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Eagle Awards

Soar with the eagles on the wings of our exclusive award collection.  Few things match the power and grace of the flight of an eagle and here you will find a combination of Eagle Awards produced from materials such as optical crystal, bronze finished resin, oxidized brass, copper and marble. Eagles represent excellence, strength, honor, courage and grace.  These awards lend themselves well to award programs for recognizing the accomplishments of individuals as well as organizations.

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Journey Crystal E...

Journey Crystal Eagle
As low as $476.47

Grand Spirit Crys...

Crystal Eagle
As low as $289.15

Sky Master Crysta...

Sky Master
As low as $268.55

Patriot Eagle Awa...

Patriot Eagle
As low as $63.65

Foremost Eagle Aw...

Foremost Eagle
As low as $35.85

American Eagle

American Eagle
As low as $51.80

American Eagle Bu...

American Eagle Bust
As low as $38.12

American Eagle Pe...

Soaring Eagle Perpetual
As low as $97.97

Eagle Award Pin

Eagle Pin
As low as $2.38

Eagle in Flight A...

Eagle in Flight Award
As low as $95.33

Signature Series ...

Signature Series Eagles
As low as $25.98

Soaring Eagle Awa...

Soaring Eagle Award
As low as $388.38

Soaring Eagle Pla...

Eagle Plaque
As low as $84.87

Spirit Eagle Plaq...

Spirit Eagle
As low as $105.88


As low as $155.65

Trinity Eagle Pla...

Trinity Eagle
As low as $100.53

Vantage Plaque

Vantage Plaque
As low as $67.01