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Edco Inscription Guide

The most important part of the award you select, whether it be a crystal vase, trophy or plaque is the inscription. Don't be mistaken, we place great emphasis on unique ideas, first class quality, workmanship and price, but we realize that awards are meant to be more than just pretty. The inscription or engraving as we refer to it, should be something that really touches the recipient, something that positively displays your appreciation, admiration, or gratitude.

Because of this Edco developed our On-Line Inscription guide.  This guide contains many, many sample award inscriptions for a wide variety of categories. Edco will guarantee the best quality and the lowest price, but the inscription is typically your creation.  Let us help with our Inscription guide! Click below to see the guide.  Many people use the layouts as they are, changing only the recipient name, organization and date.  At Edco, we always try and make it easy yet exquisite!


Inscription Guide