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I was thoroughly pleased with my experience with Edco. Brenda was patient, professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I will certainly use Edco again.

Gloria knew the items I needed and desired to purchase. Thank you Gloria V. A job well done. God Bless!

Angela Smith


The sales staff was excellent. I observed them handling other customers while I waited for the errors to be fixed and they were amazingly patient and professional with difficult customers who became instantly pleasant.

Suzanne Lewis

Rosie and the whole staff was just great. We use Edco for our awards every year and will continue to do so for many years to come. Thank you for the continued professionalism of your company and for being there when we need you. Have a great day.

Liz Dori


Thanks so much for a great trophy in record time! It was great.

Kris Rebar


We have been very pleased with Edco's products and service, particularly the attention to detail and speedy response form Jeannine Laurino in the Pompano store.

Pat Cunning


Each time I have placed an order, either by telephone or in person, everyone has been stupendous...they make you feel as if you are a long time customer and appreciative they are to see you addition, the turn around time for my orders has always been quick...again thank you for everything...

Pat Dorfman


I want to once again express my complete satisfaction with the product and the personal attention we've ALWAYS received over the last 6 years from Brenda Harkins (Hollywood store); she's just great! Thank you- Regards,

Karen Anderson


Everything was excellent (as always)!

Anne O'Connell


I wanted to tell you how wonderful Rosie was in helping me with my order. She was great, I came back a second time and will refer Edco to all my friends and family. Thanks so much!!!!

Rosalyn Lindsay


We are happy to have Edco creating our awards. The customer service and the workmanship is excellent. Thank you.

Ethel Lipoff


We usually order our plaques when someone retires or resigns - they're always great. Thank you. We do not have anyone currently retiring.
Barbara E. Owens


Just checking my email. We were extremely pleased by the banner that Edco provided for A House of Prayer and will continue to use your services in the future. Thanks for all your hard work and also to Gloria for keeping on top of things.  Have a wonderful blessed day.
Anna Chang


Thanks for all the wonderful service I have received over the past 8 years working with you guys. Janine has always been great and consistent for all these years. This is hard to come by with a lot of the companies I work with on a daily basis. Thanks again and Janine deserves a lot of credit.
Lee Price


I had the pleasure of working with Rosie. She is awesome. She helped to ease the huge amount of stress that we had going into the event. Like I am sure most people, we had to wait to the last minute to order our awards (we had to wait for our winners to be announced), we stressed for just a second because she told us right away that you guys would be able to have our awards completed by the time of our event. Not only were they ready but they looked awesome.

Our company has been doing business with your company for a while and I know because of your service and people like Rosie we will continue to work together. Even though we thanked Rosie a million times please thank her again for us. She was truly a pleasure assisting us with every single question and details that we had for her. 
Roxanne Morales


I am extremely happy with the award and am anxious to give it to the recipient. (It's still a surprise) When I went to your store on Johnson st, I did not know what I wanted. The lady that helped me made a wonderful suggestion and I am glad I chose to go with it.  Rest assured that I will make future purchases.
Peggy Rogers


It was a pleasure doing business with your company; it was the greatest experience I have ever had in business. Your employees kept in constant contact with me to make sure that every detail was accurate. I appreciate that and thank you.
Genevieve Pearson


I would like to thank Edco, and especially Bruce Yoskin, for making our orders so quick and easy.  I believe Bruce has been assisting our company for many years now (before I started working here) and he knows what we are looking for and how we like things done - and he always delivers.

Thanks for the great service!  Kind Regards,
Justine Roe


My order was perfect! You guys are the greatest. Thanks. 

Gail Tonelli


I was very happy with my order, as always! :-) Allison was a huge help!
Vicki L. Funkhouser


Sorry it took so long to reply, but it has been buuussssssyyyy here! Our plaques were great! The order and delivery was easy and it is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with Rosie and your team. Thanks. I'll be calling Rosie soon to order some additional smaller plaques. Thanks.
Anita Wilson 


You did great. Sally Musser is very professional and we received just what we ordered. We'll be ordering some hats very soon and look forward to work with Sally again. 
Lou Manfra


Rosie was terrific to work with. She handled everything in a timely and efficient manner and was very pleasant on top of it all. I will definitely be calling her again next year.
Have a great summer...

Rhonda Weiss


The T shirts that Bruce Yoskin ordered for our Take Your Daughters and Sons To Work Day were great! We also ordered certificate paper, which was used to create completion certificates. 

Tricia Hall, my coworker ordered gifts for our firm picnic, which we are very much looking forward to!
Pamela Greenstein 


Everything was excellent, the work was great and your employees are great. Everything was done in record time. Thanks

Patricia Mazzeo


Hello Rick,
Janine is the reason I order from EDCO!

1. You bring an idea to her and she creates an unbelievable product, while working within your price range.
2. Always courteous, friendly, and/or calm. The other day she had 4/5 people waiting to PU or order. She immediately acknowledged our presence,and within 5/10 min's was waiting on us.
3. Knows her stuff! Told her I needed a Sherlock Holmes Award, Pulled up a "spyglass", then we went from there.
4. I have an awards store within walking distance from our school. However, the personalized service is missing. Also, your prices are "fair".

Gale Hemmler


 Your service was excellent and I hope to do business with you in the future. I would like inform you that you (Edco) came highly recommended by my wife, Catalina Avalos. She is a Judge now, but when she was employed by the Broward County State Attorney's Office and a board member of the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association she did business with you guys, often, and truly liked your service and the attention you provided your customers. 

Keep up the good work... 



The vase was gorgeous. The service I received was A++. I'm home right now so I can't remember her name but the gal who took my order was the best -- sweet, kind and efficient. Cudos to her and your company.



I have been an Edco customer since 1982. I don't ever expect to change. Your products, staff and service are fabulous. Debbie B is my current saviour but I had many with your fine company. 
Ellen C. Etling


The service and product order was excellent, as usual. 

Jeffrey A Justinak

You guys did great, I'd expect a lot more business from us in the future.

Eric Schlossberg

I am pleased to say that we were really impressed with your work. I can say that I purchased one a couple of years ago that cost more and didn't even come close to the work that you did. I hope to get the same one for our boss; maybe for her birthday. I will let you know. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again

Kay Mallett


You did an excellent job! Professional, courteous and fast service. Thank you!
Linda M. Thomas


Janine gets an A for customer service. Thanks for all the good experiences.


You all did a great job- as always!



I have worked with Brenda for years and she is great. I mean excellent. I refer and send everyone to go see Brenda at EDCO. Brenda is so knowledgeable and personable. She really represents EDCO. Any time line or special award, she does whatever it takes to help me and my Department. Have a great day and thank you again for your greetings.
Tracey Thomas 


Rosie is wonderful! She is prompt, courteous, efficient...and always a pleasure to work with!!!! I feel she is a great asset to your company and I know I will continue to do business with her in the future. Thank you :-) 
Jan C. Seoane 


Your staff is very responsive and very helpful. Quick turnaround time is important and your staff is great with that. We actually have a whole wall full of your plaques that I would love to send to you. Thanks, again, for being such a great company to work with!
Susan Abenilla-Brown


My experience with EDCO has been great, the first time I used the service was a last minute thing and the came thru with flying colors. I also recommended them here in the office because we didn't have anybody in town who could make these nice awards.  Thank you very much :-) 
Xiomara Zamora


It was a pleasure working with Rosie - she is a sweetheart. The trophies came out great.  Thanks again for another wonderful experience with your staff and company.

 Janice Pess


A quality small business such as your is the backbone of this country, unfortunately , in a large metropolitan area like ours, the need for quality small business is under appreciated by many.
I would be happy to see all of the "BIG BOX" type stores close tomorrow and our society return to the old time way of depending on the small businessman for our goods

Tom Mayberry

You guys... Rosie Bruce Gloria especially ... do a great job. thanks 
Ron Ishoy


After many, many years of honoring our great students, faculty, staff and parents, we appreciate the patience and expertise that is shown to us from Edco and Brenda Harkins, in particular. Ms. Harkins is always willing to offer suggestions regarding our awards. She is available and competent, and in today's market, that is a plus for us.  We are a small school compared to most schools in the area. However, we make BIG AWARDS. When our kids have excelled, we pull them up front and pat them on the back, while handing them a plaque, trophy, or another
award. We are in the business of education and your business enhances what we do for our students.
Leta M. Key


The customer service is always great. I always deal with Gloria and never have any problems. Thanks,



Great ideas / great marketing ... also, emailing expedites the process; our recent Edco experience(s) were fine ... Janine provided excellent service.


Thanks a million. The kids loved their medal. Have a wonderful day.

Riva Markowitz


This makes the Third company that I have worked for that I went out of my way to go and see Jeanine at the Pompano beach store. It is not real convenient but I like the way I was taken care of. Don't loose her.
Mike Hudson


Everyone at Edco is fantastic. The service is really "old-school" - fast, friendly, dependable, and professional. Janine was with me every step of the way and was extremely helpful. I appreciated her follow-up and communication through voice and email. Your team really came through in such short notice. I highly recommend you to others. By the way, the awards looked awesome!

Ronald Brummitt


Rosie does a great job for us every month with our Student of the Month awards- she is very conscientious and obviously takes pride in her work. Thanks for the great work Rosie!
Philip J. Turturro


Very helpful! Allison was very helpful and very polite. Thank you
Sue Anderson


Your company & staff is always very pleasant to deal with, prompt & efficient. I have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Thanks!
June Reichenbach


Your people are great and your service has been impeccable over the years.  I work with Janine from your Pompano branch. Janine always comes through for me and we have become good friends along the way. It's nice to be a part of your family.


As long as you have Brenda in the Hollywood store you will have my business, she is one outstanding sales person representing your company and delivering Quality.
Mike Hembling


We are always very pleased with the service we get at Edco. I almost always work with Gloria. She is knowledgeable, efficient, and so willing to work with us. I can e-mail her or call her with an order that we want the same as last year just a different date and she knows exactly what to do. She is always good about telling us how long our order will take and when it is ready to be picked up. She is a great asset to your company.
Susie Streicher


The event went great and a big part of that was due to your crystal engraved trophies that everyone loved.
Michael Orenstein


Your services were excellent! Thank you for giving me one less thing to worry about!
Kelly Smith


My order at EDCO was fine. Everything came as promised. As usual, we can always depend up EDCO for our awards. Keep up the awesome work!!!
Phyllis Kay


I wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure to work with Rosie. She is very knowledgeable and cheerful when we meet to discuss our orders. The order took a week to arrive which worked out great for us.

Laura Moser


The personalized wine bottle was great. Thank you. We have purchased several from you over the years and they are always very nice. Thanks again.

We received everything in a timely manner. As always you guys were on the ball and great to work with. Thanks 

Islande Dillon


As in the past I have been totally satisfied with the product purchased from Edco, as well as the interaction and assistance I received from your staff. 
John Bollinger


In my honest opinion, EDCO personnel are great people who try their best to satisfy their customers. That is the reason why my Church Staff always go to EDCO first before anyone else. There are times, such as recently when a mistake occurs, but we're all human. Thank you for having great staff such as Gloria and doing a wonderful job.


Thank you for the opportunity to do business with Edco. Debbie B. was my sales associate and she was outstanding. She was courteous, patient, and delivered as promised. It was definitely a pleasure working with her.
Angela R. Fulton


Janine is a great help. She always does her best to make sure Edco meets all of our needs in a timely manner. 

Henry Lumpkins


Everything was great and done in a timely fashion.  Thank you!!!

Isabelle Vezina


Janine's great to work with, and the quality is good. On our first order in February or so, we needed quick turnaround and Janine made it work just in time.

 Eugene Lehenbauer


Our experience with Edco Awards was outstanding. Brenda Harkins was extremely helpful and courteous with both orders. Our trophies and glasses were made very timely and accurately. I will most definitely recommend that we use Edco again next year.
Becky Campillo 


I have nothing but excellent things to say about your company and staff, especially Rosie Chevalier, whom I work closely with. Your service is impeccable, and your selection is unique -
always a company I can count on. I appreciate all of your hard work, and look forward to continuing our company's relationship with EDCO. Thanks again for your superb customer service!
Elizabeth Humke


Everything was great....Rosie always does a very nice job. 

Jeff K. Tuckey


I've been a customer of Edco for a very long time now.  I always go to Rosie for my awards. However, Rosie rarely meets 110% of my expectations; her numbers are really more like 189 to 195%. ;o)  Keep up the good work! 

George Cruz


We were very pleased with the customer service we received from Rosie, she is a delight to work with. You are very lucky to have her. Also, the clock was beautiful and we could all tell that the work your company does is 1st class. We hope to be able to do more business with your company in the future.

Elaine Nadal


Thank you for all your help. Bruce and Rosie are really our partners
Blanca M. Guerra


Guys did great... Our last order was a duplicate of a previous order, so Janine was able to pull it all up and replicate it for me. Quick and easy !!! :-) 
Dave Doebler


I have confidence in knowing that my orders are always given top priority and that the quality of the product will never be a disappointment. Working with Bruce is like having an extra member on our staff as a result of his level of dedication to service and professionalism. He always goes the extra mile! I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed and I have placed a fairly high volume of orders over the years. Also, we ordered a specially designed sign for the entry of our building and Jon delivered an exceptional product. Most sincerely.

Carol A. Albrecht


Love the gal in your office, she was great! Thanks it was a pleasure using your company
Cindy Bosworth


The plaque turned out really nice thanks to the assistance of Debbie B. 
Alanna Yormark


My service from Edco is always excellent. Bruce is THE BEST!

Caroline Murray



As always, Edco did a splendid job on the plaques I ordered. It is a pleasure to work with Janine and your staff!

Betty Pepper


You did great. Everything was on time and very good quality at a good price. What else???
Bob Daly


I would like to thank you and Janine for your assistance and great work on the two orders I placed recently. I purchased paperweights for the City Commission Volunteer Luncheon with art work that I designed and your staff did a great job and everything came out at 110%+ and the volunteers and City Commissioners were very appreciative in receiving the paperweight with our logo and volunteer theme for this year. Myself and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board were also very happy with our order of two crystals for the Nick Creola Heroes in the Community Award. Both events took place in April and I did relay to Janine that everything worked out well. I look forward to working with you and your staff again soon.

Anne Hollady


I found your company when I did a google search on the internet in an effort to find a company in town to replace my items. Mr. Szczesny was VERY patient with me as I asked TONS of questions and he answered calmly and thoroughly as I worked with him over the phone to replace my order, he even made GREAT suggestions for products your company carries that I was not able to locate on-line. He really knew his stuff!!!! In addition, Mr. Szczesny worked WAY past business hours to accommodate my time issue, made sure my order was ACCURATE and that even my engraving order was placed in time so that I could have it on time. My son picked it up and had it to me just in time for my students to receive their awards happily! Thank you all very much!

Mrs. Candi Tandy