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Basketball Trophies

Slam Dunk Champions: Basketball Column Trophies, Medals, and Crystal Awards


EDCO Awards is a leader in producing top-quality basketball trophies and offers a wide array of basketball crystal awards, resin statues, engraved medals, and plaques. These awards are ideal for acknowledging the outstanding performances of players, teams, coaches, and devoted volunteers within the basketball community. At EDCO Awards, we pride ourselves on delivering a diverse selection of basketball awards designed to inspire and celebrate achievements. Crafted from premium materials, our eye-catching awards are both high in quality and economical, ensuring they fit any budget. With the ability to ship immediately anywhere in the USA, EDCO Awards is your premier source for basketball trophies and awards, designed to honor commitment and excellence on the court.


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Action Basketball Glass Plaque

Basketball Glass Plaque
As low as $49.95

Basketball Paramount Crystal Tower Award

Basketball Crystal
As low as $67.60

Tower Basketball Trophy

Tower Basketball Trophy
As low as $25.90

Champion Basketball Trophy

World Champion Basketball
As low as $38.77

Basketball World Champion Trophy

Championship Trophy
As low as $85.39

Bronzestone Basketball Replica Trophy

Bronzestone Basketball
As low as $71.33

Apex Basketball Trophy

Apex Basketball
As low as $11.25

Monster Basketball Trophy

Monster Basketball
As low as $15.45

Basketball Trophy For Every Occasion

At EDCO Awards, we understand that basketball encompasses a myriad of achievements, from individual brilliance to team success. That's why our trophy collection is designed to recognize players of all ages and skill levels, celebrating everything from successful seasons to tournament victories. Whether it's Basketball MVP Awards, Defensive and Offensive Basketball Trophies, Scholar Athlete Awards, or Coaching Plaques, we have the perfect trophy to commemorate every accomplishment. Our special Perpetual Basketball Trophies are specifically crafted for tournaments, serving as enduring symbols of excellence in the basketball community.

Trophies are not just symbols; they are inspirations that propel players to strive for greatness. By recognizing and celebrating achievements, trophies instill a sense of pride, motivation, and determination in athletes, pushing them to reach new heights of success. They serve as tangible reminders of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, fueling the desire to continually improve and excel on the court.

In our collection, you'll find an array of basketball crystal awards that epitomize elegance and sophistication. From premium optical crystal basketball trophies to custom acrylic awards, each piece is meticulously crafted to reflect the prestige of the sport and the significance of the achievement. Our crystal awards stand as timeless tributes to excellence, inspiring players and teams to aim for greatness with every game.

Additionally, EDCO Awards offers a diverse range of basketball trophy resins, combining artistic design with functionality. These trophy statues, adorned with engraved plates, capture the essence of basketball prowess, making them perfect for commemorating individual achievements and team triumphs alike. For those seeking a more traditional touch, our classic basketball trophies and medals offer a timeless way to honor accomplishments on the court.


Key Types of Basketball Awards and Trophy Names

  • Basketball MVP Award: The Most Valuable Player award recognizes the player who has made the most significant impact on their team's success throughout the season. This award acknowledges individual excellence and leadership on the court, inspiring players to strive for greatness. Example: "MVP Male Basketball Resin Trophy" available at EDCO Awards, featuring a dynamic basketball player design to symbolize exceptional performance.

  • Defensive Basketball Player of the Year: This award honors the player who has demonstrated outstanding defensive skills, contributing to their team's success by shutting down opponents and protecting the basket. Recognizing defensive prowess encourages players to focus on all aspects of the game and emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Example: "Basketball Defense Male Resin Trophy" from EDCO Awards, showcasing a defensive stance to symbolize resilience and strength.

  • Offensive Basketball Player of the Year: The Offensive Player of the Year award celebrates the player who has shown exceptional scoring ability and offensive prowess, driving their team's success through consistent scoring and playmaking. This award highlights the importance of offensive contributions and encourages players to hone their scoring skills. Example: "Basketball Shooting Star Resin Trophy" available at EDCO Awards, featuring a dynamic shooting pose to represent offensive excellence.

  • Basketball Tournament Champions Trophy: The Tournament Champions Trophy celebrates the team that emerges victorious in a tournament or championship event, representing the culmination of hard work, teamwork, and determination. This trophy serves as a tangible reminder of the team's success and the challenges they overcame to achieve victory, motivating players to strive for excellence in future competitions. Example: "Basketball Star Championship Trophy" from EDCO Awards, featuring a classic championship cup design to commemorate tournament triumphs.

  • Rookie of the Year Award: The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes the most outstanding first-year player in the league or on a team. This award celebrates the talent and potential of newcomers to the sport, inspiring them to continue honing their skills and making significant contributions to their team's success. Example: "Basketball Rising Star Resin Trophy" from EDCO Awards, symbolizing the promising future of rookie players and their impact on the game.

  • Team Spirit Award: The Team Spirit Award honors the player who consistently demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship, leadership, and camaraderie, uplifting their team with their positive attitude and selflessness. This award underscores the importance of teamwork and unity in achieving success on and off the court, encouraging players to prioritize collaboration and support within their team. Example: "Basketball Team Spirit Acrylic Award" from EDCO Awards, featuring a design that embodies unity and camaraderie to celebrate the heart and soul of the team.

  • Scholar Athlete Award: The Scholar Athlete award recognizes a player who excels both on the court and in the classroom, demonstrating dedication to academics and athletics. This award emphasizes the importance of academic achievement and encourages student-athletes to prioritize their education while pursuing their athletic goals. Example: "Basketball Lamp of Knowledge Resin Trophy" from EDCO Awards, combining a basketball motif with academic symbolism to honor well-rounded excellence.

  • Coach of the Year: The Coach of the Year award acknowledges the coach who has made significant contributions to their team's success, inspiring and guiding players to reach their full potential. This award highlights the vital role of coaching in player development and team success, motivating coaches to continue their positive impact on their players and the sport. Example: "Basketball Coach Crystal Award" available at EDCO Awards, featuring an elegant crystal design to symbolize leadership and excellence in coaching.