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State Shaped Awards

Custom Engraved State Awards: State Shaped Plaques, Trophies and Paperweights


State Shaped Awards crafted by EDCO Awards represent a collection of unique and meaningful recognition products that commemorate accomplishments with a touch of personalization. EDCO Awards takes pride in manufacturing state-shaped awards, trophies, paperweights, and plaques using high-quality materials like crystal, acrylic, and walnut. Whether honoring individuals, teams, or organizations, these State Shapes Awards offer a wide range of customizations, including laser engraving and full-color printing, making them a perfect choice for celebrating success with pride and distinction.

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  1. A Tribute to State Pride:

    The State Shapes Awards collection is a tribute to the diverse and vibrant culture of the United States. Each award, trophy, paperweight, or plaque is thoughtfully designed to replicate the unique outline of individual states, capturing the essence of their distinct character and heritage. Whether it's recognizing outstanding performances in sports, academics, or professional fields, these state-shaped products are an ideal choice for acknowledging achievements with a touch of regional pride.

  2. Versatile Award Materials and Customizations:

    EDCO Awards ensures the highest quality of their products by using a variety of premium materials, including crystal, acrylic, and walnut. The exquisite craftsmanship in each piece brings out the finest details of the state shapes, making the awards stand out as symbols of excellence. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to choose between laser engraving and full-color printing to add personalized messages, logos, or designs, creating truly unique and memorable awards for their recipients.

  3. State Shape Trophies Customized to Suit Your Needs:

    To cater to varying preferences and budgets, EDCO Awards offers a range of options in their State Shapes Awards collection. Customers can select from different acrylic gauges, enabling them to find the perfect balance between cost and quality. Moreover, EDCO Awards offers custom sizes, ensuring that each award aligns perfectly with the specific requirements of the event or recognition occasion. This tailored approach allows customers to create meaningful mementos that will be cherished by the recipients for years to come.

  4. Ideal for All Recognition Occasions:

    The State Shapes Awards collection is not limited to specific events or industries. From corporate achievements to academic milestones, from military honors to community service recognition, these state-shaped products are versatile and apt for various occasions. Their elegant designs and personalization options make them suitable for retirement parties, employee appreciation ceremonies, academic achievements, and everything in between.

The State Shapes Awards collection by EDCO Awards offers a remarkable and thoughtful way to celebrate achievements while embracing the essence of each state's unique identity. With premium materials, versatile customization options, and tailored pricing, these awards, trophies, paperweights, and plaques are a perfect choice to honor accomplishments with personalized pride. Whether recognizing individuals or teams, the State Shapes Awards collection exemplifies the spirit of achievement, making it a cherished and memorable keepsake for those deserving of accolades.