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Bowling Trophies

Design the Perfect Customized Bowling Trophy

Presenting a versatile range of bowling trophies designed to celebrate every strike and spare with style!  EDCO Awards presents a diverse selection of bowling awards ideal for recognition at various bowling tournaments.  Our collection encompasses Traditional Bowling Column Trophies, meticulously crafted Resins, and exquisite Faceted Crystal Bowling Pins, each customizable with your congratulatory message and club logo. Opt for our dazzling Crystal Bowling Pins for a touch of luxury, or select from our other premium awards, all designed with the utmost quality.  Renowned for producing some of the USA’s finest bowling trophies, EDCO Awards provides complimentary engraving, free art setup, and free shipping on orders exceeding $100 across the entire USA!

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5 Types of Bowling Trophies


1. Crystal Bowling Pin Trophy is a timeless piece, adding an air of elegance with its pristine, gleaming surface. It is perfect for all ages, embodying the spirit of bowling with a classic pin design that appeals to both young enthusiasts and seasoned players.

2. Acrylic Bowling Trophies modern awards characterized by their sturdy, clear acrylic composition, offering a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. With customizable toppers cut from .025" or 0.375" acrylic, these awards are vibrant and can be personalized further with laser engraving or full color UV printing, making them suitable for all types of bowling tournaments.

3. Bowling Resins are small trophy sculptures that stand out with a distinct texture and weight that convey substantiality and importance. Their crafted resin construction is both sturdy and attractive, easily molded into various bowling-related shapes and designs. With a touch of traditional allure and robust construction, these awards are versatile, making them ideal for participants of any age group, from children’s leagues to senior bowling tournaments.

4. Traditional Bowling Column Trophies are the embodiment of the sport’s heritage, featuring column designs that can be customized to different heights to represent various achievement levels. Their classic design is familiar and respected, making them appropriate for all ages and a wide range of bowling events, from casual league tournaments to more formal championship games. Each trophy type celebrates the spirit of bowling, offering something special for every player and event.

5. Customized Bowling Medals come with a stock cast design on the front and personalized engraving on the back, providing a compact and transport-friendly recognition solution. With their Olympic-inspired design, these medals resonate with a prestigious feel, making them a favorite choice among many bowling leagues.