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Best Sales Trophy Examples: Top 10 Award Ideas to Recognize Your Sales Team

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Sales teams face a lot of obstacles to increase their numbers and keep your business on track. It only seems fair that you recognize them with awards and trophies. By implementing sales team recognition in your company, you can boost morale and motivation significantly.

Don’t know where to start with sales team awards and trophies? EDCO has you covered. We provide the highest-quality custom awards and trophies for a range of industries, to reward their business development and sales teams. Our top 10 choices for award ideas to recognize your company’s sales team are:

  1. Top Seller Trophy
  2. Exceptional Initiative Award
  3. 25% Sales Increase Trophy
  4. 50% Sales Increase Trophy
  5. 100% Sales Increase Trophy
  6. Large Account Acquisition Trophy
  7. New Client Acquisition Award
  8. Consistent High Figures Award
  9. Team Player Award
  10. Sales Outreach Award

Sales can be tough — it’s time to let your employees know you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication.

Sales Recognition vs. Achievement Awards: What’s the Difference?

You can reward both specific achievements and general performance within your sales team. Both of these award categories are equally as important. However, when coming up with personalized inscriptions for these awards, it’s essential to know the difference between the two.

Recognizing Performance on Your Sales Team

Sales teams are heavily based on performance and outcomes. However, even if an employee doesn’t always hit their targets or goals, they still need motivation to keep going. That’s where performance recognition awards come in.

Recognition awards call out character traits, performance attributes, and perseverance in the face of challenges. Rather than calling attention to specific milestones or achievements, performance recognition celebrates the employee as a whole.

You’re more likely to experience cohesive sales team cooperation by highlighting your team’s strengths in their daily work. Employee recognition is about more than just being the top performer within an organization. Think of recognition awards as thanking an employee for being themselves and working hard.

Celebrating Specific Milestones, Achievements, and Records

Achievement awards are more specific and often come with solid criteria to be met. This means that the recipient of a given achievement award has accomplished something special — perhaps something that other team members are also working toward.

Giving out achievement trophies and awards shows that you care about the progress your team is making. Some examples of sales achievements you can celebrate include:

  • Acquiring big accounts
  • Gaining high-value clients
  • Increasing sales by a specific percentage
  • Exceeding single or consecutive sales goals
  • Managing high volumes of sales calls
  • Becoming the top performer on the team
  • Breaking personal or company sales records
  • Expanding the client pool to a new demographic

These are just a few of the amazing things your sales team might accomplish. Make sure you let them know they’re valued and appreciated with custom trophies and awards!

Top 10 Sales Award Ideas for Your Team

Once you know how to categorize sales team awards, it’s time to come up with some unique ideas. If you’re having trouble figuring out award titles and inscriptions, here are ten of the best sales awards ideas for your company’s team:

1. Top Seller Trophy

The Top Seller trophy goes to the sales representative on your team that has outperformed everyone else. You can give this trophy out monthly, quarterly, or even annually. Your options are flexible with this dynamic award.

We recommend one of our high-quality trophies for this award because the recipient has won something outstanding. They worked hard to achieve the most sales in the given timeframe, and they deserve a token of your company’s appreciation.

Engraving suggestions you could consider include:

  • Congratulations on being the top seller of the month/quarter/year!
  • We congratulate you on your hard work and dedication. You’re the top seller!
  • You’ve moved mountains to increase your sales. Way to go, Top Seller!
  • Accept this trophy as a token of our appreciation for your dedication to your sales. Congratulations, Top Seller!
  • We extend our gratitude to you for taking your sales to the next level. Congratulations on winning Top Seller this month/quarter/year!

We recommend adding personalized messages, but if you need a good starting point, these ideas can help you. The most meaningful trophies and awards are ones that are made specifically for your team members.

2. Exceptional Initiative Award

This award is for team members who always take their endeavors seriously. Employees who take the initiative don’t wait around for guidance; they simply work toward exceptional performance. Your company needs team members with the initiative to secure those big accounts and exponentially increase sales.

Almost any of our quality awards will do for the Exceptional Initiative Award. From plaques to custom acrylic awards, you can tailor this award to your company’s general theme and environment for the best results.

Some engraving suggestions you could try include:

  • You take initiative and do what needs to be done. Thank you for your hard work!
  • Initiative is the backbone of our company. We appreciate your determination!
  • Thank you for always taking initiative and being a self-starter. We appreciate you!
  • You’re a self-starter who always gets the job done. We couldn’t do it without you!
  • Accept our congratulations on your exceptional display of discipline and initiative. We thank you for being so dedicated.

Make sure you highlight the employee’s self-discipline and determination in your engraving. They deserve to be appreciated for these traits, especially as they can be hard to come by in any industry.

3. 25% Sales Increase Trophy

Increasing sales by 25% is no small task. This employee has boosted their sales performance by a quarter and deserves recognition for that. Whenever your employees demonstrate their hard-working spirits by boosting sales, consider giving out a 25% Sales Increase trophy.

Even a 25% sales increase can spell better news for your company’s reputation, performance, and profits. Reward your team for increasing their numbers with a personalized trophy from EDCO.

Engraving suggestions include:

  • You’ve boosted your sales by 25% in (specific timeframe). Way to go!
  • Congratulations on boosting your numbers by a quarter! We appreciate you.
  • Thanks for all that you do for our team. Congratulations on your 25% increase!
  • We’ve crunched the numbers, and you did it! Congratulations on your 25% sales increase.
  • We extend our appreciation for your hard work. Congrats on your 25% boost. We couldn’t do this without you!

Make sure to include the specific percentage in the trophy or award inscription. This will give your team clear-cut goals to work toward. Providing targeted praise has been shown to improve workplace outcomes in almost all industries.

4. 50% Sales Increase Trophy

Much like the 25% trophy, the 50% Sales Increase trophy is for team members who have demonstrated exceptional sales abilities. They boosted their numbers by half or more! That’s a wonderful accomplishment worthy of recognition.

You can use the same engraving suggestions for this trophy or award. We highly recommend purchasing a custom trophy that displays the numbers on the top. For a 50% sales increase, for example, you could order a “50” trophy.

5. 100% Sales Increase Trophy

This is the highest honor on your team. Someone has increased their sales by 100% or more! It’s probably rare that employees achieve over 100% sales boosts, but if they do, you can tailor this trophy to those numbers instead.

The 100% Sales Increase trophy is for your top achievers and determined employees. It takes a lot of hard work to boost sales so substantially, and a personalized achievement trophy is sure to brighten this employee’s day.

Use similar engravings to the 25% and 50% trophies, but make sure you highlight the prestige and honor of this award. If this is the highest sales increase trophy your company offers, it’s important to emphasize that in your engravings.

6. Large Account Acquisition Trophy

Has one of your team members recently helped your company acquire a large account? It’s time to celebrate! The Large Account Acquisition trophy is designed to recognize this employee’s exceptional performance. They likely had to put plenty of hard work into acquiring such a high-value account for your company.

You have plenty of customization options for this trophy. We recommend ordering a custom trophy with a checkbook, pen, or dollar symbol on top. These will signify the financial implications of this large account acquisition.

Engraving suggestions could include:

  • Congratulations on acquiring a very large account! We appreciate your effort.
  • You did it! Congratulations on acquiring a large account for our firm.
  • You’ve accomplished something great. Thanks for helping us win over this big account!
  • Your efforts in acquiring this large account do not go unnoticed. Accept this as a token of our congratulations!

We recommend pairing this trophy with an awards ceremony to congratulate this team member publicly. This will help motivate other employees to pursue big accounts and in turn, rake in more profits for the company.

7. New Client Acquisition Award

If your company mostly deals with long-standing clients, it can be a great achievement to have a team member acquire a new customer. This is especially true if the new client is high-value or has a large account.

You can quantify the amount of new customers acquired by a specific employee or simply celebrate every time this happens. It’s up to you and your company’s needs.

Getting new clients spreads your company’s positive reputation and results in higher profits. Celebrate this achievement with a New Client Acquisition Award. This can also be a group award if the entire team plays various roles in acquiring the new client.

Engraving suggestions for this award might be:

  • Your hard work keeps us going. Thanks for helping us acquire new clients!
  • Congratulations on acquiring new clients this month/quarter/year. We appreciate you!
  • Your interpersonal skills are phenomenal. Thanks for assisting in the acquisition of new clients!
  • Clients keep us on the clock and help our company thrive. Thank you for all that you’ve done to acquire new clients!

Whether this is an individual or group award, make sure you personalize the engravings. If you’re giving it out as a group award, it’s a good idea to list all of the team members’ names in full. This will help every member feel appreciated and special, which leads to more productivity later on.

8. Consistent High Figures Award

Know a team member who consistently brings in high numbers and keeps the team in a good position? This person deserves the Consistent High Figures Award. High figures translate to more profits and benefits enjoyed by the company as a whole.

You can decide on the specific criteria for this award. For example, this could be a yearly award at an annual company ceremony, or you could give it out whenever someone reaches high figures.

You might consider these engraving suggestions:

  • Your numbers always look amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work!
  • Your hard work is paying off. Congratulations on consistently high figures!
  • We notice your consistently high numbers and impressive figures. Thanks for all that you do!
  • You deserve to be celebrated for your high-dollar accomplishments. Congratulations on your outstanding figures!

You can use any variation of these engravings to get the point across. What matters is that your employees feel celebrated when they rake in high numbers.

9. Team Player Award

This award is less about sales and more about work ethic and morale. If you know of a team member who consistently cooperates and brings people together, they have earned this award. The Team Player Award is all about connection, empathy, and active listening.

Team players are essential on any team in any industry. Sales can be competitive and fast-paced, which is why recognizing team players is even more important. Don’t let this employee’s great character go unnoticed!

Engraving suggestions include:

  • You’re always connecting with people and cooperating well. Thank you for being an exceptional team player!
  • You’re the star of our team when it comes to connecting and communicating. We appreciate you, team player!
  • Our company couldn’t thrive without team players like you. Accept our token of gratitude for this award.
  • Your team spirit is contagious. Thanks for all that you do to make our team run smoothly!

Include the employee’s name on this award, preferably in the engraving, so that they know it’s personalized for them. They will feel special and irreplaceable — as they are!

10. Sales Outreach Award

The Sales Outreach Award is for team members who consistently make calls or otherwise reach out to potential clients. Without these employees, your company would stagnate and fail to thrive. It’s important to recognize the initiative and effective communication that these employees have.

Award the Sales Outreach honor to an employee who is always reaching out. Maybe they’re the top cold caller or business development representative (BDR) on the team. Perhaps they do extra outreach activities in person, even when they’re not required. Whatever their strengths are, make sure to highlight them with this award.

Engraving suggestions might include:

  • You always draw in potential clients with your charm and initiative. Way to go!
  • Thank you for your exceptional efforts in client outreach. We appreciate you!
  • Client acquisition is made so much easier and better because of you. We appreciate your efforts with client outreach!
  • You’re always taking initiative and reaching out to potential clients. We see you and appreciate you!

Make sure you emphasize the specific actions this employee takes to reach success. They’re always going the extra mile to incorporate potential clients into their circle, which is a big deal!

Less Formal Sales Awards: Fun Recognition

While specific achievements are very important, it’s also essential to recognize your team for who they are as people. These light-hearted, less formal sales awards can help you do just that.

Instead of only rewarding team members for major sales accomplishments, try incorporating less serious awards into your company culture. You might be surprised at the difference it can make in morale and attitudes all around.

The “You’re Crushing It” Award: General Recognition

Sometimes, employees just need to hear what they’re doing right. The “You’re Crushing It” award is designed for this purpose. You can mix and match any colors, materials, and custom engravings you want with this general recognition award.

Hand this award to employees who consistently do what needs to be done. Whether it’s maintaining satisfactory numbers or boosting client retention, everyone has a key role on a sales team. You don’t have to save these awards for special occasions.

Getting regular reminders that they’re killing the game will help your employees stay focused and motivated. When they know they’ll be appreciated for their efforts, they’re likely to work much harder.

The “On Cloud 9” Award: Upbeat, Optimistic Attitude

Upbeat employees boost morale significantly. When other team members see someone who is happy to come to work and improve their performance, they’re likely to follow suit.

Know a sales team member who always has a positive attitude? The “On Cloud 9” Award is for them. This recipient always brings a smile to any situation. They solve problems with optimism and always look at the bright side, no matter what. They have more than earned this positive recognition.

We recommend ordering a custom trophy or award with a cloud symbol on it. “Cloud 9” is a colloquial phrase that refers to being elated, happy, and successful. Celebrate your team’s optimists with this wholesome award.

The “Interpersonal Superstar” Award: Exceptional Communication

Every good team needs a cohesive flow and good interpersonal communication. There is usually a member who takes this goal above and beyond, making sure everyone communicates effectively. That employee deserves the Interpersonal Superstar Award.

This recipient always listens to every side of the story and considers all viewpoints before making a decision. They facilitate positive, respectful communication with healthy amounts of criticism. Essentially, they are the interpersonal glue of your sales team.

We recommend using a star-shaped trophy or clear award with a star engraved on it. This will highlight the importance of this team member’s traits while still keeping things personal and warm.

The “Seal the Deal” Award: Top Closers

Closing deals can be stressful and challenging for many sales teams. If you know of a team member who consistently closes on important deals and accounts, this award is for them. They don’t shy away from daunting tasks, and they provide service with a smile every time.

You can also name this the “Top Closer” Award, but our name suggestion keeps things entertaining and light-hearted. Much like the Top Seller trophy, this award highlights a specific achievement on the team. However, you probably have multiple closers who deserve this honor, so keeping it more general may be best.

The “Retention Rockstar” Award: Keeping Clients

The Retention Rockstar Award is for team members who excel at client retention. There are many ways this can manifest, but it’s best to include concrete numbers or statistics. That way, this employee will know your recognition is personal and customized for them.

Client retention is the name of the game in any business. Reward your rockstar employees who help keep clients coming back for more and in turn, increase profits overall.

Sales Trophies and Awards: Design and Symbol Ideas

It can be tough choosing the best materials, colors, and engravings for your awards and trophies. We are happy to help you find the best aesthetic for each award and trophy that you give out. Our custom ordering process makes everything easier. All you have to do is share your vision for your awards with us, and we’ll make it come to life.

Cash, Checkbook, and Line Graph Symbols for Trophies

Whenever you give out a sales trophy, it’s important that the symbol on top matches the content of the award. In sales, everything your team does revolves around increasing cash flow and revenue. That’s why including a stack of money, a dollar sign, or another symbol for cash is so important with these trophies.

You can also include a line graph figure that represents data tracking. Sales work involves calculating changes and percentages, so line graphs are often used.

Including a checkbook symbol is a good idea for account-related awards and trophies. For example, the Large Account Acquisition trophy would benefit from this type of symbolic design. It shows that high-value accounts are flowing into your firm with ease.

Acrylic Award Color Schemes for Sales Teams

Acrylic awards are often the easiest to customize when it comes to colors and designs. You can choose any symbols and color schemes to accompany your sales team awards. Since acrylic is easy to inscribe, we offer complete award customization for this material.

We recommend using green, blue, and red hues on your sales awards and trophies. These colors tend to line up with financial industries — especially green, the color of cash. However, blue and red are eye-catching and capture the attention of anyone around the award.

Glass and Crystal Awards for High Honors

The most prestigious awards should be formulated with glass or crystal. Our glass awards are heavy-duty and withstand the test of time on shelves or in collection cabinets. They represent high honors and awards that don’t come easily.

Crystal awards sparkle and reflect light in many different directions, making them perhaps the most aesthetic choice for prestigious awards. Our wide selection of crystal awards can help you find the best fit for your team.

Some of our top ten awards that suit glass and crystal include:

  • New Client Acquisition Award
  • Consistent High Figures Award
  • Sales Outreach Award
  • Top Seller Award, if not presented as a trophy

You should also formulate any retirement or work anniversary awards with glass or crystal. These milestones take time to hit and deserve top-tier recognition. With our beautiful glass and crystal awards, you can make those milestones ones to remember.

Perpetual Awards: Recognizing Your Best Team Members All Year

Perpetual awards are plaques or trophies and award collections that team members have added to over the years. For example, you might see Employee of the Month plaques placed in offices as an example of perpetual awards. This means every month, a new name appears and the entire team can see it, along with the history of previous winners!

There are several benefits to offering perpetual awards. They allow everyone to see who has achieved certain milestones or accomplishments over the course of a year. You can even keep several years’ worth of perpetual awards on the walls or in a display case. These types of awards can boost morale and make recognition last longer within your office culture.

Why Choose EDCO for Sales Trophies and Awards?

EDCO is an industry leader in customized awards and trophies. When it comes to customer service, quality awards, and ease of ordering, we are unmatched.

Easy Custom Ordering: Free Engravings and Shipping

We make ordering custom trophies and awards easy. We can formulate almost any type of award or trophy with free personalized inscriptions. This means you don’t pay extra for customization!

Shipping is free as well. We offer competitive pricing and never charge extra for these important necessities.

Responsive Customer Service Team

Our responsive in-house team of representatives is available to help you with any questions or concerns you have. We like to gather as many details as possible when curating the best awards and trophies for sales teams. This will help us bring your award visions to life.

50+ Years of Business

We’ve been in business for over 50 years. We have a long history of delivering the best-quality awards and trophies to multiple different industries. We’re highly rated by our beloved customers, and we never cut corners. We know what it takes to make sales recognition awards both beautiful and durable.

Order Your Sales Team Recognition Awards From EDCO

EDCO is the premier choice for the highest-quality awards and trophies for your sales team. Shop our extensive collection or contact us to learn more about customizing your team’s awards today!