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Star Employee of the Month

Star Employee of the Month Awards Constructed from Crystal, Acrylic & Cast Metal

Recognize your stand-out star employees with an elegant personalized monthly award. EDCO Star Awards are constructed from the best materials and designed to represent your message with excellence: Your compnay logo and custom engraving will inspire staff members to reach new heights. This collection of Employee Star Awards was hand-picked to feature the best trophy designs in each category: Monumental Cast Metal Star TowerDistinction Acrylic Star Award and the Employee Highlight Star Crystal.

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Crystal Star Mountain Award

Monument Star
As low as $40.50

Crystal Mega Star Awards

Mega Star
As low as $71.97

Dynamic Crystal Star Award

Dynamic Top Star
As low as $137.97

Skyward Star

Skyward Star
As low as $65.56

Balanced Star Award

As low as $47.02

Black Plaque with Silver Star

Silver Star Plaque
As low as $43.48

Cerulean Crystal Star

Star Award
As low as $60.09

Crystal Star Memento

Crystal Star
As low as $29.45

Excellence Star Acrylic Award

Excellence Star
As low as $28.69

Guiding Star Award

Guiding Star
As low as $148.22

Monumental Star Trophy

Monumental Star Tower
As low as $60.77

Optical Crystal Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award
As low as $87.42

Rising Star Award

Rising Star
As low as $54.63

Rosewood Plaque with Gold Star

Gold Star Plaque
As low as $43.48

Star Tower Award

Star Tower Award
As low as $87.38