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Clock Awards

Engraved Clocks: Timeless Tribute of Recognition


Clock Awards are elegantly crafted and exquisitely personalized accolades that stand as timeless symbols of appreciation and motivation for employees. Expertly fashioned from premium materials like crystal, wood, and brass, these stunning clock awards seamlessly blend functionality with an aura of old-world charm. Serving as the epitome of sophistication, personalized clocks not only honor achievements but also add a touch of refinement to your recognition program, making them the ideal visual accompaniment to celebrate excellence.These stunning movements make for great retirement gifts, service awards and appreciation rewards. Use them as a theme for your awards ceremony, or simply as personal or promotional business gifts. We have something for everyone!

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Crystal Clock Awards: Synchronized Success


Discover the epitome of elegance and precision with Edco Awards' collection of Crystal Clock Awards. Crafted from the finest optical crystal, our clocks boast top-quality movements guaranteed for life, ensuring accurate timekeeping for years to come. With options ranging from clear optical to mesmerizing blue optical crystal designs, each piece exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. Custom engraved with precision, these clocks serve as perfect retirement gifts and years of service awards, allowing ample space for expressing heartfelt gratitude and showcasing company logos. Choose from our exquisite designs today to honor and celebrate the invaluable contributions of your esteemed staff members.

Clock Awards are mainly produced from materials such as crystal, acrylic, rosewood, and brass. Crystal Desk Clocks are generally deep etched and feature elegant brass or chrome accents. They are frequently used as executive appreciation gifts. Acrylic and Rosewood designs generally tend to be more budget friendly and are designed as elegant promotional and motivational awards. They are decorated using imprinted or etched metal plates that compliment their rich glossy finish. More premium options include deep etched Marble Clocks, hand-made Walnut Mantel Clocks and our Mahogany hinged clock boxes. You really can't go wrong with these stunning accolades. Our team will help you personalize & ship these awards quickly for guaranteed delivery anywhere in the USA!