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Motivate Your Team With These Bonding Exercises

Bonding with coworkers can improve the culture and ultimately productivity in the workplace. It's important to find the right activities for different types of employees and work environments. The following are several great exercises that can help teammates bond.

Trust and Bonding Games

Learning to trust co-workers is an important part of working together. There are several activities that can be used to increase trust levels. The classic egg toss is a great way to get two individuals to trust one another as well as adapt to the other's personal style

A scavenger hunt can be used for larger teams. Divide teams into groups of four or more to find hidden objects in a room. The team to find the most hidden objects wins.

Another simple bonding activity includes randomly drawing names out of a hat and placing all employees into groups of two. Each pair has less than five minutes to come up with five things they have in common with who they have been paired with. They also need to come up with five differences.


Problem Solving Activities

An example of a problem-solving activity would start by dividing employees into teams. Choose a facilitator not on any team to build a structure with Legos or other types of building blocks. One person from each team looks at the structure for 30 seconds or less. This individual then goes back and instructs the team to rebuild the structure from memory. The team that builds the structure as accurately as possible in a designated time frame wins.

Other problem-solving games might include attending an escape room to work together to find your way out using clues. Either verbal clues can be given or written clues left throughout the room. Divide employees into small groups of two to four. The first team to find the key and escape wins.

Also, Having puzzle contests is a way to keep bonding activities simple. Buy several of the same puzzle and divide employees into small groups. The first group to put together the entire puzzle wins.

Make Sure to Give Awards

Few things motivate people more than knowing there are prizes after all the effort. Award, trophies, and plaques from EDCO are a great way to commemorate teamwork. These can have a positive effect and make employees feel as if they have achieved something positive