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Award Plaques

Award Plaques are widely used for recognition and motivation of employees, volunteers and students. Our elegant collection includes handsome Plaque Awards designed from American hardwoods such as Walnut, Cherry and Rosewood as well as budget friendly options constructed from composites. Engraved Plaques make the perfect choice for celebrating achievement while enjoying a traditional look that never goes out of style.

Engraved Plaques constructed from glass, acrylic, marble and wood

 Using the highest quality materials to create every recognition plaque we offer edco is quickly becoming the widest recognized brand in Corporate Recognition. Our Premium Collection offers Elite Plaques designed to deliver the WOW factor! All edco Award Plaques can be customized with your company logo and special artwork. Engraving is done with state of the art lasers or deep etched into marble and glass plaquesAward Plaques are typically engraved within 24-48 hours of proof approval and shipped free of charge for guaranteed delivery anywhere in the USA! 

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Iconic Award Plaq...

Iconic Award
As low as $127.78

Illusion Black Aw...

Illusion Black Award
As low as $64.91

Merit Acrylic Dia...

Merit Acrylic
As low as $60.33

Premium Gavel Pla...

Gavel Plaque
As low as $100.81

Quantum Star Awar...

Quantum Star
As low as $62.71

Rock Star Plaque

Rock Star Plaque
As low as $43.04

Rosewood Plaque w...

Gold Star Plaque
As low as $41.59

Soaring Eagle Pla...

Eagle Plaque
As low as $83.62


As low as $110.57

Vantage Plaque

Vantage Plaque
As low as $66.02

Acceptance Glass ...

Glass Plaque
As low as $25.68

Accomplishment St...

Accomplishment Star
As low as $114.23

Achievement Plaqu...

Ebony Award Plaque
As low as $32.99

Appreciation Glas...

Appreciation Award
As low as $30.84

Ascending Star Aw...

Ascending Star
As low as $110.66

Bellingham Plaque...

Bellingham Plaque
As low as $37.40

Black Glass Certi...

Black Mirror Glass Frame
As low as $33.11

Blue Marble Acryl...

Acrylic Plaque
As low as $34.42

Blue Marble-Finis...

White Marble Plaque
As low as $22.83

Champlain Marble ...

Champlain Marble Plaque
As low as $63.92

Cherry Recognitio...

High-Gloss Cherry Frame
As low as $105.42

Cherry Shadow Box...

Shadow Box
As low as $99.14

Chroma Glass Plaq...

Chroma Glass Plaque
As low as $41.80

Emerald Marble-Fi...

White Marble Plaque
As low as $27.54

Employee of the M...

Employee of the Month
As low as $78.04

Gavel Plaque

Gavel Plaque
As low as $59.84

Gold Star Award

Gold Star Award
As low as $27.94

Golden Whirlwind ...

Golden Whirlwind
As low as $28.21

Ground Breaking A...

Ground Breaking
As low as $57.48

Highly Polished R...

Rosewood Wall Clock
As low as $187.78

Iconic Verde Awar...

Iconic Award Plaque
As low as $37.40

Key to the City A...

Key to the City
As low as $57.48

Large Format Ebon...

Large Format Plaque
As low as $177.71

Monthly Recogniti...

Awards Plaque
As low as $313.46

Neopolitan Clock

Neopolitan Clock
As low as $124.12

Patriot Eagle Awa...

Patriot Eagle
As low as $62.71

Ravena Award Plaq...

Marble Plaque
As low as $74.14

Service Award Pla...

Service Award
As low as $84.34

Silver Star Award...

Silver Star Award
As low as $20.48

Sophistication St...

Star Plaque
As low as $63.96

Spirit Eagle Plaq...

Spirit Eagle
As low as $104.32

Star Employee Awa...

Star Plaque
As low as $25.79