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How to Give Awards to Employees: Virtual Edition

Employee recognition is the foundation of a positive company culture. Not only does it improve employee retention, boost morale, and encourage teamwork, it actually benefits your bottom line. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are more productive and provide better customer service than those who don’t receive recognition. But in today’s uncertain landscape, many employees are working remotely and some events are being canceled or postponed. 

Businesses are now asking themselves how to give awards to employees who only interact virtually. What might this new employee recognition program look like? Do they really need to cancel award ceremonies and events? For answers, they can look not only to companies who have long operated with remote workforces, but also to trophy experts like EDCO. 

Remote Work and Employee Recognition

While working remotely is new for some organizations, many have been doing it for years already. In fact, nearly 70 percent of companies let employees work from home at least some of the time in 2019. Some, like Dell, Aetna, and Williams-Sonoma, have partially remote workforces but also a central office hub. Others, like software talent agency Toptal, software-as-a-service company Zapier, and inside sales CRM, have entirely remote workforces. Many of these companies are also known for their open, positive company cultures and retention.

NYCxDESIGN, an annual award ceremony hosted by Interior Design magazine, is making plans for a virtual event in May. It will include a livestream, plus social media promotion of winners, photo galleries, and a Pinterest board, plus interactive website content. It’s expecting its largest audience yet.

If these organizations can do it, so can you. But remote work does change how you’ll organize your employee recognition program, however. You may choose to increase some forms of recognition, like social media shoutouts, that can easily be done online. Or, start a virtual wall of recognition on a website like, where employees can log in and post photos and entries. You can even host a virtual event for your annual award ceremony or corporate summit, complete with trophies.

How to Give Awards to Employees Virtually

Once you’ve chosen your technology, organized your design and branding, and decided on speakers, it’s time to turn your attention to the most important part of an award ceremony: the awards! You’re probably wondering, “How can I give awards to employees if I don’t have an in-person ceremony?” The answer lies in drop-shipping. 

Drop-shipping is the ability to ship awards directly to your recipients. At EDCO, we offer free drop shipping, and we’ll even include a congratulatory letter so your award-winner knows exactly why they are so appreciated. Your employee gets the recognition they deserve, and they can keep their trophy at home as a reminder of what they’re working toward in trying times.

Do you usually keep your award recipients a secret until you announce them at the ceremony? Just add a rule for those who receive a drop-shipped package: No peeking! During your virtual award ceremony, have the awardee open their box once you announce their name. You can even have them read the congratulatory note for extra measure. Employees get the recognition they deserve, and your ceremony still has the element of surprise.

Trophy Shipping: What to Look For

Drop-shipping trophies is the ideal way to make sure your employees are recognized on time and on budget. And those two criteria—time and budget—are also the most essential parts of drop-shipping. If your awards don’t arrive on time, they could miss the ceremony. And of course, budget is always important. At EDCO, we’ll always help you stay on budget. Shipping is free on orders over $100, and we’ll even rush your order and provide drop-shipping for free. Plus engraving is always included in the cost of your order.

We’ll also help your award ceremony go off without a hitch. EDCO has a “customer is always right” policy, and we guarantee not only on-time delivery but also your 100 percent satisfaction. And, our trophies will add flair to your virtual event. Our top-quality materials, impressive designs, and vivid colors look as great virtually as they do in person. 

For most businesses, working entirely remotely won’t last forever. But while it’s necessary, there’s no reason for employees to feel isolated just because they’re physically separated. Discover how to give awards to employees during a virtual event, and you’ll still reap the benefits of recognition. When it comes to award ceremonies, the show must go on.