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Acrylic Plaques

Take the boredom out of Plaque Awards with Acrylic Plaques by EDCO! Fresh, colorful, vibrant, re-engineered recognition plaques produced from cast acrylics and engraved to your specifications. Our selection includes marble-finished acrylics, piano wood & acrylic as well as colorful sub-surface acrylic plaques printed using our unique UV process.

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Iconic Verde Awar...

Iconic Award Plaque
As low as $37.40

Black Acrylic Awa...

Acrylic Plaque
As low as $27.12

Blue Marble Acryl...

Acrylic Plaque
As low as $32.78

Custom Printed Ac...

Custom Plaque
As low as $46.24

Illusion Black Aw...

Illusion Black Award
As low as $62.71

Vicksburg Plaque

Vicksburg Plaque
As low as $41.79

Accomplishment St...

Accomplishment Star
As low as $114.23

Acrylic Chroma Pl...

Acrylic Chroma
As low as $28.19

Acrylic Maltese C...

Acrylic Maltese Cross
As low as $144.58

Acrylic Tombstone...

Acrylic Tombstone
As low as $26.12

Aquus Odyssey

Aquus Odyssey
As low as $58.18

Aquus Triumph

Aquus Triumph
As low as $96.82

Ascending Star Aw...

Ascending Star
As low as $110.66

Azure Supernova A...

Supernova Acrylic
As low as $35.85

Cascade Acrylic A...

Cascade Award
As low as $31.35

Golden Whirlwind ...

Golden Whirlwind
As low as $28.21

Royal Crown Acryl...

Royal Crown
As low as $51.95

Supernova Acrylic...

Supernova Acrylic
As low as $35.85