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Custom Metal Awards

Recognize your top achievers in style with custom engraved Metal Awards. Our collection of metal plated awards will deliver on quality and impress your recipients. EDCO offers premium quality gold plated achievement trophies, star awards cast from gold, silver and copper alloy as well as eagles, glass & metal designs and traditional metal trophy cups. All your custom engraving is free and we offer 1-day production service at no additional cost to make sure you awards are delivered as quickly as possible and stay on budget!

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Premium Achievement Trophy

Classic Achiever
As low as $100.77

Skyward Star

Skyward Star
As low as $65.56

Monumental Star Trophy

Monumental Star Tower
As low as $60.77

Service 10 Year Award

As low as $105.12

Contemporary Achievement Award

Achievement Award
As low as $62.72

Quantum Star Award

Quantum Star
As low as $65.56

Eagle in Flight Award

Eagle in Flight Award
As low as $98.19

Excellence Star Casting

Excellence Star
As low as $51.35

Metal Flame Award

As low as $39.63

Rising Star Award

Rising Star
As low as $54.63

Stellar Chroma Award

Stellar Achievement
As low as $39.33

Alumina Diamond Award

As low as $87.20

Constellation Star Plaque

Constellation Plaque
As low as $85.72

Crystal Quill Diamond

Quill Diamond
As low as $60.24

Crystal Rockstar

As low as $75.33

Dynamic Crystal Star Award

Dynamic Top Star
As low as $137.97

Galactic Stars Award

As low as $159.60

Global Celebration

Global Celebration
As low as $214.91

Guiding Star Award

Guiding Star
As low as $148.22

Omni Globe Award

Globe Award
As low as $328.83

Team Perspective Crystal Award

Team Perspective
As low as $160.23

Unity Crystal Tower

Unity Crystal Tower
As low as $129.98

Classic Americana Cup

Classic Americana Cup
As low as $46.28

Classic Championship Cup

Championship Cup
As low as $380.83

Fairway Silver Cup

As low as $54.63

Forerunner Trophy Cup

As low as $36.36

Perpetual Achievement Cup

Achievement Cup
As low as $141.68

Perpetual Victory Trophy

Achievement Cup
As low as $195.80

Pinnacle Achievement Trophy Cup

Achievement Cup
As low as $458.35

Two-Tone Metal Trophy Cup

Two-Tone Metal Cup
As low as $50.89

Avant Star

Avant Star
As low as $193.93

Balanced Star Award

As low as $47.02

Duet Peak Crystal

Duet Crystal
As low as $69.60

Ergo Crescent

As low as $52.25

Modern Star Achievement Trophy

Modern Star Trophy
As low as $42.89

Sable Diamond

Sable Diamond
As low as $56.03


As low as $160.32

Team Victory Achievement Trophy

Stellar Achievement
As low as $36.57

Team Victory Star Award

Stellar Achievement
As low as $36.57

Wellington Iron Acrylic Award

Wellington Iron Acrylic Trophy
As low as $58.88