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Music Trophies

Music Trophies, Music Medals & Crystal Music Awards


Step into the world of Music Trophies and Crystal Music Awards, where recognition meets musical achievements. At the heart of our collection, you'll find a symphony of recognition trophies, featuring awe-inspiring Crystal Microphone Awards, Customized Acrylic Music Record Plaques, music theme Resin Trophies and Medals. Music has the power to inspire, unite, and move people in profound ways. Our awards and trophies serve as tangible reminders of those moments of excellence, reinforcing the dedication and impact of musicians, performers, and industry professionals. Join us on this melodious journey and experience how our Microphone Awards and Customized Acrylic Record Plaques make a resounding difference in recognizing and honoring the individuals who enrich our lives through their musical talents.


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Key Speaker Crystal Microphone Award

Crystal Microphone
As low as $235.84

Crystal Microphone Award

Crystal Microphone
As low as $87.86

Crystal Microphone Trophy

Crystal Microphone
As low as $49.98

Custom Acrili-Stone Award

Acrili-Stone Award
As low as $98.24

Gold Microphone Resin

Microphone Resin
As low as $17.04

Microphone Resin Trophy

Microphone Resin
As low as $21.95

Jazz Band Bass Award

Jazz Band Bass
$86.50 $54.95

Jazz Band Saxophone Award

Jazz Band Saxophone
$86.50 $59.95

Jazz Saxophone Player

Saxophone Player Award
$104.75 $62.95

Modern Jazz Band Keyboard Player

Modern Jazz Keyboard
$173.03 $98.85

Modern Jazz Band Saxophone Player

Modern Jazz Saxophone
$197.75 $98.85

Premium Quality Crystal Microphone Awards & Acrylic Guitar Trophies


Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we take immense pride in offering a wide selection of remarkable products inclusing microphone trophies constructed from pure optical crystal as well as custom acrylic guitar awards and music record plaques. Each award tells a unique story of musical talent and achievement, making a profound impact on individuals who have poured their passion into their craft.

Our Crystal Microphone Awards are a sight to behold, capturing the essence of musical prowess in sparkling clarity. These masterpieces, meticulously crafted from premium materials, serve as more than just trophies; they are symbols of artistic dedication that resonate with the hearts of performers and artists.

For those seeking a personalized touch, our customized Acrylic Music Record Plaques and Acrylic Guitar Trophies are the perfect choice. These acrylic masterpieces not only commemorate milestones but also celebrate the artistic journey. Each plaque is custom-tailored to reflect the individuality of the recipient, ensuring a lasting impression that echoes the significance of their accomplishments.

As dedicated professionals, we understand the importance of prompt recognition. That's why our products are readily available and can be delivered swiftly anywhere in the USA.