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Retirement Awards

Say goodbye to a longtime employee, friend or colleague with a beautiful Retirement Award from EDCO! Select an award that shows appreciation for their years of service and conveys the value this individual brought to the company. We offer a wide selection of recognition pieces ranging from time movements, crystal eagles, plaques and crystal vases. Employee recognition awards are proven to reduce turnover while creating positive feelings. Our engraved Award Clocks offer both utility and recognition while Art Glass Awards are uniquely beautiful and convey a more specific message. All EDCO Awards will deliver on quality and come with a lifetime guarantee. Our awards also offer free engraving, rush service and free shipping. Shop for all your employee retirement awards, plaques and trophies here and discover the EDCO difference!

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Blue Ocean Diamond Spiral

Blue Ocean Spiral
As low as $83.07

Blue Twinkle Star Award

Blue Twinkle
As low as $105.74

Blue Zola Twist

As low as $254.76

Breakthrough Award

As low as $445.98

Buenos Award Clock

Buenos Clock
As low as $53.04

Cachet Flame Award

As low as $152.23

Chairman's Trophy

As low as $569.31

Challenge Eagle

Challenge Eagle
As low as $286.35

Classic Walnut Scroll-Casting Plaque

Scroll Casting Plaque
As low as $52.66

Concept Crystal Award

Concept Crystal
As low as $290.64

Contemporary Achievement Award

Achievement Award
As low as $60.89

Courage Eagle Award

As low as $60.51

Craft Golf Decanter

Craft Golf Decanter
As low as $111.40

Crystal & Chrome Success Plaque

Crystal Success Plaque
As low as $158.90

Crystal Apple

Crystal Apple
As low as $49.25

Crystal Arch Globe Award

Arch Globe
As low as $108.08

Crystal Aristides Cup

Aristides Cup
As low as $195.09

Crystal Athena Award

Athena Award
As low as $262.77

Crystal Book Award

Crystal Book
As low as $47.37

Crystal Cycle Cup

Cycle Cup
As low as $190.99

Crystal Diamond Paperweight

Diamond Paperweight
As low as $28.41

Crystal Encore

Crystal Encore
As low as $74.17

Crystal Encore Blue

Crystal Encore Blue
As low as $134.60

Crystal Fuego Award

Fuego Award
As low as $158.89

Crystal Hand Shake Award

Hand Shake
As low as $36.36

Crystal Heart Slant

Crystal Heart Slant
As low as $40.30

Crystal Larsmont Award

Larsmont Crystal
As low as $188.38

Crystal Planet

Crystal Planet
As low as $189.35

Crystal Rhombus

Rhombus Crystal
As low as $249.36

Crystal Sailboat Award

Crystal Sailboat
As low as $93.25

Crystal Super Five Star Diamond

Five Star Diamond
As low as $456.29

Crystal Vantage Vase

Crystal Vantage
As low as $61.50

Crystal Wave Award

Crystal Wave
As low as $57.39

Curator Cup

Curator Cup
As low as $169.17

Delphi Pillar Art Glass

Delphi Pillar
As low as $114.31

Diamond Sphere Amber Crystal

Diamond Sphere
As low as $136.49

Diamond Sphere Blue Crystal

Diamond Sphere
As low as $136.49

Diamond Sphere Red Crystal

Diamond Sphere
As low as $136.49

Diamond-Spun Desk Clock

Desk Clock
As low as $49.42

Elation Art Glass Award

Elation Art Glass
As low as $187.96

Emory Pinnacle Crystal

Emory Pinnacle
As low as $102.38

Engraved Key Chain

Rosewood Key Chain
As low as $7.41

Excellence Star Casting

Excellence Star
As low as $49.85

Executive Clock

As low as $127.09

Focus Spotlight Crystal

As low as $134.61

Foremost Crystal Cup

Foremost Crystal Cup
As low as $129.62

Galaxy Globe

Galaxy Globe
As low as $36.84

Gem Crystal Tower

Gem Crystal
As low as $88.95

Glass Star Tree Ornament

Star Ornament
As low as $13.52

Global Celebration

Global Celebration
As low as $208.65

Globe In Hand Crystal Award

Globe In Hand
As low as $83.22


As low as $150.41

Guiding Star Award

Guiding Star
As low as $143.91

Handshake Trophy Tower

Hand Shake
As low as $96.26

Helix Art Glass Award

Helix Art Glass
As low as $100.73

Heritage Desk Clock Award

Heritage Desk Clock
As low as $39.14

Highly Polished Rosewood Wall Clock

Rosewood Wall Clock
As low as $190.60

Illusion Black Award

Illusion Black Award
As low as $65.88

Indigo Peak

Indigo Peak
As low as $371.39

In-Motion Global Ring

As low as $269.59

Interlude Award

As low as $45.53