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Award Plaque Collection

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Our Award Plaque Gallery includes a wide variety of choices including elegant piano-finished rosewoods, premium American hardwoods and glass. Recognize your top performers or simply award a message of gratitude with a recognition item that will be cherished into perpetuity and passed down through generations.  The old world feel of an EDCO Recognition Award Plaque is timeless!

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Acclaim Scalloped...

Acclaim Plaque
As low as $54.92

Nova Plaque

Nova Plaque
As low as $111.16

Premiera Plaque

Premiera Plaque
As low as $111.16

Valdez Award

Valdez Award
As low as $145.84

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $28.86

American Walnut P...

American Walnut
As low as $23.95

Black Crystal Pla...

Black Crystal Plaque
As low as $45.88

Champlain Marble ...

Champlain Marble Plaque
As low as $62.36

Conquest Award Pl...

Conquest Award
As low as $36.18

Coventry Series P...

Coventry Series
As low as $40.78

Employee of the M...

Employee of the Month
As low as $76.14

Illusion Black Aw...

Illusion Black Award
As low as $61.18

Large Format Ebon...

Large Format Plaque
As low as $173.38

Ovation Crystal A...

Ovation Crystal
As low as $50.98

Ravena Verde Maho...

Marble Plaque
As low as $70.87

Soaring Eagle Pla...

Eagle Plaque
As low as $81.58

Stockton Plaque

Stockton Plaque
As low as $53.98

Vantage Plaque

Vantage Plaque
As low as $64.41

Acclaim Scroll Pl...

Scroll Plaque
As low as $63.83

Achievement Plaqu...

Ebony Award Plaque
As low as $30.23

Acknowledgement P...

Acknowledgement Plaque
As low as $42.72

Appreciation Plaq...

Appreciation Plaque
As low as $78.68

Art-Stone Recogni...

Stone Art Plaque
As low as $45.74

Bellingham Plaque...

Bellingham Plaque
As low as $36.49

Black Glass Certi...

Black Mirror Glass Frame
As low as $34.66

Black Marble-Fini...

Black Marble Plaque
As low as $22.28

Black Plaque with...

Silver Star Plaque
As low as $40.58

Blue Marble Acryl...

Acrylic Plaque
As low as $31.98

Blue Marble-Finis...

White Marble Plaque
As low as $22.28

Camber Glass Awar...

Camber Glass Award
As low as $50.98


As low as $112.85

Cherry Shadow Box...

Shadow Box
As low as $86.68

Classic Walnut Sc...

Scroll Casting Plaque
As low as $50.61

Crystal Mendocino...

As low as $144.26

Custom Printed Ac...

Custom Plaque
As low as $45.11

Elliptical Edge P...

Elliptical Edge
As low as $32.24

Emerald Marble-Fi...

White Marble Plaque
As low as $22.28

EOM Walnut Finish...

Employee of the Month
As low as $69.71

Etched Walnut

Etched Walnut
As low as $27.52

Excellent Perform...

Performance Plaque
As low as $78.68

Gavel Plaque

Gavel Plaque
As low as $58.38

Genesis Day

Genesis Day
As low as $67.16

Genesis Day Round...

Genesis Day Round
As low as $60.37