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Retirement Awards

Say goodbye to a longtime employee, friend or colleague with a beautiful Retirement Award from EDCO! Select an award that shows appreciation for their years of service and conveys the value this individual brought to the company. We offer a wide selection of recognition pieces ranging from time movements, crystal eagles, plaques and crystal vases.

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Walnut Finish Pla...

Walnut Finish Plaque
As low as $18.80

Acclaim Scroll Pl...

Scroll Plaque
As low as $65.43

Accomplished Perf...

Prosperity Award
As low as $187.87

Achievement Syner...

Synergy Crystal
As low as $240.34

Arched Table Cloc...

Table Clock
As low as $65.75

Archetype Cup

As low as $180.18

Ascendancy Eagle

Ascendancy Eagle
As low as $334.39

Aspire Clear Crys...

Aspire Glass Award
As low as $52.98

Black & Blue Glas...

Colored Glass Clock
As low as $30.74


As low as $409.98

Bud Vase

Bud Vase
As low as $38.92

Business Recognit...

Recognition Award
As low as $51.23

Celestial Art Gla...

Celestial Art Glass
As low as $62.71


As low as $115.67

Crystal Clock Sum...

Clock Summit
As low as $151.58

Crystal Dynasty A...

Crystal Dynasty
As low as $75.38

Crystal Triumph S...

Triumph Star
As low as $117.66

Diamond Sphere Cl...

Diamond Sphere
As low as $134.47

Engraved Chess Se...

Chess Set
As low as $65.18

Engraved Pen, Pen...

Engraved Pen Set
As low as $30.30

Essence Wine Deca...

Wine Decanter
As low as $60.45

Executive Black P...

Black Desk Clock
As low as $59.49

Executive Crystal...

Crystal Plate Award
As low as $86.34

Faceted Oval on B...

Faceted Crystal Oval
As low as $67.94

Flare Art Glass A...

Flare Award
As low as $177.44

Foray Black Marbl...

Foray Black
As low as $111.05

Foray Seashell Ma...

Foray Seashell
As low as $111.05

Galaxy Crystal Gl...

Galaxy Globe
As low as $60.56

Gavel Plaque

Gavel Plaque
As low as $59.84


As low as $222.12

Lead Crystal Vict...

Victory Vase
As low as $135.34

Luminous Wave Cry...

Crystal Wave Award
As low as $77.13

Mind Door

As low as $177.04

Quantum Clock

Quantum Clock
As low as $155.70

Rising Star Award...

Rising Star
As low as $52.25

Rosewood Bracket ...

Bracket Clock Award
As low as $59.49

Sapphire Ridge Cr...

Sapphire Ridge
As low as $96.32

Skyward Star

Skyward Star
As low as $62.71

Sport Mug

Sport Mug
As low as $17.48

Stafford Award Fr...

Stafford Award
As low as $97.36

Stellar Breeze

Stellar Breeze
As low as $97.67

Superstar Plaque

Superstar Plaque
As low as $43.48

Victoria Crystal ...

Victoria Pitcher
As low as $191.28