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Octagon Shaped Awards

Crystal Octagon Awards & Acrylic Octagon Trophies

Shop for Octagon Shaped Awards constructed from optical crystal, jade glass and acrylic. Our octagon trophies are built from premium quality materials and offer ample space for custom decoration. Your congratulatory message and company logo will be custom engraved or printed in full color on the awards to deliver your exactly the way you want it! We offer complementary 1-day service and guaranteed shippingf to the entire USA!

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Types of Octagon Awards

  • Crystal Octagon Awards are constructed from two types of material clear and jade crystal. They are usually beveled and deeply faceted to reflect light perfectly and highlight the beauty of the award. Optical crystal is flawless with no imperfections, or air bubbles and offers perfect optical clarity which further enhances the award. The eight –sided design usually also features a wide angle facet design on its face which is beautiful and timeless. Jade crystal is also beautiful and offers a premium look and feel. Some of our designs are pictured with deep etch and paint fill. Injecting a combination of gold and black paint into the engraving elevates the jade award and highlights the message for a truly superior finish.


  • Glass Octagons are produced from jade glass which delivers the weight of crystal but not exactly the same level of clarity. Small imperfections may exist but they are usually not very noticeable to the naked eye. Glass Octagon Awards are very popular and offer a great budget friendly option the delivers the message with style. They are decorated by sandblasting (deep engraving) or printing the awards in full color.


  • Acrylic Octagons are yet another fantastic award option especially when producing a large quantity of trophies. Acrylic is a light weight material available in clear or jade color similar to glass. These awards are beveled and decorated by laser engraving or full color printing. Laser engraving process is quick and accurate making acrylic the perfect option for a rush project.