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Firefighter Plaques

Firefighter Award Plaques: Customizable Recognition for Bravery


Customized awards plaques for firefighters serve as more than just decorative items; they are powerful symbols of recognition and appreciation for the bravery, sacrifice, and dedication demonstrated by these heroes. These plaques are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of firefighting excellence and honor the individuals or teams who embody the highest ideals of the profession. We offer a diverse selection of award plaques constructed from premium materials such as American Walnut, Piano Finish Wood, Crystal, and Acrylic, including unique options such as plaques shaped like a Maltese Cross, symbolizing the bravery and service of firefighters. These plaques serve as timeless tokens of recognition for firefighting events, commemorating years of dedicated service, retirement milestones, and exceptional achievements within the firefighting community. Fully customizable with options for engraving names, dates, department logos, and personalized messages, our plaques convey heartfelt appreciation and admiration for the unwavering commitment of firefighters to public safety. Whether honoring individual firefighters, entire departments, or support staff, our award plaques inspire recipients to continue their noble mission of protecting and serving their communities.

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Acrylic Maltese C...

Acrylic Maltese Cross
As low as $173.00

Walnut Maltese Cr...

Walnut Maltese
As low as $71.63

Cherry Shadow Box...

Shadow Box
As low as $157.95

Hamilton Walnut P...

Hamilton Walnut
As low as $59.87

Black Crystal Pla...

Black Crystal Plaque
As low as $57.82

Nova Plaque

Nova Plaque
As low as $121.92

Canterbury Ebony ...

Canterbury Plaque
As low as $82.76

Floating Glass Pl...

Floating Glass Plaque
As low as $82.76

Art-Stone Recogni...

Stone Art Plaque
As low as $46.39

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $36.37

Aberdeen Rosewood...

Aberdeen Rosewood
As low as $36.37