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School Awards & Trophies

Scholastic Awards and School Trophies for recognition and motivation of our teachers, students, administrators and volunteers. Awards are in stock and available for immediate delivery anywhere in the USA! EDCO is dedicated to offering the best selection of top quality products. Our eye-catching academic trophies are constructed from the finest materials such as glass, acrylic and wood and deliver on quality while staying on budget!

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Hand Shake Award

As low as $18.28

Lady of Justice Award

Lady of Justice
As low as $72.72

Leatherette Certificate Frame

Leatherette Frame
As low as $6.00

Math Whiz Trophy

As low as $6.52

Metal Flame Award

As low as $39.63

Number 1

Number 1
As low as $45.63

Quantum Clock Trophy

Quantum Clock
As low as $162.77

Reach for the Stars Trophy

Reach for the Stars
As low as $6.36

Renaissance Globe

Renaissance Globe
As low as $145.13

Resin Graduate Trophy

As low as $13.42

Silver Gears Award

As low as $167.85

Skeleton Mantle Clock

Skeleton Mantle Clock
As low as $151.98

Winged Victory Trophy

As low as $60.83

3D Knowledge Plate

3D Knowledge Plate
As low as $9.66

A Honor Roll Medals

As low as $2.23

Aberdeen Rosewood Plaque

Aberdeen Rosewood
As low as $30.92

Academic Excellence Pin

Excellence Pin
As low as $1.31

Achievement Art Glass Award

Achievement Art Glass
As low as $114.42

Achievement Glass Crescent

Glass Crescent
As low as $18.80

Achievement Pin

Achievement Pin
As low as $1.31

Acrylic Apple on Rosewood Base Award

Acrylic Apple
As low as $20.42

Amber Flame Award

Amber Flame Award
As low as $123.84

American Walnut Plaque

American Walnut
As low as $26.56

Americana Rosewood Plaque

Americana Plaque
As low as $133.01

Apple on Cherry Base

Apple Award
As low as $8.09

Arched Table Clock

Table Clock
As low as $68.74

Art Achievement Award

Art Award
As low as $10.18

Artful Connection Crystal

Artful Connection
As low as $72.47

Associate Blue Plaque

As low as $19.65

Associate Gold Plaque

As low as $19.65

Associate Red Plaque

As low as $19.65

Attitude Award Pin

As low as $1.31

Bear Mascot Trophy

As low as $8.09

Beveled Heart Crystal

Beveled Heart Crystal
As low as $35.39

Beveled Prism

Beveled Prism
As low as $27.92

Blue Frosted Crystal Globe Award

Blue Frosted Crystal Globe
As low as $65.56

Blue Marble-Finish Plaque

White Marble Plaque
As low as $23.87

Bud Vase

Bud Vase
As low as $40.69

Burst-Through Knowledge

As low as $10.95

Business Gear Crystal

Gear Award
As low as $273.23

Century Spotlight Crystal

Century Crystal
As low as $59.70

Certificate Folder

As low as $0.93

Computer Award Pin

As low as $1.31

Contemporary Achievement Award

Achievement Award
As low as $62.72

Crystal Apple Trophy

As low as $97.99

Crystal Bull Award

Crystal Bull
As low as $294.00