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Art Glass Awards

Art Glass Awards are artistically inspired recognition trophies produced mainly from glass and accented with marble, wrought iron and wood. In our collection you will find fascinating pieces where dramatic streams of colors collide with air bubbles trapped in molten glass, no two awards are exactly alike!

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Artful Inspiratio...

Artful Inspiration
As low as $79.06

Flare Art Glass

Flare Award
As low as $177.44


As low as $104.53

Celebration Art G...

As low as $98.69

Effervescent Drop...

Effervescent Droplet
As low as $102.52

Ethereal Art Glas...

Ethereal Basket
As low as $213.83

Synergy Art Glass...

Art Glass Award
As low as $43.32

Achievement Art G...

Achievement Art Glass
As low as $109.44

Allegiance Award

Allegiance Award
As low as $176.44

Divination Award

As low as $61.13

Doube Helix Art G...

Doube Helix Art Glass
As low as $78.63

Droplet Art Glass...

Droplet Art Glass
As low as $92.55

Elation Art Glass...

Elation Art Glass
As low as $185.18

Helix Art Glass

Helix Art Glass
As low as $96.63

Interlude Award

As low as $44.86

Jade Spiral Art G...

Green Spiral
As low as $78.63

Majesty Award

Majesty Award
As low as $360.68

Mind Door

As low as $177.04

Red Teardrop

Red Teardrop
As low as $218.86

Team Player Award...

Team Player Award
As low as $52.25

Teamwork Art Glas...

Teamwork Glass Award
As low as $83.47

Together Recognit...

Together Glass Award
As low as $118.50

Venus Sphere Art ...

Venus Sphere
As low as $74.41

Art Glass Seaside...

Seaside Swirl
As low as $109.07

Artful Connection...

Artful Connection
As low as $109.61

Delphi Monolith A...

Delphi Monolith
As low as $198.62

Elevated Ruby Vas...

Ruby Vase
As low as $176.75

Imperial Award

Imperial Award
As low as $355.45

Midnight Twirl Cr...

Midnight Twirl
As low as $99.99

Phantasia Leaf Cr...

Phantasia Leaf
As low as $167.26

Pure Collaboratio...

Pure Collaboration
As low as $65.33

Ruby Fontana Vase...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $99.19

Sapphire Fontana ...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $99.19

Tropical Remix Cr...

Tropical Remix
As low as $146.36

Venus Amethyst Ar...

Venus Amethyst
As low as $169.42

Achievement Tride...

Trident Award
As low as $162.52

Aeroscape Glass A...

Aerospace Award
As low as $100.19