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Guidelines for Supplying Computer Generated Artwork


When providing digital art these Guidelines MUST be followed in order to proceed: Hard copy of the artwork is desired. This will enable us to be sure your file has opened correctly. If the art provided is to be used for engraving or glass etching, it must be Black and White Line Art. No grayscale or halftones are acceptable for those processes. If your art is to be imprinted in color on a name badge or promotional product, we must either have a hard copy printout showing us the colors that we are trying to match, or the PMS numbers of each color. 

All digital artwork submitted MUST meet our artwork requirements shown below or your order may be delayed and additional artwork charges may be incurred. We have the capability to recreate your art specifically for the type of product you are purchasing. Production time for recreating art is typically 24-48hrs depending on the complexity. Most logos can be recreated within 24hrs for between $25 - $75. Please contact your salesperson to be sure your art will work 


We are a PC based company. All Macintosh files must be provided in a PC compatible version 


Most of our processes require a minimum of 250 dpi resolution. Graphics designed for use on the Internet are not acceptable. Art used for printing banners and posters should be submitted in the highest possible resolution or VECTOR form. Formats we prefer are: eps .ai .cdr .psd 


It is recommended that you provide a hard copy of the artwork and any special instructions with any digital file submitted 


Simply because the art file is in a digital format we can accept, that does not mean it will be clean and useable. Low resolution files embedded in eps or ai formats will still yield poor results. Faxed, scanned or art which has been reproduced numerous times will not improve and will not look its best without additional clean up efforts. We reserve the right to refuse any artwork that will not meet our standards of product quality when reproduced with our equipment and processes 


 This is the preferred type of art for laser engraving, sand etching and screen printing. Black and white line art contains black and white lines only. No shades of gray or halftones can be used when this art format is requested. Black & white line art is required for engraving glass, crystal, acrylic, marble, wood, plastic and aluminum. This type of art is also required for vinyl letters and most signage 


This art will contain shades of gray or halftones and is acceptable for imprinting processes only, providing the resolution is at least 250dpi at the desired size. Some of our processes, such as laser engraving or sand carving, will NOT reproduce this type of artwork without additional refinement 


Color art can be used on any products that are imprinted, such as, plaques, name badges, banners, aluminum plates and some signage. If specific color matches are desired, you must provide pantone numbers to identify each color. Files submitted for printing BANNERS must be in VECTOR form. We can recreate almost any file in vectors for $25-$75 


We prefer that all artwork and text copy are submitted via e-mail. Names for personalized awards should be submitted is either excel, word, notepad, or simple e-mail text. When submitting information for a large order with multiple changes per award, excel files are preferred. Naming protocol is important. Please do not name your artwork 'logo". instead please name the file using an easily identified label such as "ft laud festival logo". You may send your artwork to [email protected] 


CorelDraw - Windows - .cdr - version 12.0 or lower; convert text to curves Adobe Illustrator - Windows - .ai or .eps files - Save Graphics as Adobe Illus. 10.0 or lower and convert text to outline Photoshop - Windows - .psd - version 7 or lower; maintain separate layers 


.eps or .ai files and .cdr (CorelDraw) conainint only vector graphics.


We are unable to achieve satisfactory, results when graphics are submitted in the following formats: Word - .doc format; Excel - xIs format; Web graphics - .gif or .jpg - Graphics designed for use on the World Wide Web are not acceptable because of the low resolution typically used 


Convert all text to outlines or curves. Please be aware that once this is done the text in your artwork can no longer be edited. If editing is required you must include the Font (TrueType only) on the disk, or e-mail the file to your sales associate.