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School Awards & Trophies

Scholastic Awards and School Trophies for recognition and motivation of our teachers, students, administrators and volunteers. Awards are in stock and available for immediate delivery anywhere in the USA! EDCO is dedicated to offering the best selection of top quality products. Our eye-catching academic trophies are constructed from the finest materials such as glass, acrylic and wood and deliver on quality while staying on budget!

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Heritage Award Plaque

As low as $165.69

Marble Square Paperweight

Marble Square
As low as $6.95

Premium Achievement Trophy

Classic Achiever
As low as $100.77

Reach for the Stars Pink Achievement Trophy

Reach for the Stars
As low as $10.31

Red Alder Plus Plaque

As low as $21.68

Star Fusion Award

Star Fusion Award
As low as $10.94

Star Tower Award

Star Tower Award
As low as $87.38

Top Performance Globe Award

Galaxy Globe
As low as $38.04

Art Glass Harmonia

Art Glass Harmonia
As low as $116.29

Ascent Leadership Globe

Ascent Globe
As low as $70.00

Avant Red Crystal

As low as $70.64

Black Glass Plaque

As low as $38.23

Blue-Clear Crystal Paperweight

Crystal Paperweight
As low as $24.98

Business Recognition Award

Recognition Award
As low as $53.56

Celebration Art Glass

As low as $103.17

Classic Champion Trophy

Classic Champion Trophy
As low as $19.64

Crystal Gavel Award

As low as $130.53

Crystal Gavel Trophy

As low as $68.12

Crystal Hand Shake Award

Hand Shake
As low as $37.45

Diamond Star Plaque

As low as $14.19

European Cup Trophy

As low as $22.94

Fanfare Crystal Award

As low as $77.60

Handshake Trophy Tower

Hand Shake
As low as $99.15

Kids of Character Plaque

Kids of Character
As low as $14.19

Lumina Star Plaque

As low as $52.26

Newtons Apple

Newtons Apple
As low as $42.21

Orbit Music Trophy

As low as $4.54

Perpetual Victory Trophy

Achievement Cup
As low as $195.80

Red Crystal Apple Paperweight

Red Crystal Apple
As low as $38.23

Simplex Diamond Full Color

Simplex Diamond
As low as $14.09

Stellar Achievement Award

Stellar Achievement
As low as $39.33

Sun Ray Music Award

As low as $6.47

Team Player Award

Team Player Award
As low as $54.63

Team Victory Achievement Trophy

Stellar Achievement
As low as $36.57

Team Victory Star Award

Stellar Achievement
As low as $36.57

Thank You Trophy

As low as $15.66

Captain's Clock Award

Captain's Clock
As low as $207.77

Commemoration Diamond

As low as $108.14

Constellation Star Plaque

Constellation Plaque
As low as $85.72

Crystal Edge Awards

Crystal Edge
As low as $45.21

Crystal World Globe Pyramid Award

Crystal World Globe
As low as $36.58

Employee of the Month Plaques

Employee of the Month
As low as $81.59

Galaxy Crystal Globe Trophy

Galaxy Globe
As low as $63.31

Galaxy Globe

Galaxy Globe
As low as $37.94

Galileo Globe

Galileo Globe
As low as $174.75