDCO. We use only the best materials and create products with unrivaled skill and attention to detail.

Quality Award Plaques & Custom Engraving

Using the highest quality materials and inspired designs to create Custom Award Plaques EDCO has developed as a marque brand in the Awards Industry. Our exclusive collection now offers new premium designs such as Elite Award Plaques which combine multimedia concepts to deliver on style and a quality build! Your congratulatory message will be laser engraved or deep etched into marble, glass or hardwood. Production usually takes one-two days after proof approval and your awards are shipped free of charge for guaranteed delivery anywhere in the USA!

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Premium Gavel Pla...

Gavel Plaque
As low as $105.39

Quantum Star Awar...

Quantum Star
As low as $65.56

Rock Star Plaque

Rock Star Plaque
As low as $45.00

Rosewood Plaque w...

Gold Star Plaque
As low as $43.48

Safety Award Shie...

As low as $65.80

Soaring Eagle Pla...

Eagle Plaque
As low as $87.42

Vantage Plaque

Vantage Plaque
As low as $69.02

You Build It Plaq...

As low as $10.78

Acceptance Glass ...

Glass Plaque
As low as $26.85

Accomplishment St...

Accomplishment Star
As low as $119.42

Achievement Plaqu...

Ebony Award Plaque
As low as $34.49

Arched Solid Cher...

As low as $216.39

Bellingham Plaque...

Bellingham Plaque
As low as $39.10

Black Glass Certi...

Black Mirror Glass Frame
As low as $34.61

Black Piano EOM P...

As low as $85.05

Black Piano Perpe...

As low as $160.72

Blue Acrylic Awar...

As low as $43.66

Blue Marble Acryl...

Acrylic Plaque
As low as $35.98

Blue Marble-Finis...

White Marble Plaque
As low as $23.87

Champlain Marble ...

Champlain Marble Plaque
As low as $66.83

Cherry Shadow Box...

Shadow Box
As low as $103.65

Chroma Glass Plaq...

Chroma Glass Plaque
As low as $43.70

Clear Mirror Glas...

As low as $38.23

Crimson Acrylic P...

As low as $35.98

Custom Plaques to Celebrate and Inspire

Our superior custom award plaques are a gift that recipients can proudly display in their office or home. They’re a professional and stylish way to celebrate achievements with a personalized accolade. Recognizing your team or employees for a job well done creates positive feelings of validation and pride. In fact, a well-structured recognition award program can inspire your team to reach new heights and increase engagement.

Utilize our personalized engraved plaques to inspire your team to reach new heights while delivering a message of excellence. Our custom plaques work well for many different occasions. They make perfect awards for sports teams, employees, community leaders and volunteers. They are a welcome reminder that the recipient is a valued member of the organization.

  • Honor loyalty and dedication with Years of Service Plaques and Retirement Award Plaques.

  • Promote growth with Sales Achievement Awards.

  • Recognize promotions and ambition with Corporate Award Plaques.

  • Encourage your team to take initiative with Leadership Awards.

We offer custom plaques for any price range. You can even start your own Employee of the Month program and give out an award plaque every month.

Only the Best Custom Engraved Plaques

Our custom wall plaques and standing glass plaques are made with the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Our wide variety of materials means you can design your custom award plaque to say exactly what you want it to say. Glass plaques are elegant and chic, perfect for the modern executive or your top salesperson. Acrylic plaques are vibrant and colorful, and can be created in marble patterns, prism edges and more for the creative and visionary professional. Handsome American hardwoods such as walnut plaques, cherry and rosewood provide a classic, timeless look that makes any office look refined and polished.

Our custom engraved plaques are created with your artwork. We will help you select just the right plaque and send in your logos and art. It’s easy to submit your custom ideas online, and you will be able to see how it will look in just one or two days – before we do the work. Our turnaround time is fast, and there is no charge for art or engraving. Energize and inspire your people by giving them beautiful award plaques engraved and customized with their achievements.



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