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Crystal Flames

Flame Shaped Awards & Trophies

Flame inspired award designs are perfect for employee or group leadership achievements: Is your top salesperson on fire lately? Did you just pass the torch to a new manager or director through a promotion or assignment? Or perhaps you want to recognize outstanding leadership on your team – someone who is carrying the torch for others by providing an amazing example. Flame-inspired crystal recognition awards are perfect for all of these occasions and more.

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Crystal Faceted F...

As low as $38.62

Vulko Flame Art C...

Droplet Art Glass
As low as $206.20

Amber Flame Award...

Amber Flame Award
As low as $123.84

Diamond Edge Flam...

Diamond Edge Flame
As low as $84.31

Artisan Flame Cry...

Artisan Flame
As low as $128.58

Euphoria Crystal

Euphoria Crystal
As low as $183.54

Bluefire Flame Cr...

As low as $127.07

Diamond Edge Flam...

As low as $84.23

Beveled Flame Cry...

As low as $67.87

Beveled Crystal D...

As low as $56.75

Crystal Torch Tro...

As low as $250.09

Ruby Flame Crysta...

As low as $110.08

Genesis Flame Art...

As low as $84.61

Dreams in Motion ...

As low as $86.79

Fantasy Art Glass...

As low as $100.25

Fantasy Flare Ser...

As low as $74.82

Top Performance A...

As low as $77.95

Elliptic Flame Cr...

As low as $69.37

Ceremonial Flame ...

As low as $64.02

Crystal Flames wi...

As low as $46.92

Pristine Crystal ...

As low as $49.88

Service Award Fla...

As low as $83.51

Accolade Flame Op...

Accolade Flame
As low as $81.54

Royal Rapture Art...

As low as $163.44

Recognition Awards: Flame-Inspired Crystal, Art Glass & Acrylic Awards


Our recognition awards always beat the competition: EDCO offers free shipping on orders over $100 and  we guarantee on-time delivery, every time, anywhere in the USA – including on rush orders. You always get free, custom engraving and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s all part of what makes us America’s number one supplier of employee recognition awards for businesses around the globe.

Get Inspired by Our Flame Employee Recognition Awards

Give a memorable employee recognition award for years of service, retirement or a champion of company culture. Recognition awards are a cost-effective way to show your appreciation, and flames are a versatile shape you’ll love, perfect for both individual and group achievements. Our awards are made of the best materials available, such as:

  • Optical crystal: Our sparkling K9 crystal employee recognition awards are the highest clarity and use vibrant colors and beveled cuts to create a flame-shaped piece anyone will be proud to display.

  • Art glass: Designed and created by our own artisans, the glass-blowing process creates unique patterns in each art glass recognition award, for a truly one-of-a-kind trophy.

Make sure your next employee recognition awards presentation is “on fire” with our top-quality flame trophies and awards. They’re sure to enhance any special occasion even more.



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