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Retirement Awards

Say goodbye to a longtime employee, friend or colleague with a beautiful Retirement Award from EDCO! Select an award that shows appreciation for their years of service and conveys the value this individual brought to the company. We offer a wide selection of recognition pieces ranging from time movements, crystal eagles, plaques and crystal vases.

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Time Warp

Time Warp
As low as $182.32

Together Recognit...

Together Glass Award
As low as $118.50


As low as $226.79


As low as $110.57

Tuxedo Newport Cr...

Tuxedo Newport
As low as $224.51

Tuxedo Wave Cryst...

Tuxedo Wave
As low as $207.68

Valdez Award

Valdez Award
As low as $149.49

Vantage Globe Awa...

Vantage Globe
As low as $78.85

Venus Amethyst Ar...

Venus Amethyst
As low as $169.42


As low as $206.98

Wine Cradle

Wine Cradle
As low as $55.61

Zilo Desk Clock

Desk Clock
As low as $59.20

Iconic Column Cry...

Iconic Column
As low as $164.50

State of Californ...

California Plaque
As low as $53.62

State of Texas Wa...

State of Texas Plaque
As low as $53.62

Artful Sapphire P...

Sapphire Plate
As low as $47.03

Artful Scarlet Pl...

Scarlet Plate
As low as $47.03

Champion Crystal ...

Champion Vase
As low as $232.06

Aura Coasters

Aura Coasters
As low as $71.04