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Award Plaques

Award Plaques are widely used for recognition and motivation of employees, volunteers and students. Our elegant collection includes handsome designs from American hardwoods such as Walnut, Cherry and Rosewood as well as budget friendly options constructed from composites. Engraved plaques make the perfect choice for celebrating achievement while enjoying a traditional look that never goes out of style.

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Art-Stone Recogni...

Stone Art Plaque
As low as $39.24

Black Crystal Pla...

Black Crystal Plaque
As low as $47.03

Canterbury Ebony ...

Canterbury Plaque
As low as $67.31

Nocturne Gold Acr...

As low as $67.20

Nocturne Silver A...

As low as $67.20

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $29.58

Walnut Finish Pla...

Walnut Finish Plaque
As low as $18.80

Distinction Cherr...

Distinction Frame
As low as $101.88

Key Employee Awar...

Key to the City
As low as $57.62

Stockton Plaque

Stockton Plaque
As low as $61.74

Aberdeen Rosewood...

Aberdeen Rosewood
As low as $29.58

Acclaim Scalloped...

Acclaim Plaque
As low as $58.26

Acclaim Scroll Pl...

Scroll Plaque
As low as $65.43

Ambassador Cherry...

Rosewood Wall Clock
As low as $99.98

Americana Rosewoo...

Americana Plaque
As low as $122.34

Excellent Perform...

Performance Plaque
As low as $83.47

Genesis Day Award...

Genesis Day
As low as $68.84

Hamilton Walnut P...

Hamilton Walnut
As low as $48.69

Master Ebony Wall...

As low as $145.69

Matt Black Award ...

Matt-Black Plaque
As low as $16.54

Piano Finish Waln...

Piano Finish Walnut
As low as $36.73