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The Most Popular Collaboration Awards for Team Players

colleagues working at a shared desk, giving a fist bump

Does collaboration in the workplace matter to your bottom line? Many surveys suggest that it does. Nearly 90% of employees said their work relationships have an impact on their overall happiness, in and out of work – and happiness influences productivity. Even more surprising: Peers are the number one influence on their colleagues’ performance, more than supervisors and even money.

Teamwork has an even more direct effect on your profits than you might think, and it should definitely be rewarded. Here’s why – and how – you should encourage collaboration in the workplace.

Why Should You Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace?

Multiple studies have found that teamwork and collaboration lead to higher organizational performance and that happy teams are more productive. When teams share their workload, work is completed faster and employees experience less burnout because they don’t feel the weight of an entire project. When teams collaborate on ideas and in brainstorming sessions, more creativity and innovation results. And when team members participate in cross-training – always an exercise in teamwork – the company is better able to fill in for sick or vacationing employees.

The benefits of collaboration in the workplace are clear. But how do you know if your workplace has great collaboration? And how can you encourage great teamwork?

What Makes Great Workplace Collaboration?

You might be surprised to learn that team members don’t have to be best friends – or even like each other – in order for workplace collaboration to be effective. However, managers and supervisors do have to build an environment of respect, trust and shared goals. Here’s how.

  • Encourage open communication: There are no bad questions on a great team. All team members should actively listen to each other, support all contributions and provide constructive feedback.
  • Strengthen interpersonal skills: The key to criticism is that it must be constructive and positive. Other interpersonal skills include showing respect and commitment to the team.
  • Build a balanced team: The best collaboration in the workplace occurs on teams that are balanced between different personality types and skills. Teams should be built from the ground up with individuals who complement each other, and leaders should make everyone’s role clear.
  • Create a positive overall culture: It’s hard to encourage collaboration in the workplace if your company culture is negative or your employees have low morale. Start with boosting morale and creating a positive culture, then work on your collaboration.

The Best Awards for Collaboration in the Workplace

You can encourage collaboration in the workplace in many ways, from verbal acknowledgment to taking the team out to lunch. But one of the most effective strategies is to give teamwork awards – ideally as part of an employee recognition program, but also as one-time events for specific accomplishments. Here are a few of our favorite teamwork awards.


Alliance World Globe Trophy

Globe Awards

Sometimes it feels like your team could take on the world – or they accomplished something so big, it’s like they did take on the world. Some of our most popular designs for rewarding collaboration are groups of figures holding or pushing globes. Designs like the Alliance World Globe Trophy and the Team Perspective Award symbolize a huge accomplishment and feel like a once-in-a-lifetime keepsake.


Stellar Achievement Award

Modern Awards

You’re a forward-looking company that encourages innovation, creativity and a positive workplace culture – and your rewards for collaboration in the workplace should embody that. Our modern awards are made from sleek metals and metal coatings in contemporary designs employees will love. Check out the Art Deco figures of the Stellar Achievement Award or the copper-finished Circle Teamwork Award.


Figure Awards

Collaboration in the workplace isn’t possible without the team members who make it happen, and figure awards recognize individual contributions while still putting teamwork front and center. The Team-Up Award is a classic optical crystal design that’s classic and elegant, while the Together Recognition Award shows two figures coming together in teamwork and is made of one-of-a-kind blown glass.


Perpetual Plaques

Perpetual plaques come with multiple smaller plates on which you can engrave the name of each important team member you want to recognize. They’re ideal for hanging on an “achievement wall” at your office – and encouraging even more teamwork. The Appreciation Plaque is a premium option that will look great hanging in your business offices.



Once you understand what makes a great team and how to encourage collaboration in the workplace, better productivity and increased innovation will follow. When you always recognize great teamwork with a reward, you’ll continue to inspire your employees to climb even higher mountains together.