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Best Award Ideas for Truck Drivers: Celebrating a Hardworking Industry

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Truck drivers make sure everything in commercial industries gets from point A to point B. Without them, we wouldn’t have conveniences like online ordering, shipping, and grocery shopping. Truck drivers deserve celebration and awards as much as any other hardworking industry.

Looking for ideas on how to make truck drivers feel special and accomplished? We have you covered. With a little inspiration, you can make your employees feel honored and appreciated, which goes a long way in the workplace. Use this guide to find the best ideas for truck driver awards, including titles and inscriptions.

Top 7 Award Ideas to Celebrate Truck Drivers

If you’re having a hard time coming up with personalized award ideas for truck drivers, look no further. There are plenty of qualities to celebrate about your hard-working drivers. Without them, transportation and commercial goods would be unavailable to the public.

Truck drivers sacrifice their personal time with family, friends, and partners to stay out on the road. They spend many tiring nights driving through unfamiliar regions of the country, navigating different towns and narrow city streets. Some truck drivers spend all year on the road!

You can celebrate many different qualities of truck drivers. Use this as a starter list for inspiration for your custom truck driver awards.

1. Total Miles Driven: Celebrating X Miles

Your company might keep track of the miles each truck driver covers, and this will come in handy when it’s time for awards. Giving out a Celebrating X Miles Award will show your drivers that the ground they cover matters.

For employees who have driven hundreds of thousands of miles, this award is important. They’ll feel like all of their hard work means something, especially since you’ve been keeping track.

Some ideas for this personalized award inscription include:

  • “You have driven X miles in Y time frame. Thank you for your hard work!”
  • “Covering lots of ground is clearly your strong suit. Thanks for all that you do!”
  • “By driving X miles in Y time frame, you’ve delivered thousands of goods for millions of people. Way to go!”
  • “Celebrating (employee name) for driving X miles for our company. We appreciate you!”

You can use these as starting points for your company’s personalized inscriptions. No matter which one you choose, your high-mileage truck drivers are sure to appreciate this specific recognition award.

2. Outstanding Work Ethic: Recognition for Going Above and Beyond

Many truck drivers do more than just the bare minimum for their companies. If you want to demonstrate your sincere appreciation for your drivers, consider using this Outstanding Work Ethic Award. This is for drivers who take extra steps to ensure everything goes smoothly each time they get behind the wheel.

You can customize this award to make it relevant for your workforce. For example, if your company prides itself on making on-time deliveries to customers, you could recognize an employee for being early most of the time.

Some similar wording to “above and beyond” includes:

  • “Going the extra mile”
  • “Exceeding the minimum”
  • “Exceeding expectations” (or things like expected travel time, etc.)
  • “Performing stellar work”
  • “Blowing it out of the water” (for a more casual or humorous award)

Mix and match these phrases to see which award titles match your workforce best. There are many different subcategories to recognize as well. Some drivers may go above and beyond with their delivery times, while others have wonderful attitudes and communication.

3. Driver of the Month

General awards like Driver of the Month motivate drivers to continue their excellent work. Recognizing someone each month shows that you care and appreciate their efforts. Don’t skip monthly awards to save time or money — your drivers will notice.

You can decide which criteria best meets Driver of the Month for your company. We highly recommend pairing this award with customized inscriptions to make it more personal.

Some examples of inscriptions for Driver of the Month awards include:

  • “Thanks for always upholding the company name. We appreciate you!”
  • “We want to recognize your stellar efforts this month. Keep it up!”
  • “You’ve consistently shown (criteria). Congratulations!”
  • “Thanks for all that you do. Please accept this award as a token of our appreciation!”
  • “Here’s to your outstanding service this month. Keep up the hard work!”

Any variation on these phrases will make your Driver of the Month feel special, appreciated, and motivated. Custom inscriptions should include the driver’s name, so don’t forget to fill that out when placing your order.

4. Years of Service Awards: Anniversaries and Decades of Work

Do you have any drivers who have stuck around through thick and thin with your company? Now is the time to call out their years of service and appreciate them! Years of Service awards congratulate drivers on a specific anniversary or number of years they’ve worked for you.

Many companies choose to give out Years of Service awards per decade. So these employees get recognized after 10, 20, 30, or 40+ years of service. However, you can customize this and make it even broader.

Maybe you have an employee who has been with your company for five years. After five years of dedicated work, they’ll be elated to receive a custom award. Depending on your company culture, you can decide which time intervals work best for you.

5. Retirement Recognition

The best way to thank a retiring driver is to celebrate their retirement with a customized award. As their career draws to a close, they certainly appreciate extra encouragement as they enter this new chapter of their life. Why not give out a retirement award?

Retirement awards can take many forms. It’s best to inscribe the specific number of years that this driver has worked for your company. That way, they know the award is personalized and means something to the whole team.

Here are some inscriptions you can include on retirement awards:

  • “Thank you for X years of service. Enjoy your next journey.”
  • “We give you this award to celebrate your contributions during your career. Best of luck on your next steps forward.”
  • “You’ve put your best foot forward for X years. Enjoy your retirement. Best wishes!”

It’s important to include heartfelt, meaningful phrases. You don’t want drivers to feel as though they’re getting a generic or impersonal award, especially for retirement. This is your last impression, and you can make it count by being thoughtful.

6. Safety Adherence Award

There are many different safety protocols truck drivers have to follow to keep the roads (and themselves) out of danger. If you know a driver within your organization that always puts safety first, this award is for them.

There’s nothing more important than safety. Recognize your best, safest drivers by presenting them with a thoughtful Safety Adherence Award.

Some inscription ideas for Safety Adherence Awards include:

  • “You always put safety first. Take this award as thanks for all that you do!”
  • “You’re a rockstar when it comes to safety adherence. Accept our sincere gratitude with this award.”
  • “Your attention to detail and safety protocols is astounding. Take this award as recognition for all that you do.”
  • “Thanks for keeping the roads safe at all times. Congratulations on winning the Safety Adherence Award!”

These are just a few examples of ways you can recognize super-safe drivers within your company. This will help motivate others to pay extra attention to safety protocols as well.

7. Perfect Attendance Award

Have a driver who never misses work? When they’re on the road, they have to take time away from their loved ones at home. Recognize your hardest workers by rewarding them for perfect attendance.

It’s best to do this at an end-of-year party or ceremony for your drivers. That way, you can recognize their perfect attendance while inspiring other drivers to strive for the same. Perfect Attendance Awards are universal across all industries, so we recommend customizing this to make it more personal.

Always include the driver’s name and a personalized inscription to make the award feel special. Other drivers will want to outperform themselves the following year if they know you’ll celebrate them for it.

Lighthearted Truck Driver Awards: 8 Funny and Casual Titles

Sometimes, you just need to lighten the mood, and that’s what our custom awards can help you do. You can use these lighthearted award ideas to spice up the workplace and foster a positive culture. Every workplace has someone known for something random and odd, so why not recognize it with a special award?

1. Mr./Ms. Jitters: For the Caffeine Enthusiasts

The Mr./Ms. Jitters Award is for your drivers who slam caffeine no matter where they go. From energy drinks to hot coffee, this driver never goes anywhere empty-handed. Brighten their day (or night) with this caffeine enthusiast award.

2. Burnt Rubber Award: Drivers Who Make It On Time — Just Barely

Have you ever had a driver who consistently makes their stops just in the nick of time? This award is for them! The Burnt Rubber Award refers to screeching tires when a truck goes somewhere quickly. Of course, we hope that none of your drivers are risking safety to make stops on time, but this award is meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

3. “Are We There Yet?” Award: For the Slow-Goers

Your truck drivers work extremely hard to get places on time. However, some drivers might have more urgency than others. Do you know a driver who takes their sweet time getting to their destinations? The “Are We There Yet?” Award is for them.

This is a play on the popular children’s quote when taking long road trips. Truck drivers who prioritize the moment over speed can graciously accept this humorous award.

4. Total Tool Award: For the Driver Who Always Performs Maintenance

While some companies have internal maintenance workers, truck drivers may still perform routine vehicle maintenance. If you have a driver in your company who has a great set of tools and is willing to use them, this award is for them.

Make sure you emphasize that this award is meant to be lighthearted and funny, not derogatory. It’s best to include an inscription that makes this clear.

Some inscription suggestions include:

  • “Thanks for always keeping your best tools handy!”
  • “For (driver’s name), who has a tool for any job.”
  • “Thanks for keeping your truck safe and improving its performance. We appreciate you!”
  • “If someone needs tools, they know who to call — you!”

These inscriptions congratulate the driver on their preparedness while keeping the award lighthearted.

5. Fast Food Fury Award: For the Driver Who Makes Frequent Food Stops

You probably know a driver who delights in fast food while on the road. Truck stops and fast food chains are everywhere, and your drivers deserve to indulge whenever possible. The Fast Food Fury Award is for drivers who always know where the nearest fast food joint is while they’re on the road.

If this driver has a favorite joint, you can include the name of it on the award. This will show that you have taken the time to know their preferences and learn their style. When it comes to personalized awards, you can’t go wrong with a humorous play on words.

6. Mr./Ms. Hot Rod Award: For Drivers With Car Hobbies Outside of Work

In the truck driving industry, there are plenty of car enthusiasts. They may drive trucks for work, but outside of work, they work on cars, both old and new. If you have a driver who knows a lot about various makes and models, this award is for them.

We recommend using a vehicle-shaped award for this one. You can recognize their professional dedication while reminding them that they have a blooming personality outside of work. Your drivers are sure to notice your attention to detail.

7. Fit Frank/Fit Francine Award: For Drivers Who Stay in Shape

Taking care of your body is extremely important as a truck driver. Your drivers spend many hours sitting down on the road, so it’s especially impressive when they make time for fitness. Give the Fit Frank or Fit Francine Award to any gym buffs on your team.

This driver might participate in bodybuilding, weight lifting, or long-distance running. Maybe they prepare their meals and eat healthy while on the road. No matter what type of fitness they enjoy, you will surely brighten their month with this award.

8. Boozy Bro Award: For Beer and Liquor Enthusiasts

Obviously, your drivers don’t drink on the road, but perhaps they enjoy adult beverages in their off time. If you have a driver who can down several beers, shots, or glasses of wine at a time, this award is for them.

Everyone needs a way to decompress at the end of a long shift, so it makes sense that some drivers relax and unwind at the bar. If you notice that one of your drivers has an extensive collection of drinks or often hits the local bar, save this award for them.

Professional Excellence Awards for Truck Drivers

Along with Driver of the Month Awards, you should incorporate excellence recognition into your company. Truck drivers can display a variety of professional traits, and they deserve recognition for them.

Professional excellence awards call out specific skills or character traits your truck drivers have. From being on time to acting as a team player, there are almost no limits on the excellence awards you can choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Team Player Award

Team players always have their coworkers’ backs. They are always a call away and come to their coworkers’ aid when needed. Your company couldn’t thrive without team players, and it’s important to recognize it with an award.

Give a Team Player Award to a truck driver who goes above and beyond for other people. Whether it’s covering miles for a coworker or helping with maintenance and scheduling, there’s always something positive to recognize. The recipient will feel appreciated and keep striving for cooperation and team growth.

Punctuality Award

Some of your drivers make it to every stop on time, and they don’t mess around. These are the perfect recipients of the Punctuality Award. Being on time helps your company run smoothly and keeps customers happy. It’s a win-win for everyone!

You can give out these awards either monthly, quarterly or annually. Depending on your team’s work ethic, you may find yourself with an abundance of candidates for this award.

Excellent Customer Service Award

Some truck drivers deal directly with suppliers and customers. If you know a driver who has great communication skills and always brightens customers’ days, this award is perfect for them.

Excellent customer service is all about friendliness, warmth, and deliverable results. When customers are happy, your company can thrive and continue to do business with well-paying institutions. Recognize your best, most charismatic drivers with the Excellent Customer Service Award.

Premium Truck Maintenance Award

Truck drivers are responsible for keeping their vehicles clean, safe, and updated to a certain extent. We encourage you to give out the Premium Truck Maintenance Award to the driver who keeps their truck fine-tuned and running smoothly.

Whether this driver performs the maintenance themselves, calls maintenance as soon as there’s a problem, or simply keeps their space clean and neat, it merits an award. Without routine maintenance, trucks can break down and interrupt the supply chain. This would be bad news for your company.

Reward each driver with great attention to detail with the Premium Truck Maintenance Award.

Morale Booster Award

Drivers who spread light and laughter everywhere they go are great for boosting company morale. You can recognize and appreciate these drivers with the Morale Booster Award. The recipient of this award always keeps your team’s spirits high and maintains a positive attitude.

Truck Driver Award Materials: Which Should You Choose?

At EDCO, we use the finest-quality materials for our awards and trophies. With us, you can customize your truck driver awards according to your company’s needs. You might be wondering where to start as far as award materials. We’re here to help.

Choose from crystal, acrylic, and many other high-quality, durable materials for your truck driver awards. Our awards and trophies can last a lifetime if they’re taken care of properly.

Crystal Truck Driver Awards

Crystal awards are the best of the best as far as eye-catching sparkle and timelessness. We recommend selecting crystal awards for prestigious honors, such as retirement or million-mile celebrations.

Our crystal awards perfectly capture both natural and artificial light, giving each piece a unique sparkle. Recipients of crystal truck driver awards will keep them on their shelves for years to come.

Crystal awards have been in style for decades now, and that won’t change anytime soon. Celebrate your best drivers with prestigious awards made out of fine crystal from EDCO.

Acrylic Awards: Long-Lasting and Colorful

One of the biggest advantages of acrylic awards is their durability. If you opt for acrylic awards for your truck drivers, you don’t have to worry about them shattering. All of our acrylic awards are shatterproof and display vivid colors perfectly.

Acrylic awards are also the easiest to engrave, making them a wonderful customizable award option. We recommend giving out lighthearted awards made of acrylic. This will allow your drivers to carry them anywhere and show them off without fear of breaking them.

Due to the nature of acrylic awards, you can get them in almost any color or pattern. We offer fully customized awards and trophies, so make sure you fill out our questionnaire in detail when you place your order.

Glass Truck Driver Trophies and Awards

Our glass awards and trophies are heavy-duty and transparent. They add plenty of weight to each trophy and award, enhancing each piece's quality and timelessness. Most glass awards are placed in protective display cases to avoid breakage.

Unlike crystal awards, glass trophies and awards won’t capture as much light. This means glass doesn’t have the sparkly quality that crystal does. However, our heavy-duty glass awards are perfect for classic-style honors, like retirements and anniversaries.

Major achievements deserve heavy, strong pieces, which is exactly what EDCO glass trophies and awards deliver. Opt for glass awards for the highest honors within your company.

How to Customize Truck Driver Awards With EDCO

We have a very responsive in-house team that takes care of customizations for you. All you have to do is call us or place your order online and fill out the details you want to include.

We can place both batch orders and single-item orders, depending on your needs at the time. When you choose EDCO awards and trophies, you get free engravings with any award or trophy. We can customize each piece with inscriptions that are sure to make your truck drivers feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work.

Make sure you include the following information with every order:

  • Colors and patterns
  • Employee names
  • Custom inscriptions
  • Any relevant anniversaries or celebrations
  • Chosen material(s)

This information will help us carry out your custom order with ease. If you ever have any questions, call us or fill out our online contact form. We’re happy to help with the ordering process!

Why Choose EDCO for Truck Driver Awards?

At EDCO, we’ve been in business for over 50 years. We have spent the last five decades perfecting our customizable trophies and awards. We serve multiple industries, including those with truck drivers and supply chain entities. Our versatile awards and trophies are perfect for any place of employment.

Excellent Customer Service

Along with our highly customizable pieces, we offer exceptional customer service. We are highly rated by past customers who have loved their pieces.

Fast Turnaround Times

We guarantee on-time delivery so you can celebrate your truck drivers in a timely manner. Your awards and trophies will show up exactly when you need them. Our team is highly responsive to your inquiries and comments, so you won’t have to wait around to get the information you need. We’re always here to help you have the best ordering experience possible.

Freebies: Shipping and Engraving Are on Us!

We offer free shipping and engraving with every order — you don’t have to pay extra for the good stuff. We also have a lowest-price promise to ensure you get the best deal for your truck driver awards. When it comes to order satisfaction, EDCO has you covered!

Premium Quality

Our awards and trophies are premium quality and durable. You never have to worry about cheap, flimsy awards with us. Even our lightweight acrylic award options are designed to withstand the test of time. We curate each piece with care to make sure your awards remain timeless and enjoyable over time.

Truck Driver Trophies and Awards: Place Your Order With EDCO Today

We have awards and trophies for the entire truck driver industry. Take advantage of our easy ordering process to get started on employee recognition and appreciation. Shop our wide selection of truck driver awards and trophies today!