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Corporate Awards

Corporate Awards alongside employee recognition awards deliver the ultimate impact and send a clear message of excellence. Our collection of Engraved Crystal Awards, Glass Trophies and Acrylic Awards is designed to be your most powerful resource in the Corporate Awards & Recognition Market. Build excitement, motivate staff members and inspire continued success with our branded Custom Awards and Engraved Plaques.


Corporate Awards by EDCO is a collection of inspired accolades constructed from premium materials and branded with your custom engraving and a company logo. Beautiful awards are a unique way for organizations and businesses to express gratitude, inspire future performance and honor top achievers. We offer many corporate recognition products such as crystal awards, etched glass awards, plaques, acrylic trophies as well as completely custom designs shaped and crafted to your specifications!


When it comes to personalization, we can work with your team to create beautiful, meaningful well designed awards. Accolades your people will treasure for years to come! We offer many font options, layout choices as well as different processes to decorate the trophy. Most of our corporate awards are either deep etched or printed in full color to capture the branding colors of your organization. Our graphic designers work closely on your project and will revise the art proofs until the awards are perfect.


The production process is managed in our state of the art factory where teams etch, print, assemble and inspect corporate awards for quality standards. Before your awards get packaged for shipping we even take a photo and e-mail it you showing the finished product. We are proud to deliver the highest standard in the awards industry and we stand behind your every order to make sure 100% satisfaction is achieved.


With our economic factory-direct pricing, free rush service and free shipping, organizations can purchase affordable employee recognition awards year round and celebrate new achievements while staying on budget!  Shop online, or just browse our large selection of awards to get inspired.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or chat with one of our friendly advisers now.

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Acclaim Star Crys...

Acclaim Star
As low as $147.91

Achievement Art G...

Achievement Art Glass
As low as $111.08

Ascent Crystal Aw...

Ascent Crystal
As low as $70.93

Beveled Flame Awa...

Crystal Flame
As low as $53.04

Business Gear Cry...

Gear Award
As low as $265.27

Cardinal Reflecti...

Cardinal Reflections
As low as $32.45

Clear Acrylic Dia...

Beveled Acrylic
As low as $24.86

Clear Acrylic Pri...

Beveled Prism
As low as $25.21

Concept Crystal A...

Concept Crystal
As low as $290.64

Connect Crystal A...

Connect Crystal
As low as $169.73

Crystal Goldwell ...

Crystal Goldwell Award
As low as $33.27

Crystal Pyramid P...

Crystal Pyramid
As low as $27.18

Crystal Victory T...

Victory Tower
As low as $158.88

Culmination Indig...

Culmination Indigo
As low as $53.04

Culmination Ruby ...

Ruby Crystal
As low as $68.96

Divination Award

As low as $62.05

Effervescent Drop...

Effervescent Droplet
As low as $104.06

Encore Diamond

As low as $32.35

Excellence in Ach...

Achievement Award
As low as $18.15

Exception Whiskey...

Scotch Decanter
As low as $258.46

Gears Trophy

As low as $19.98

Gemstone Diamond ...

Gemstone Diamond
As low as $131.94

Global Horizons C...

Global Horizons
As low as $121.98

Goal Achievement ...

Goal Recognition
As low as $159.23

Majesty Award

Majesty Award
As low as $366.09

Marquee Glass Awa...

Glass Marquee Award
As low as $31.34

Perpetual Achieve...

Achievement Cup
As low as $137.55

Premium Curved Gl...

Curved Glass
As low as $34.36

Regal Diamond Jad...

Regal Diamond
As low as $102.21

Renaissance Globe...

Renaissance Globe
As low as $140.90

Robot Trophy

As low as $19.98

Ruby Diamond Seri...

Ruby Diamond
As low as $35.27

Ruby Goal-Setter ...

Ruby Goal-Setter
As low as $246.96