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The Complete Guide to Real Estate Trophies & Awards Ideas

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If you run a company involved in the world of real estate, you may (or may not) already know about the importance of real estate trophies and awards. Not only do they encourage real estate agents to work harder, but they also help potential clients see your company’s dedication to being the best.

We’ve put together this guide to real estate trophies and award ideas to tell you about the importance of these awards and give you examples of when, why, and how to give them along with some superior and specific trophy examples for inspiration.

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Why Should You Buy Real Estate Awards for Agents?

In short, real estate awards are an investment in your business. Just like you might invest in continuing education, office equipment, and benefits for your real estate agents, real estate awards for agents are another excellent way to invest in your business to produce the best results and continue growing your company.

Let’s look at some of the ways investing in real estate awards and trophies can bring a return on your investment.

Rewarding Hard Work = Happier Real Estate Agents

While money can be a good motivator for many people, feeling like their hard work is being appreciated is one of the best motivators around. When you reward the hard work of real estate agents, they feel appreciated and not only want to work harder, but they want to work harder for YOU rather than going to another company that makes them feel appreciated.

Hiring, training, and motivating new employees is a massive financial commitment, so rewarding the hard work of your best real estate agents with trophies and awards is a tiny price to pay to keep them with you and save a lot of money on hiring and training new employees.

Inspiring Real Estate Agents to Work Harder

While some real estate agents are internally motivated and always strive to do their best, others are externally motivated. For these agents, knowing that there are awards and trophies to reward their hard work can help inspire them to work harder than they might without dangling those carrots in front of them.

Again, investing a little money in real estate trophies and awards can result in more productive real estate agents who bring in more money for your company.

Instill a Spirit of Competition Between Agents

Many real estate agents are extremely competitive, and having an established system of awards and trophies can inspire those agents to work even harder to beat the other agents. A real estate agent who really wants a “Top Seller of the Year” award will work significantly harder than they would if that award wasn’t in place.

Give Potential Clients More Confidence in the Agents

If your agents bring potential clients to the office, having high-quality awards and trophies on their desks or office walls may give those potential clients more trust in the abilities of your agents, leading them to choose your company over your competitors.

Yet again, investing a bit of money into nice awards has the potential to bring in far more money down the road than the cost of the trophies and plaques.

Residential Vs. Commercial Real Estate Awards

Your company might handle residential real estate, commercial real estate, or both, so it’s important to recognize and appreciate the difference when you think about what awards to give to your agents.

For example, it may be much easier to sell $1 million of commercial real estate than it is to sell $1 million of residential real estate, so you may want to consider different levels or tiers of awards for your residential real estate agents compared to your commercial real estate agents.

Your commercial real estate awards might honor hospitality properties, business parks, and retail spaces, while your residential real estate awards might honor luxury homes, individual real estate agents, and other projects.

Should You Have an Awards Ceremony for Real Estate Agents?

While you could quietly hand out each real estate trophy within the office, many people love public recognition, so an annual (or even quarterly) awards ceremony can add even more value to the awards and trophies you present to your agents and other employees.

Again, making the investment in an awards ceremony can inspire people to work even harder, bringing that investment money back into your company many times over.

While you certainly want to reward the real estate agents in your company at an awards ceremony, there may also be other crucial employees or contractors who deserve their own awards. Perhaps you have an extremely friendly and professional receptionist who’s responsible for making a good first impression on potential clients who deserves recognition. Maybe you have a payroll person who works overtime to ensure that everybody gets paid promptly.

Another idea is to combine your real estate agent awards ceremony with a years of service awards ceremony, where you can recognize all long-term employees around your office for their years of service to your company. Learn more about years of service awards here.

What Are the Different Awards for Real Estate Agents?

You can create any type of award you want for real estate agents, but the most common types of awards for real estate agents fall into two categories: club awards and achievement awards.

Club Awards

With pre-determined milestones, club awards drive growth, competition, and inspiration. Examples of club awards include a Million Dollar Club and a President’s Club. When real estate agents know exactly what is required of them to get into the club, they have tangible goals to work for even if they don’t want to compete with other real estate agents to get there.

Achievement Awards

On the other hand, achievement awards honor specific moments and people, making these recognition programs perhaps more inclusive and diverse than club awards. Examples of achievement awards include:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Top Sales Award
  • Women in Real Estate
  • Top Agent

The competitive nature of these awards can inspire real estate agents to work even harder to beat the other agents and win these awards, which will bring your company more revenue thanks to the driven nature of the real estate agents trying to win these awards.

Other Types of Real Estate Awards

Depending on what type of business you have and what other professionals you work with, you might want to consider giving awards to other people or companies in the real estate industry besides just real estate agents.

Property Awards

A fantastic way to recognize a wide range of experts in construction, real estate, interior design, and other industries, property awards and trophies commemorate large achievements in real estate besides simply sales closed by real estate agents.

Real Estate Tech Awards

The technology industry is constantly evolving and creating new technologies that assist the world of real estate. Real estate tech awards can recognize organizations and people who supply the real estate industry with helpful, cutting-edge technology.

Ideas for Awards for Real Estate Agents

Unsure about what types of awards to give real estate agents? We’ve got you covered with a wide variety of trophy and award ideas, from traditional to premium to unique and even fun trophies, plaques, and awards.

Traditional Awards for Real Estate Agents

Traditional real estate awards tend to be house-shaped and may be made from acrylic or crystal.

Top Sales Realtor Acrylic Award - Full Color Printed

A house-shaped acrylic award on a wooden base is a classic traditional award for real estate agents. Top Sales Realtor Acrylic Award - Full Color Printed features an eye-catching full-color UV-printed design on 0.25”-thick acrylic on a sleek piano-finished rosewood base.

Crystal House Paperweight

Fancier than acrylic but still having a traditional aesthetic, the Crystal House Paperweight is engineered from clear optical crystal, measures 4" x 3.5" in size, and has your logo and congratulatory message sand-etched directly into the crystal.

Multi-House Shape Acrylic Paperweight - Full Color Printed

For top commercial real estate agents, the Multi-House Shape Acrylic Paperweight - Full Color Printed is a classy and traditional real estate agent award that won’t break the bank. Decorated with a stunning full-color UV imprint and made from durable 0.75" acrylic, this trophy will remain a traditional classic for years to come.

Key Employee Award Plaque

Nothing is more traditional than a plaque, and the Key Employee Award Plaque is exactly what you want for a real estate agent award. Perfect for President’s Club Awards, this plaque features premium quality piano-finished rosewood decorated with a 5" gold plated metal key and a custom inscription laser engraved in gold on a black brass plate.

Fun Awards for Real Estate Agents

Traditional awards aren’t for everybody. If you prefer colorful and fun awards, give one of these a try.

Golden Gem Acrylic Award

Made from ultra-thick acrylic with a dramatic gold base and wide facets designed to reflect colorful prisms, the Golden Gem Acrylic Award is a fun way to award top real estate agents in your company. With our free engraving, this trophy will stand out on any realtor’s desk.

Allegory World Globe Crystal Award

What’s more fun than a chrome figure holding a colorful globe and standing under an arch? The Allegory World Globe Crystal Award is a stunning mix of clear, black, and blue optic crystal along with the chrome figure. Single color color-fill included at no extra charge.

Continental World Globe Award Plaque

Who says plaques can’t be fun, too? The Continental World Globe Award Plaque features a striking art-metal backing combined with a blue crystal globe and a floating crystal plaque. Your congratulations message is deep-etched and filled with gold and black paint.

Crystal Pinnacle Award Red Tower

If you want something vibrant, the Crystal Pinnacle Award Red Tower will draw attention from across the room. Custom engraved with your logo and message and made from the highest quality K-9 optical crystal, this trophy is sure to be treasured for a lifetime.

Unique Real Estate Trophies

If you want to present a real estate trophy your agents are unlikely to receive from any other employers, check out these unique options.

Apogee Green Diamond Award Crystal

Simple yet stunning, the Apogee Green Diamond Award Crystal trophy is a unique award for real estate agents. Featuring a deep-etch decoration process and K9 optical crystal, this award is the ultimate symbol of success. This style of award is also available in many other colors, so you can pick a color that matches your company or the favorite color of the award recipient.

Biltmore Arch Crystal Award

With its unique shape, the Biltmore Arch Crystal Award represents a real estate agent who has overcome obstacles in their life to reach an impressive milestone. Featuring a black glass base and crystal arch, a real estate agent would be thrilled to receive this trophy.

Chroma World Globe Trophy

Top achieving real estate agents deserve something extraordinary, like this Chroma World Globe Trophy. Elevated atop a jet-black crystal base, this trophy is constructed from highly polished metal. Your message gets deep-etched into the crystal base and filled with either silver or gold paint.

Nova Plaque

For a real estate agent award plaque that sets you apart from your competition, choose the Nova Plaque. This plaque features lacquered wood, suspended glass, and two aluminum rods for a look you won’t find anywhere else.

Premium Realty Awards

Show your realtors just how important they are by giving them a premium realty award like one of these.

Crystal Super Five Star Diamond

Weighing a stunning 15 pounds and with tons of cuts and bevels to refract maximum light, the Crystal Super Five Star Diamond is truly a stand-out real estate agent award. This award is also uniquely customizable since there are not only 2 standard etch areas (on the base and inside the large center diamond), but the additional five smaller diamonds can also be etched with limited text.

Crystal Super Blue Diamond

Featuring six precision-crafted diamond towers elevated atop a deep blue crystal base, the Crystal Super Blue Diamond combines class with color in the ultimate premium award for real estate agents. This award weighs a hefty 19 pounds.

Attainment Apex Crystal Award

Flawlessly built from diamond-cut blocks of crystal that resemble a progression to the top, the Attainment Apex Crystal Award delivers an unforgettable “WOW” factor. Your message gets deep-etched into the crystal for a stunning award that will last a lifetime.

Empire Globe Award

For the real estate agent who seems to have the world in their hands, the Empire Globe Award is a spectacular trophy they’ll be honored to display.

Affordable Awards for Real Estate Agents

If you have a smaller business, you may not be able to afford premium trophies yet, and that’s fine, too. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to give real estate awards.

Acrylic House Award

From as low as $23.10 (when you buy in bulk), the Acrylic House Award is a traditional real estate trophy that won’t break the bank. You can have either laser etching or full-color printing on the clear acrylic, which is elevated atop a piano-finished rosewood base.

Acrylic House Paperweight

Don’t want to buy in bulk? The Acrylic House Paperweight is cheap even if you only purchase one at a time. Don’t let the price fool you, however. Made from 0.75”-thick premium acrylic and laser engraved to your specifications, this realty award still looks classy.

Globe Crystal Award

Even if you’re on a budget, you aren’t limited only to acrylic options. The Globe Crystal Award is affordably priced and includes free engraving and free shipping. Constructed from optical crystal, your message is etched in bright silver onto a black metal plate affixed to the base of the trophy.

Aberdeen Rosewood Plaque

Traditional plaques are always an affordable option. The Aberdeen Rosewood Plaque is available in several sizes and features a Nouveau Black-on-Gold engraved plate attached to a handsome rosewood piano finish.

Crystal Realtor Awards

For the ultimate combination of class and style, you can’t go wrong with crystal awards for real estate agents.

Liberty Diamond Tower Award

Featuring four precision-crafted diamond towers elevated atop a deep blue crystal base and made from optical crystal, the Liberty Diamond Tower Award is a stunning real estate agent trophy.

Blue Goal-Setter Triangle Crystal

Whether it’s the number of properties sold, years spent with your company, or another important number, the Blue Goal-Setter Triangle Crystal allows you to add to the original trophy with each new accomplishment. The trophy comes with one Goal-Setter Block and holds up to 11 blocks, which can be purchased as needed for only $25 each.

Custom Woman Entrepreneur Award

Recognize your female real estate agents with this beautiful Custom Woman Entrepreneur Award. Combining chrome and crystal, this gorgeous trophy is an excellent way to recognize women in real estate.

Crystal President Award

Elevated atop a crystal base and made entirely of premium-quality optical crystal, the Crystal President Award looks good from any angle. Available in several different sizes, this is a striking award that real estate professionals will aspire to earn.

Acrylic Realty Awards

Low on price, not on quality, acrylic realtor awards are a staple in the industry for good reason.

Accomplishment Peak Acrylic Award

Laser engraved with your company logo and congratulatory message, the Accomplishment Peak Acrylic Award is constructed from premium-quality 0.75”-thick acrylic and can be used to recognize sales achievements, years of service, or anything else you want to reward your real estate agents for.

Acclaim Ruby Acrylic Award

The eye-catching Acclaim Ruby Acrylic Award is made from premium acrylic and features a classic clear plaque accented by two red pillars. Be sure to take advantage of free engraving to customize this realty trophy.

Azure Gem Acrylic Award

Although made from ultra-thick acrylic rather than crystal, the zure Gem Acrylic Award features wide facets that reflect colorful prisms from the dramatic azure base, providing the look of crystal for the price of acrylic.

Acrylic Presentation Key Trophy

With a style that’s perfect for real estate awards, the Acrylic Presentation Key Trophy is made from premium 0.75” acrylic, custom engraved, and key-shaped. Simple yet elegant, this key trophy is a classic for a reason.

Wall Plaques for Real Estate Agents

Don’t want to clutter up your employees’ desks with trophies? Wall plaques for their office will never go out of style. Here are a few great options.

Employee Spotlight Gold Award Plaque

A contemporary award, the Employee Spotlight Gold Award Plaque features a suspended premium clear crystal plate attached to a gold non-directional metal backing. Your message is deep-etched and filled with black paint.

Premiera Plaque

If you want a unique plaque that could double as a piece of art, you can’t go wrong with the Premiera Plaque. Combining cherry-stained wood, black leather, chrome-plated rods, and suspended hade glass, this striking plaque will inspire your real estate agents for years to come.

Canterbury Ebony Plaque

Available in three sizes, the Canterbury Ebony Plaque features starfire crystal and piano-finish ebony for a plaque that will look stunning in any awards ceremony. Don’t pay other companies extra for engraving, because EDCO always includes engraving for free!

Floating Glass Plaque

Don’t like black? No problem! The Floating Glass Plaque features a two-dimensional design with a crystal clear glass panel “floating” atop a piano-finish rosewood plaque board. Your text can either be printed in full color or engraved and filled with gold or silver.

Sculpture Awards for Realtors

Supremely classy, sculpture awards for real estate agents are always an excellent choice. Here are some of our favorite real estate agent sculpture awards.

Achievement World Globe Award

With the elegance of an Oscar, the Achievement World Globe Award features a chrome figure holding aloft a blue crystal globe. At 12” tall, this trophy will proudly adorn any desk. Rush service and shipping are available when you need an award in a hurry.

Global Celebration Award

The striking feminine figure of the Global Celebration Award makes it an excellent option for women in real estate awards. Combining chrome and crystal, this stunning design will truly make the award winner feel special.

Conquest Crystal Achievement Award

Vaguely resembling a cheering person, the Conquest Crystal Achievement Award is an exciting real estate agent trophy constructed from flawless optical crystal and topped with a stunning blue crystal gem.

Attainment Diamond Purple Crystal

With a chrome-plated figure holding a faceted purple crystal diamond, the Attainment Diamond Purple Crystal symbolizes the pinnacle of achievement. Don’t like purple? This trophy is available with other colored gems, as well.

Count on EDCO for Your Real Estate Trophies & Awards

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