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Police Award Resins

Police Trophy Sculptures

Discover our Police Award Resins, featuring a captivating selection of Police Officer sculptures personalized with engraving plates, K9 unit resins, and an extensive array of eagles customized to honor the bravery and dedication of our Police Officers in serving our communities. These uniquely crafted resin awards serve as tangible symbols of appreciation, celebrating the unwavering commitment and sacrifice of law enforcement professionals. Whether recognizing acts of valor, commemorating partnerships with K9 units, or paying tribute to the soaring spirit of our officers, our Police Award Resins offer timeless recognition for their exceptional service.

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Patriot Eagle Awa...

Patriot Eagle
As low as $71.29

Policeman Glass P...

Policeman Glass Plaque
As low as $64.95

Policeman Sculptu...

Policeman Sculpture
As low as $56.22

Legend Police Awa...

Legend Police
As low as $19.25

Foremost Eagle Aw...

Foremost Eagle
As low as $53.75

American Eagle Bu...

American Eagle Bust
As low as $71.95

American Eagle

American Eagle
As low as $82.84

Olympic Torch Awa...

Victory Torch
As low as $29.95

Big Dog Award

Bulldog Award
As low as $56.71


As low as $18.47

Bulldog Award

Bulldog Award
As low as $38.77