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Art Glass Awards

Art Glass Awards are artistically inspired recognition trophies produced mainly from glass and accented with marble, wrought iron and wood. In our collection you will find fascinating pieces where dramatic streams of colors collide with air bubbles trapped in molten glass, no two awards are exactly alike! Implementing creative awards into your recognition program will create excitement and help drive home your organizartion's unique message. EDCO offers exclusive designs while maintaining the qighest quality standards. Some of the finest art crystal awards in the industry are created by our artisians. Mouth blown awards such as Touch The Sky Art Crystal and the Art Glass Harmonia are perfect examples of unique expression that offer bright colors and deliver on excellence and build quality. Let one of our experts help add some oomph to your recognition program. Art Glass Trophies are frequently used when recognizing Years of Service, Sales Achievements, for Retirement Awards as well as general Achievement Award Accolades. All EDCO Awards are are guaranteed for life and offer free engraving, free shipping and free rush service. Shop now for the perfect art glass award and please call us or chat if we can help in any way!


Personalized Art Glass Awards and Gifts

There are many ways to let your employees know that they are appreciated, but there is arguably no better way than to reward them with a personalized award. Our art glass awards are made from high-quality materials, and they function as beautiful works of art. They will convey the highest level of regard for the recipient as you present them with one made just for them.

We have an inventory of stunning, expertly crafted art glass awards that will be perfect in every situation. The molten glass design makes each piece unique, and we have multiple colors to choose from.

Many of the glass trophies incorporate wrought iron, wood and marble in their design to make each a truly standout award. The glass awards come in various shapes and sizes, and they are each suited to your special occasion.

Award ceremonies mark a special day for many people. Whether they are staff members, teachers, community leaders or volunteers, they should receive an award that makes the event. Our art glass awards will make an impression on the awardee and the guests, while underscoring the importance of the ceremony. The art glass award can be proudly displayed in the office or at home, and it will add interest and beauty to the location.

Talk to us about picking out a special art glass trophy— we provide free shipping and engraving, and we can accommodate last minute orders due to our fast turnaround time. Art glass trophies are affordable and will be treasured for life.

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Divination Award

As low as $62.05

Synergy Art Glass...

Art Glass Award
As low as $48.94

Together Recognit...

Together Glass Award
As low as $120.27

Art Glass Disc

As low as $59.90

Art Glass Torchie...

As low as $129.83

Artful Connection...

Artful Connection
As low as $115.15

Celestial Art Gla...

Celestial Art Glass
As low as $63.65

Elation Art Glass...

Elation Art Glass
As low as $187.96

Elevated Ruby Vas...

Ruby Vase
As low as $179.40

Helix Art Glass A...

Helix Art Glass
As low as $100.73

Helix Globe

As low as $41.27

Hera Art Glass Va...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $120.01

Phantasia Leaf Cr...

Phantasia Leaf
As low as $169.77

Service Recogniti...

Years of Service
As low as $137.00

Team Player Award...

Team Player Award
As low as $53.04

Teamwork Art Glas...

Teamwork Glass Award
As low as $87.26

Twist Rain Art Gl...

Twist Rain
As low as $77.14

Accolade Art Glas...

Accolade Art Glass
As low as $32.22

Artful Determinat...

Artful Determination
As low as $87.36

Azure Emittance A...

Azure Emittance
As low as $36.05

Doube Helix Art G...

Doube Helix Art Glass
As low as $79.81

Droplet Harmonia ...

Droplet Harmonia
As low as $144.67

Interlude Award

As low as $45.53

Jade Spiral Art G...

Green Spiral
As low as $79.81

Spiral Dragon Tai...

Art Glass Spiral
As low as $92.94

Venus Amethyst Ar...

Venus Amethyst
As low as $171.96

Venus Sphere Art ...

Venus Sphere
As low as $84.48

Delphi Monolith A...

Delphi Monolith
As low as $201.60

Ruby Fontana Vase...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $100.67

Sapphire Fontana ...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $100.67

Aeroscape Glass A...

Aerospace Award
As low as $101.69