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School Awards & Trophies

Scholastic Awards and School Trophies for recognition and motivation of our teachers, students, administrators and volunteers. Awards are in stock and available for immediate delivery anywhere in the USA! EDCO is dedicated to offering the best selection of top quality products. Our eye-catching academic trophies are constructed from the finest materials such as glass, acrylic and wood and deliver on quality while staying on budget!

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Acrylic Round

As low as $13.58

Acrylic Tooth Trophy

As low as $44.53

Apogee Triangle

Apogee Triangle
As low as $83.51

Blocks of Success

Blocks of Success
As low as $49.53

Clear Acrylic Circle Trophy

Acrylic Circle
As low as $24.55

Engraved Pen, Pencil & Letter Opener Gift Set

Engraved Pen Set
As low as $31.68

Gears Trophy

As low as $20.57

Mastery Crystal Award

As low as $124.21

Premium Acrylic Diamond

Beveled Diamond
As low as $30.23

Rocket Ship Trophy

As low as $13.48

Value Line Scholastic Trophy

Scholastic Trophy
As low as $5.41

Academic Theme Trophy Cup

Academic Trophy Cup
As low as $6.02

Alumina Diamond Award

As low as $87.20

Art Glass Appreciation Award

Inspiration Award
As low as $28.56

Clear Acrylic Prism Trophy

Beveled Prism
As low as $25.97

Employee Awards Plaque

As low as $262.45

Gold Microphone Resin

Microphone Resin
As low as $13.05

Honor Student Lapel Pin

Math Pin
As low as $3.13

Reach for the Stars Achievement Award

Reach for the Stars
As low as $10.31

Reading Star Trophy

As low as $4.75

Star Achiever Trophy

Star Scholastic
As low as $4.24

Star Theme Scholastic Trophy

Star Scholastic
As low as $4.04

Blue Globe Paperweight

Blue Globe Paperweight
As low as $27.16

Floating Pen Desk Set

Floating Pen
As low as $39.38

Galaxy World Globe Pillar Trophy

Intrigue Globe
As low as $224.60

Gladiator Trophy

As low as $145.98

Goat Mascot Trophy

As low as $8.09

Shooting Star Knowledge Trophy

Star Knowledge
As low as $6.29

Star Shield Scholastic Trophy

Star Shield Scholastic Trophy
As low as $6.15

Warrior Award

As low as $51.98

Acclaim Scroll Plaque

Scroll Plaque
As low as $68.40

Acrylic Heart

As low as $13.58

Alliance World Globe Trophy

Alliance Globe
As low as $81.95

Art Glass Inspiration

Inspiration Award
As low as $41.72

Associate Clock

As low as $143.65

Custom Train Award

As low as $44.53