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Retirement Awards

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Say goodbye to a longtime employee, friend or colleague with a beautiful Retirement Award from EDCO! Select an award that shows appreciation for their years of service and conveys the value this individual brought to the company. We offer a wide selection of recognition pieces ranging from time movements, crystal eagles, plaques and crystal vases.

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Amber Fontana Vas...

Amber Vase
As low as $81.88

Artful Heart of L...

Artful Heart Crystal
As low as $87.37

Chairman's Clock

As low as $242.82

Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart
As low as $37.64

Curved Glass Pict...

Glass Picture Frame
As low as $35.68

Engraved BBQ Set

Engraved BBQ Set
As low as $84.07

Engraved Humidor

As low as $65.81

Luminous Wave Cry...

Crystal Wave Award
As low as $78.66

Mahogany Box Cloc...

Mahogany Box Clock
As low as $70.78

Monumental Globe ...

Globe Obelisk
As low as $77.61

Orbiting Star Vas...

Orbiting Star Vase
As low as $371.42

Oxford Vase

Oxford Vase
As low as $96.51

Perennial Vase

As low as $74.16

Rosewood Mantle C...

Rosewood Mantle Clock
As low as $107.83

Ruby Fontana Vase...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $96.77

Sapphire Fontana ...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $96.77

Skeleton Mantle C...

Skeleton Mantle Clock
As low as $129.91

21.5oz. Lead Crys...

Wine Glasses
As low as $48.95

Accomplished Perf...

Prosperity Award
As low as $183.28


As low as $101.98

Amber Flame Award...

Amber Flame Award
As low as $115.57

Americana Rosewoo...

Americana Plaque
As low as $109.29

Art Glass Harmoni...

Art Glass Harmonia
As low as $108.52

Ascendancy Eagle

Ascendancy Eagle
As low as $326.24

Ascent Leadership...

Ascent Globe
As low as $65.32

Avant Blue Crysta...

Avant Blue
As low as $65.92

Avant Clear Cryst...

Avant Clear
As low as $53.16

Avant Red Crystal...

Avant Red
As low as $78.43

Azure Fontana Vas...

Azure Fontana Vase
As low as $56.08


As low as $399.98

Bud Vase

Bud Vase
As low as $37.97

Business Recognit...

Recognition Award
As low as $49.98


As low as $112.85

Crystal Triumph S...

Triumph Star
As low as $114.79

Diamond Sphere Cl...

Diamond Sphere
As low as $131.19

Energy Globe

Energy Globe
As low as $149.52

Engraved Chess Se...

Chess Set
As low as $63.60

Faceted Acrylic C...

Faceted Clock
As low as $40.69

Faceted Sailboat ...

Crystal Sailboat
As low as $106.11

Foray Black Marbl...

Foray Black
As low as $108.34

Foray Seashell Ma...

Foray Seashell
As low as $108.34

Gavel Plaque

Gavel Plaque
As low as $58.38

Global Surge

Global Surge
As low as $122.13


As low as $216.70

Interplay Crystal...

Interplay Crystal
As low as $77.51

Paramount Peak Aw...

Paramount Peak
As low as $107.82

Quantum Clock

Quantum Clock
As low as $151.90

Royal Diamond Cry...

Royal Diamond
As low as $121.88

Sapphire Ridge Cr...

Sapphire Ridge
As low as $96.68

Sport Mug

Sport Mug
As low as $17.32

Stellar Breeze

Stellar Breeze
As low as $95.29

Team Perspective

Team Perspective
As low as $149.52

Traditional Ancon...

Ancona Vase
As low as $86.68

Victoria Crystal ...

Victoria Pitcher
As low as $186.62

Wine Opener Gift ...

Wine Gift Set
As low as $81.21

46oz. Essence Win...

Wine Decanter
As low as $58.98

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $28.86

Aberdeen Rosewood...

Aberdeen Rosewood
As low as $28.86

Acclaim Scalloped...

Acclaim Plaque
As low as $54.92

Acclaim Scroll Pl...

Scroll Plaque
As low as $63.83

Accolade Diamond ...

Accolade Diamond
As low as $91.12

Accolade Flame Cr...

Accolade Flame
As low as $99.06