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Tree of Life Donor Wall

The Tree of Life fundraiser also known as a Family Tree is a very effective and beautiful way to recognize and motivate donors to your organization. Let us help your organization raise money and recognize the donors with this beautiful product.  The Tree needs approximately 7 feet x 7 feet of wall space.  The tree is made of gold, silver or copper (or a combination thereof) imprintable leaves, attached by screws and mounted on .220 clear acrylic.  The tree trunk is real wood, profiled on a CNC, beveled and stained.  Imagine what a tribute to your generous contributors this elegant fund raiser will be in your organization.  Also available are custom dimensional letters that can be mounted to the wall above your tree.

Only $800.00

down and $800.00 in 60 days!

  • Wall mountable dimensional letters available at additional cost
  • Simple installation $100.00 - $200.00 or you can do it yourself
  • 3 colors of leaves available if desired, for different levels of donations
  • Perfect for all: Churches, Temples, Schools, Hospitals and Non-profits

Return on Investment Schedule:
The Tree of Life can help you in 300 Leaves x $50.00
(Break Even - 32 leaves)
= $15,000.00
your fund raising activities at a 300 Leaves x $75.00
(Break Even -22 leaves )
= $22,500.00
cost of only: $1,600.00 300 Leaves x $100.00
(Break Even - 16 leaves)
= $30,000.00
300 Leaves x $150.00
(Break Even - 11 leaves)
= $45,000.00

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