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Retirement Awards

Say goodbye to a longtime employee, friend or colleague with a beautiful Retirement Award from EDCO! Select an award that shows appreciation for their years of service and conveys the value this individual brought to the company. We offer a wide selection of recognition pieces ranging from time movements, crystal eagles, plaques and crystal vases.

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Hera Art Glass Va...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $118.24

Ovation Crystal A...

Ovation Crystal
As low as $52.25

Patriot Eagle Awa...

Patriot Eagle
As low as $62.71

Premiera Plaque

Premiera Plaque
As low as $113.94

Rosewood Book Clo...

Book Clock
As low as $39.49

Skeleton Mantle C...

Skeleton Mantle Clock
As low as $137.15

Spotlight Crystal...

Spotlight Crystal
As low as $118.79

Top Performance G...

Galaxy Globe
As low as $36.39

Aberdeen Black Pl...

Black Aberdeen
As low as $29.58

Accolade Pyramid

Accolade Pyramid
As low as $164.78

Achievement Rings...

Trident Award
As low as $132.72

Ambassador Cherry...

Rosewood Wall Clock
As low as $99.98

Amber Fontana Vas...

Amber Vase
As low as $89.14

Americana Rosewoo...

Americana Plaque
As low as $122.34

Blue Prism Pillar...

Blue Prism Pillar
As low as $89.86

Chairman's Clock

As low as $257.61

Corporate Surge C...

Corporate Surge Crystal
As low as $46.09

Cosmo Arch Crysta...

Cosmo Arch
As low as $145.67

Crystal Flare Awa...

Crystal Flare
As low as $110.52

Crystal Goldwell ...

Crystal Goldwell Award
As low as $32.78

Crystal Heart

Crystal Heart
As low as $36.29

Curved Glass Pict...

Glass Picture Frame
As low as $36.57


As low as $94.56

Engraved BBQ Set

Engraved BBQ Set
As low as $86.17

Engraved Humidor

As low as $67.46

Etched Crystal Wi...

Wine Glasses
As low as $50.17

Eternity Crystal ...

Eternity Desk Clock
As low as $86.13

Executive Cherry ...

Executive Cherry Frame
As low as $103.52

Horizon Global Aw...

Horizon Global Award
As low as $202.03

Inspiration Cryst...

Inspiration Crystal
As low as $372.15

Master Ebony Wall...

As low as $145.69

Monumental Globe ...

Globe Obelisk
As low as $79.55

Neopolitan Clock

Neopolitan Clock
As low as $124.12

Orbiting Star Vas...

Orbiting Star Vase
As low as $380.71

Oxford Vase

Oxford Vase
As low as $104.88

Paramount Peak Aw...

Paramount Peak
As low as $110.52

Perennial Vase

As low as $79.62

Piano Finish Waln...

Piano Finish Walnut
As low as $36.73

Regal Diamond Jad...

Regal Diamond
As low as $100.70

Rising Diamonds C...

Rising Diamonds
As low as $131.55

Ruby Fontana Vase...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $99.19

Sapphire Fontana ...

Ruby Fontana
As low as $99.19